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Instructions By George Garrett
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The Spanking Hand Book By Instructing Eve
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The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline The complete guide to giving and getting a well deserved punishment! The Spanking Hand Book brings together the... More > world’s most respected authors to share their tips, tricks and experiences in the pleasure and the pain of adult discipline! Over 40 colour pages of tips and tricks, short stories and erotic spanking illustrations. The book is everything you want to know about erotic spanking – • The art of dishing out a sound punishment • New and classic spanking positions • Spanking tools from around the home, custom or DIY • How to take a punishment • The history of erotic adult discipline • Women dominating men • What NOT to say to your spanker / spankee It also includes: • Erotic short stories • Spanking trivia and facts • Beautifully illustrated spanking images • Spanking cartoons and humour InstructingEve Publications< Less
Sunair CU-2229 / URC-92 Antenna Coupler By Operating & Maintenance Instructions
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This manual contains information necessary to install, operate and maintain the GCU-935 automatic antenna tuning unit and it's associated control unit.
2012 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy By Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research
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Evaluation of the 2012 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy at Virginia Tech.
2013 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy By Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research
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The 2013 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy was held on February 6-8, 2013. This project represents the evaluation of that conference.
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As the title of this book states. This is the instructions of death. Who makes it into God's kingdom and who doesn't.
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INTRODUCTORY INSTRUCTIONS and General Information About, Intended for and Directed to Patients Entering The B. J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic, Davenport, Iowa.
Instructions in Foliage By Sarah E. Herman
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Instructions in foliage by Sarah E. Herman, first published in 1873. This beautiful art of which I am thankful to Providence to be the inventor, has been taught by me in New York with great ... More > success, in fact it has been pronounced the greatest invitation of the day. Its great merit lies in its simplicity — no moulds nor scissors being used — every leaf in wax being made from the natural leaf; and the greatest exactness and perfection, every fibre, indenture, contour and even defect which are on the natural plants are so well imitated that it is almost impossible' to know, unless by the touch, that it is only wax.< Less
The Collab Instructional By Cecile Green
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It is our contention that at the heart of our multiple planetary and personal crisis lies the mis-use and mis-distribution of power. From wealth inequality, to racial attack, to our climate crisis,... More > to our collective lack of traction in responding to these crises, there lies a central common theme: power. What it is, how it is used, and how it’s distributed has been the focus of our research and the set of practices for healthy power use we’ve developed called Collab™. This instructional and card deck introduce you to Collab’s collaborative communication operating system for all kinds of organizations. • run a rapid and productive meeting • efficiently integrate all voices in decision making • process conflict into positive solutions • transform bottlenecks in the work flow • get support for your leadership • generate more accountability and better outputs< Less
Original Instructions By Gill Widdows
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Jung said that Modern Man was in search of a soul, although even he did not seem to be aware that not one but two souls have gone missing. The plight of Modern Woman is worse as she has also lost... More > touch with her feminine soul, Juno. Thumos is our forgotten soul which has been denied and repressed until re-discovered by the classical scholar Prof. R.B. Onians. Thumos is the soul of breath related to blood, the sacred soul of the fully alive body. It is the place where the ancient Greeks and Romans located their consciousness, the heart and lungs. When thinking happens around the heart, feeling and senses are bound together in a unity of consciousness. In spite of all our material wealth in our Western World culture the physical body is a servant to cerebral thinking and the body, unconscious of its own soul and unable to convey its distress, becomes ‘dis-eased’. How different would it be if we were once more thumo-sophos – wise from our own body?< Less