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Assertiveness - An Instant Guide By Chris Croft
Paperback: $13.02
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In all your dealings with other people, either at home or at work, assertiveness is important. Assertiveness underlies almost everything we do, from selling, negotiating, managing, to successful... More > relationships, marriage, children etc. The underlying principles are quite simple, and this practical book explains how to get your assertiveness right. There are simple techniques you can use in order to achieve it. This book will help you to be more effective and happier in your life. Areas covered in this book • Can you change yourself? • Understanding your inner life scripts • Reducing negative emotions • How aggression differs from assertion • What passive/aggressive means • Psychological games that some people play • The four step process for what to say in any difficult situation • "I notice" - “I interpret that to mean" - "Am I right?” • The one-off vs. the habit • Faulty thinking and how to overcome it • How to handle criticism< Less
Life Is a Circus - Life Lessons from the Greatest Show On Earth By Margie Forestier
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Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth - Life! The book is is filled with different circus characters and each character has a lesson to teach. For example, above is "The Bearded Lady" whose... More > name is "Beauty" and her lesson is about us embracing our features for what they are and not for what society tries to make us believe they should be. There is also "Risk" who teaches us about taking chances. There are about fifteen characters and lessons;The ringleader, Beauty, Lion Tamer, Aerial Artist, Clown, Contortionist, High Dive Act, Knife Thrower's Assistant, Balancing Act, fire Eater, The Tattooed Lady, Elephant Act, the Fat Lady, and more. Lessons include; Beauty, inner critic, being fearless, Humor, choices, Adapting, taking a risk, trust, balance, being unique, healing, it ain't over until it's over.< Less
Divine Love, The Final Landing! By Dr. El March
Paperback: $35.99
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Spiritual Master, Dr. El March, who has throughout the three decades of her unequalled career personally coached tens of thousands of people into achieving their overall prosperity, now draws on her... More > abundant subject knowledge and experience to guide the reader through a critical reconsideration of the common approaches to everyday life, and then further into deep exploration of your body, health, overall daily relationships and the meaning and achieving of happiness. This incredibly profound, yet simple and highly practical teachings of Dr. March will have you learn to trust your inner self again, putting you on a course for the most uplifting and rewarding life adventures imaginable. Embark on a journey to discover your true self, with the help of this exhilarating book. This book is a must for those chasing happiness and better relationships. “God bless you in your simple yet profound guidance.”- Swami Kriyananda< Less
God's Reactions to Man's Defections By Theodore Austin-Sparks
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Part I: There has been an increasing urge to renew this message, and not a small factor in this urge has been the very definite movement, observable all over the world, toward a reconsideration of... More > the whole testimony of the Church. There is a deep and growing dissatisfaction and disappointment with the spiritual state and impact of the Church. The rumblings of this are heard everywhere, and many conferences are being held and books written in relation to this matter. There is a strong feeling in many quarters that God must act again and do “a new thing.” The tremendous emphasis upon “Revival” is only one aspect of this. Part II is the substance of a more recent conference on ministry and concerns the inner spiritual life which is the nature and object of all God’s reactions. The book is intended to be, neither critical nor censorious, but, if at all possible, a contribution to the “building up of the body of Christ, till we all attain unto... the measure of... the fullness of Christ.”< Less
Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls By Craig Howell
eBook (PDF): $8.99
These are beginner spiritual teachings that explain some core metaphysical concepts in a simple way so they that can be easily understood. Created for ages around 12-15. This can also serve as a... More > guide to parents who wish to start approaching their children about spiritual practice. This is a guide book for young ones to give them a better footing. They need to know that there is so much more to life than what you see and that they have the creative power to change thier lives and others lives; to contribute a positive impact on the world.By reading this, my hope is that they will start to see things differntly, they will be able to handle what comes at them more easily, and they will gain a poise and an inner balance that will reduce the fear, anger, judgment and criticism in the world. And maybe they will pass on these teachings to their peers in some way, if only by demonstration.For more information about the author and samples of chapters, please go to< Less
The Beauty Pageant Success Guide: Insider Secrets to Avoid Costly Mistakes & Emotional Stress Before Entering Your First Beauty Pageant By Rhonda Shappert
