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Hope and Health through Dela’s Wellness: Overcoming Chronic Illnesses such as Cancer, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease By Dela Williamson, HHP, CHC
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“Many people don’t know that to achieve health and wellness, it takes much more than eating healthy and exercising; we need to look at the different dimensions of health that affect our... More > well-being,” Williamson says. In her book, she discusses these aspects of well-being as well as information about how sleep, food and stress affect a person’s overall health. She also points out how different healing modalities can work together. Don’t give up. There’s hope. "Readers of this book will find themselves joining Dela’s insightful journey through her experiences with cancer. This book is more about the journey and the choices we can make along that journey. The book covers a broad spectrum of important “healthy living” related topics, and its spirit pays homage to the fundamental holistic principle that has been echoed throughout the ages: “In living nature, the whole is more (or different) than the sum of its parts.” Dr. Rainer Diriwächter, CLU< Less
Laddering Your Success By Festus Amoye
Paperback: $13.99
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Many students leave high school unprepared to take on tough challenges preventing them from pursuing more education. We at Laddering Your Success understand this dilemma because our founder, Festus... More > Amoye, was challenged after graduating high school without a mentor to help guide him or the personal development tools to build a life of purpose. This is an easy to use "self-help" workbook for students who are seeking to jump-start and develop a plan to achieve their full potential. This book is centered on providing all students a pathway for success that is proven, and purpose-driven by providing simple and easy to use strategies to remove obstacles in their career pursuits. Take a step with Laddering Your Success and start the climb for your future today! “As a First-Year success coach, I am always looking for resources and practical insight to provide my students with. Laddering your success is a great tool for students who need a nudge in the right direction.” – Luke Humphreys, Houston Baptist University< Less
I wish you'd tell me By Alysse Adularia
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“What can I say that will help you and not make things worse?” Spouses, families and friends of people with a bipolar mood disorder face this question over and over again. Author, Alysse... More > Adularia, began writing short scripts for two people who asked that very question, days apart, while desperately wanting to keep her safe during the deepest depression she had ever experienced. She wrote for them what she wanted to hear, what reminded her of ways she could help herself, and what would keep her focused positively. Later she added scripts based on listening to other bipolar people, reading, taking classes, attending seminars and joining associations helping her gain better control of all her symptoms and her life. By sharing these scripts and her personal experience, Alysse hopes other manic-depressives and their loved ones can avoid the pain of destructive behaviors; and by expanding their insight, aid them in finding balance in a world of misconceptions and stigmas.< Less
A Guy's Guide On How to Attract and Keep a Woman: Get the Girl You Want By Kym Kostos
Hardcover: $29.99
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Men are always trying to figure out what attracts women to men. Women typically make references to appearance, finances and power. Although those things might help, there are many more influential... More > characteristics that will entice women. Overall, women are much more insightful and seek out disposition a lot more than just attractiveness. This is lucky for almost all men due to the fact that men are rough looking. Nevertheless, rough is sometimes a good attribute because it indicates power and dependability. It also shows that women are caring about a lot more vital things than just looks. So, if you look a bit rugged and rough, there is no problem with that, use it to your advantage. Using Your Body Language to Attract the Ladies According to several researches, ninety percent of communication with each other that is non-verbal, is basically done through body language. This is exactly why men must have decent body language skills if you are to attract a woman.< Less
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Emotional Investment Strategy & Management is an attempt to deliver insights on how to acquire and grow love, friendship, joyful hobbies , a successful career and other areas that are important... More > to your sense of self-worth. It does so through a financial/business framework where your life is likened to a portfolio with different investments; good, bad and within different areas. The book discusses which type of investments that are valuable to pursue, which are reasonable to avoid, how to manage and grow already acquired investments and when to exit investments with an inferior yield. The book also discusses how to reach a fair valuation of your emotional balance sheet and the equity value of your emotional portfolio. The book was written during a six month journey to South-East Asia and Latin America in the fall of 2009. An early working title for the book was “The Finance-geek's guide to the value of emotions”. If you have improvement suggestions e-mail; .< Less
