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The Satanic Rituals of Maria de Naglowska By Maria de Naglowska
eBook (ePub): $44.99
THE RITUALS OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN ARROW Here are the rituals and magical instructions written by Maria de Naglowska from 1930 through 1936 for her Brotherhood of La Fleche d'Or. Her... More > experiments with sensory deprivation, drug induced ecstasy and sado-magick are well known. Her regular appearances at the coffee houses of Montparnasse regularly drew the surrealists from Andre Breton to Max Ernst. She spent her afternoons in a chapel in Notre Dame Cathedral, meditating on the secret magic of the Third Term of the Trinity which had been divulged to her by masters in the Third Order. In St. Petersburg, Russia; Alexandria, Egypt; and Vatican City in Rome, the Sophiale had been led through a series of initiations. The Order was variously known as The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor under Max Theon, The Brotherhood of Eulis under P.B. Randolph in Boston and, led by Maria, The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow in Paris.< Less
Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL By Juliana Driever et al.
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Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL Ceremony. Habituation. Myth. Obsession. Superstition. Liturgy. Art in Odd Places (AiOP) is a thematic, annual festival that presents visual and performance art in... More > public spaces along 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC each October. In 2011, over sixty artists and performers created public art interventions as part of Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL. This richly illustrated catalogue is both a document of, and critical extension on, the diverse projects that were presented. Including commentary by leading practitioners in contemporary art and urban design including: AiOP Founder and Director, Ed Woodham, co-curators Kalia Brooks and Trinidad Fombella, Juliana Driever, Victoria Marshall, Adam Brent, Ernesto Pujol, and Linda Mary Montano. AiOP is an artist-led initiative that uses 14th Street as a laboratory to locate cracks in public space policies, question the dehumanization of the urban landscape, and celebrate the theater of civic space.< Less
ILLVMINATI #147 SIRIVS - Secret Lodge Initiations By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $147.00
A conspicuous part of the Inner and Outer #147 Illuminati SIRIVS Lodge scrolls. Contains Instant Magick initiations, cosmic projections and ritual photos.
Knights of Columbus Illustrated (Ritual and Secret Work) By Ezra A. Cook (Original Publisher)
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A complete ritual and history of the first three degrees, including all the secret "work." By a former member of the Order. This book was printed in 1918, so the rituals herein may not... More > match the current KoC rituals. They do, however, give the reader a look into the Order's early mindset and history.< Less
ILLVMINATI Initiation #0003 - New Moon Witchallow By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $22.16
What do Hitler, Mordred and Halloween share for May Day? O5, Cascade, PCS - complete Instant Magick RTRRT Master Initiation inside!
Illuminati Initiation - Change Any Time You Want By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $88.80
“If I could change time…” now you can! Remove unwanted time while replacing it with the plan of your own.
Secret Illuminati Rituals - Lunar Seductions - Moon in Sextans By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $5.55
It's lunar seductions time! Know where your own Moon really is in order to seduce in time! The Moon offers special opportunities through its unpredictable zodiacal quirks that are of course... More > completely unknown to your astrologer but subconsciously well-known to your animal partner! What is a low Moon? Your sexy zodiac was born with Moon in Sextans, the present position: use it to seduce and even harmoniously subdue your own partner! Or any partner at all.< Less
Rhetoric of the Mundane: Introduction of a concept and an initial catalog By Patrick Muller
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This work, the first in a series of three, lays out the concept of the "rhetoric of the mundane," every day metaphors, as opposed to the high rhetoric of rituals, speeches, holidays,... More > weddings and other social posturings. With some examples, this book shows how inadequate rhetorics of the mundane can oppress and impoverish and destroy human potential.< Less
Ritual Magick – The Rites and Ceremonies of Hermetic Light By Oliver St. John
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Ritual Magick—The Rites and Ceremonies of Hermetic Light takes theory into practice, revealing the unique system of magical Initiation of Ordo Astri, the Order of the Star. The Kemetic and... More > Thelemic stellar rites of the Order are collected together here in nine volumes, taking the aspirant from Neophyte to Adeptus Minor and beyond. The Sixth Edition of the book contains an entire volume of Enochian Magick, including a detailed guide to Initiation and the system of Thirty Aethyrs, as well as an exposition on Enochian Sexual Magick. The book now includes many advanced operations such as Goetic Evocation and a full ceremonial Thelemic Mass. The rituals and other practices are accompanied by lucid explanatory texts. This is a lavish and beautifully presented book with hundreds of graphic illustrations and diagrams.< Less
The Mysteries: Unveiling the Knowledge of Subtle Energy in Ritual By Bernard Heuvel
Hardcover: $27.28
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1 Between Myth, Magic, and Science 2 Archaeo-astronomy and Myth 3 Earth Spirit 4 Numbers 5 Megalithic Structures, Ley Lines and the World Grid 6 Subtle Energy 7 Alchemy 8 Creating the Matrix 9... More > Astrology 10 Astronomical Alignments and Magical Rituals at Sacred Places 11 Temple design 12 Initiations and the Mystery Schools 13 Subtle Energy Knowledge in Religion 14 Egregores: The Creation of our Gods 15 The Occult Influence of Government and Religion on Society 16 Consecration and Desecration of Sacred Places 17 Monumental Masonic Magic 18 Ancient Occult Warfare 19 New Religion for the Aeon of Horus (Satan, Lucifer) 20 Esoteric Ancient Science and Technology 21 Hermetica and Paleophysics 22 Esoteric Modern Science and Technology 23 Tachyon Energy 24 Channelled Information on the Subtle Energy Grid 25 Escaping the Matrix Appendix I: Glossary of Elements of Ancient Subtle Energy Technology Appendix II: Numbers of the Canon Appendix III: The natural Meaning of the Alphabet Literature< Less

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