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Your Pageant Expert's one-stop pageant preparation guide containing everything you'll need to know about competing in a natural beauty pageant for winning results on and off the stage. I vividly... More > remember how frustrating it was after the pageant to feel like some contestants had help and inside knowledge that I didn't. Where did they find it? I had looked and couldn't find one detailed, complete pageant preparation resource. So I created it. After reading this book you'll never find yourself saying "I wish someone would have told me that information before the pageant." In this book, you'll discover: How to control your inner critic and develop a winning attitude; Where to invest your time and money for the best results in a natural pageant; The secrets to creating winning paperwork for the highest interview scores; Tips for selecting your wardrobe, platform, and talent; Detailed information into what happens in the judge's mind. And much more from my lifetime of experience as a queen, coach, judge and mother.< Less
Spanish Trilogy By Robin Chapman
Paperback: $20.80
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ROBIN CHAPMAN’s internationally acclaimed novels exploring the inner, outer and after-lives of people found in Don Quixote are now published together for the first time. The Duchess’s... More > Diary records how Marίa Isabel, Duchess of Caparroso, comes to believe that she has been misportrayed in fiction. This story shows a truer understanding of Cervantes than twenty books of criticism. E. C. Riley, The Times Literary Supplement. Sancho’s Golden Age relates how Sancho Panza, after Don Quixote’s death, tries to create an ideal pastoral existence such as they had envisaged on their final journey home. A slapstick comedy that could just render the classic academic studies of Don Quixote redundant. Alison Ribiero de Menezes, The Irish Times. Pasamonte’s Life extends a rogue’s autobiography already in progress but left in pawn when Don Quixote releases him from a chain-gang. Learned, structurally ingenious, evocative and pleasurable. Karl Miller, The London Review of Books.< Less
Paperback: List Price: $10.95 $8.21 | You Save: 25%
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The novel embracing about 54,195 words is about a young man; an artist, writer, poet, and having many creative arts to exhibit his brilliance, but fails; as he needs someone to understand him, to... More > regain what he deserves. He meets his teacher and her brother; the changing era in life. “Especially for those of you who are struggling to obtain inner peace in a discontented world, I recommend Dr. Singh’s newest book A Sensitive Peace Lover.”-Christina Cowling-Published Poet and Author of short stories,Editor. “The text provides a clear image of characters, settings, and events. Nice work. The imagery is fantastic. With a careful and thorough edit, I believe… will be an amazing manuscript…this will be a great success. The characters are fabulous, as is the plot. I am impressed with your imagination, and I do expect to read more of your work in the future. I sincerely wish you luck with this endeavor. However you will not need luck, as this is a fantastic storyline.”-Cynthia Sherman, the Critic.< Less
Dirty Work By Mark SaFranko
Paperback: $21.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Dirty Work" is the fourth of Mark SaFranko's series of Max Zajack novels and follows the critically acclaimed "Hating Olivia," "Lounge Lizard" and "God Bless... More > America." "Dirty Work" is the bridge between "God Bless America" and "Hating Olivia." Max has left school and is searching for a steady job that gives him enough sanity to survive...and enough free time to write. Drawing comparisons to both "Factotum" and "Death on the Installment Plan", the novel charts Max's struggles to make cash and become a great artist. As he writes: "How often does a man love what he’s doing? Once or twice in a lifetime if he’s lucky. For the artist it’s more complicated. He’s absorbed in himself, in his own inner machinery. The external world, the realm of dollars and cents, isn’t usually of much interest to him....I didn’t know what I was. But was I an artist? Where was the evidence? Right then and there I should have gotten up and walked out. But I didn’t. When I suffered, I tended to stay put and suffer more."< Less
The Simple Truth About Tinnitus Home Remedies : All You Need to Know to Cure Your Tinnitus Naturally By Robert Baker
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Hi my name is Robert Baker and I am a tinnitus survivor. I used to suffer from tinnitus for years without even knowing it As soon as I found out the reason why my ears was ringing, I went up and... More > searched for the cure, the natural remedies. At first it was like a huge giant maze but I kept striving to find the answers and then I found the answers. Now as a survivor, I want to help other people. I've put a clear and concise and easy to read book about tinnitus cure Inside you'll find: -what is tinnitus exactly why are you suffering from it. -the three major parts of the ear: the outer, middle and inner (it is critical for you to know this) -the four main classifications of tinnitus (which one are you suffering from?) -the many causes of tinnitus and how to prevent tinnitus from happening -how to avoid hidden causes for tinnitus like coffee, salt, alcohol, sugar and many more -the right food and nutrients to eat -and many more I firmly believe that this book will help everyone< Less

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