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The novel embracing about 54,195 words is about a young man; an artist, writer, poet, and having many creative arts to exhibit his brilliance, but fails; as he needs someone to understand him, to... More > regain what he deserves. He meets his teacher and her brother; the changing era in life. “Especially for those of you who are struggling to obtain inner peace in a discontented world, I recommend Dr. Singh’s newest book A Sensitive Peace Lover.”-Christina Cowling-Published Poet and Author of short stories,Editor. “The text provides a clear image of characters, settings, and events. Nice work. The imagery is fantastic. With a careful and thorough edit, I believe… will be an amazing manuscript…this will be a great success. The characters are fabulous, as is the plot. I am impressed with your imagination, and I do expect to read more of your work in the future. I sincerely wish you luck with this endeavor. However you will not need luck, as this is a fantastic storyline.”-Cynthia Sherman, the Critic.< Less
The Simple Truth About Tinnitus Home Remedies : All You Need to Know to Cure Your Tinnitus Naturally By Robert Baker
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Hi my name is Robert Baker and I am a tinnitus survivor. I used to suffer from tinnitus for years without even knowing it As soon as I found out the reason why my ears was ringing, I went up and... More > searched for the cure, the natural remedies. At first it was like a huge giant maze but I kept striving to find the answers and then I found the answers. Now as a survivor, I want to help other people. I've put a clear and concise and easy to read book about tinnitus cure Inside you'll find: -what is tinnitus exactly why are you suffering from it. -the three major parts of the ear: the outer, middle and inner (it is critical for you to know this) -the four main classifications of tinnitus (which one are you suffering from?) -the many causes of tinnitus and how to prevent tinnitus from happening -how to avoid hidden causes for tinnitus like coffee, salt, alcohol, sugar and many more -the right food and nutrients to eat -and many more I firmly believe that this book will help everyone< Less
Dirty Work By Mark SaFranko
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"Dirty Work" is the fourth of Mark SaFranko's series of Max Zajack novels and follows the critically acclaimed "Hating Olivia," "Lounge Lizard" and "God Bless... More > America." "Dirty Work" is the bridge between "God Bless America" and "Hating Olivia." Max has left school and is searching for a steady job that gives him enough sanity to survive...and enough free time to write. Drawing comparisons to both "Factotum" and "Death on the Installment Plan", the novel charts Max's struggles to make cash and become a great artist. As he writes: "How often does a man love what he’s doing? Once or twice in a lifetime if he’s lucky. For the artist it’s more complicated. He’s absorbed in himself, in his own inner machinery. The external world, the realm of dollars and cents, isn’t usually of much interest to him....I didn’t know what I was. But was I an artist? Where was the evidence? Right then and there I should have gotten up and walked out. But I didn’t. When I suffered, I tended to stay put and suffer more."< Less
2009 YE7 in the 12 Houses By Klaudio Zic
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'�I need more money!�, Solo shouts, but for now there are not many opportunities for gain in a horary chart. A due caveat: when the Sun approaches Sextans, towards September 11th, one... More > transfigures in crisis. Carefully considering any possible candidates may imply weighing their purses against each other. Pregnancy gets critical towards the ending month!' 2009 YE7 �Solo� as delineated in the 12 astrological houses. �One learns how to shut up inner dialogue and stand silent before eternity, even omniverse.� 'A calm period precedes gain. This position needs calm introspection before any productive action. Absolute calm produces absolute gain. Fertile ideas fall and grow on the still field of an undisturbed mind. The portents recall the second position, this time preceded by mental quiet as produced with the RTRRT True Mind Distiller. Discreation of mental weeds precedes a calm mind, which in turn serves as fertile ground for positive financial affirmation!'< Less
Confident You By Eve John
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If you’ve ever wanted to become the “confident woman” you see in others and finally (!) live the life you deserve, then welcome, this book was written for you! “Confident... More > You, Top Women Self Confidence Boosters” is a transformational experience for everyday women who want more control and power in their lives. You’ll discover… • How to break through the fear that is holding you back • What to do when you are criticised in your life • How to be a woman that is focused and achieves things others don’t think possible • The #1 way to banish that negative inner critic fast • Insider tips to building confidence and action steps you need to become more confident now and for the rest of your life Author, Eve John, has included proven methods for developing self-confidence, including action steps so the lessons take root and grow within you. You’ll be inspired by the stories of successful confident women as Eve walks you through her very own process for becoming a confident, empowered woman.< Less
Godfather & Young Master 1 By Robert Cettl
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In a modern world of collapsing cultural distinctions, a middle-aged Australian teacher living and working in China is suddenly entrusted to raise his China-born godson following the death of the... More > boy’s American parents in a car accident. Having never had children of his own, he uses his memories of his relationship with his own father to guide him through the unexpected challenge. In the process he examines his own life from a new perspective, finding an inner peace which had previously eluded him. Resolving his own interior dilemmas, he dedicates himself to his newfound responsibility. At time of writing, China’s National Curricular Reforms stress two core concepts to inform and determine future EFL pedagogy: humanism (with Chinese characteristics) and critical thinking (CT). Godfather and Young Master is designed according to these core tenets, as a basis from which to facilitate English language learning for Chinese students.< Less

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