The African-American Journey Handbook By Douglas Hill
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A book to African-Americans, yet a book that anyone can read. Grow into your higher self, live better and live more consciously than you ever have before. A journey thru the categories of life... More > where we sometimes lose ourselves... but, now the lost can be found again. Are you familiar with your womb environment and your best womb expression?? Well, now you can discover what you didn't know existed. Millions of people who have been hurting and/or feeling displaced in their life now gain the most clarifying insight into themselves they have ever come across! Whether male or female, whether a child, a youth or a mature adult, accept the healing that the words on these pages are inspiring. I guarantee - this book, with your help of course, will spark so much needed dialogue and necessary discussion. The question: TOGETHER, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE??? The answer awaits you... so, come on, take the journey. You will never be the same. ~ Blessings and peace to every reader< Less
The 7 Habits of Personal Development By Emmanuel Yankson
Paperback: $98.76
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Emmanuel Yankson has taken all the most successful techniques for self-improvement and combined them with unique insights he gained while struggling to build his life from nothing. He has distilled... More > this knowledge into the concentrated genius of THE 7 HABITS OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Within minutes of reading this book, you will want - and be able - to apply its clear, direct and indisputably effective principles to your own life. Finances, work, health, relationships, sports, or creativity - all can be vastly improved by using Emmanuel Yankson's powerful life-tools. • Discover and focus on your core genius - be better at what you do best, and be a huge success at the things you enjoy most. • Become the happy, successful person you know you are meant to be - without burning out. • Yankson's principles are simple, but the results you'll achieve will be extraordinary. BONUS 1: 2 Hour Coaching call - Value US$4997. BONUS 2: Mystery Bonus - Value US$4997< Less
Catalyst: Tools for Behavioral Change and Personal Growth By Jason D. Cain
Paperback: List Price: $19.52 $17.57 | You Save: 10%
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If it seems that you’re stuck in the mud while everyone else around you advances, then something needs to change. You need to take action to stop destructive behavior—and it must be more... More > than a New Year’s resolution. It needs to be something that sticks. In this guide to making lasting behavioral changes, you’ll discover how to find a new way of living. By focusing on making permanent changes, you’ll enjoy more meaningful relationships and a happier life. You’ll also discover how to choose your emotions, acknowledge your flaws and work to change them, and harness the power of positivity. Interactive exercises make your journey fun and engaging. Exercises ask you to assess how you’ve been living your life, the impact you’ve had on those around you, and what you consider to be significant. Strike a match to the kindling inside you that will ignite a greater fire in your life with the insights and action steps in Catalyst: Tools for Behavioral Change and Personal Growth.< Less
If I Had My Life... By Carol Bliss
Paperback: $4.08
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How do you find peace and meaning in a world where you have little control over any aspect of your life, when to take a shower, what to wear, when to eat, when to go to bed? What are your hopes and... More > dreams? What can you possibly look forward to? What keeps you sane in a world of endless concrete when all your freedom has been stripped away? How do you forgive yourself when friends have betrayed you, after you’ve done the unforgiveable? These stories offer a glimpse into a world most of us will never know – a maximum-security prison. The inmates’ reflections provide profound insights for our own journey. They are living proof that that no matter where we find ourselves, life can still be filled with meaning, purpose, and dignity. Through the eyes of these prisoners, we learn that even in the worst of circumstances, peace and forgiveness are always possible.< Less
The Moneymaking Code: Fifth Edition By Michael Flowers
Paperback: $11.11
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Have you ever wanted to create extra streams of income? Improving your financial life as well as achieving success is the stimulus for The Moneymaking Code, a how-to, what-to-do, self-enrichment, and... More > self-development resource that takes a decision-making orientation to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Enriched with experiential insights-based extensive executable contributions from some of the world's top business trainers, this book has been specifically designed, written and produced for you, planning to generate extra streams of income. Mastering small business marketing strategic tools, exploring entrepreneurial business opportunities, achieving financial success online and offline, educating and reinventing yourself, branding yourself, becoming a successful authorpreneur, understanding permission-based email marketing… and exploring niche businesses are an integral part of The Moneymaking Code. Launch your viable niche business today with minimal or no start-up capital. SOFTBACK EDITION.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00