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How to Master the Art of Getting Amazing Five Star Reviews : Triple Your 5 Star Reviews Online Without Fail Using This 3 Step Guide By Darryl Reed
eBook (PDF): $47.00
An exclusive proprietary system and 3-Step Guide to help and direction local small business owners on growing a large reputation presence online. This system is guaranteed help business owners and... More > professionals generate an endless stream of 4 and 5-star reviews. Over 94% of ALL local consumers are only selecting services that have a 4-star rating or above online. If you own a small business... if you know someone or love someone that owns a small business. If you are a realtor, insurance, or healthcare professional, you must own and install this proprietary system. Let Darryl show you how to get your customers, clients, and patients to ACTUALLY POST amazing 4-star and 5-star reviews of your service, business, and practice online. You will have your clients posting endlessly and continually! Without fail. You will learn the best way to ASK for a review so that your customers never forget. And you will learn how to deploy your systematic review request system in just a Point and a Click!< Less
The Caregiver & Senior Readiness Checklist By Nancy A. Smith
Paperback: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Our ‘ Senior Life Wellness ’ Booklet is to offer a core place for you to document all the important parts of your life. To offer YOU, your family, caregiver, etc. the knowledge... More > you’ve prepared, to care for you best. We have included Tasks Lists for: Important Care Providers, Physicians, Daily Routines, Medications, Varied past & current Health Information, Medical Contacts, END OF LIFE, wishes & so much more. It can be so easy to forget the serious details of daily / medical life. Valuable telephone numbers of doctors, neighbors, family … to attorneys & simple daily life basics. Also included are extra blank pages and pages for listing legal, financials, various insurance informations, etc. Store the original & perhaps a copy or two in a safe place. We hope as you utilize it, this helps you be best prepared when the need arises. AND for your peace of mind ! Words we hear a lot, but never more true when its your life.< Less
Exiled By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Colton Rogers, a 24 years old, Nerd and Computer geek who works at that Binden and Hawthorn Insurance Company, dresses very casual with a short pony tail, oversized shirt and baggy jeans. He lives in... More > a condominium in the Pine Peaks neighborhood. Late one evening, Colton walked to his parked car in the dimly lit parking lot where he saw three skateboarders having fun with the curved railing of the outdoor eating area. He saw an Electrician who was there fixing the parking lot’s darkened lights. The three boarders came down the sidewalk where the first one whizzed by the Electrician, causing him to turn swiftly around. However, it was the second teenager who came too closed to the man; causing him to back into the open circuit panel box. there was a flash and the man was down. Coltin ran to the man’s aid, the man begged Coltin not to take him to the hospital, so Colton took him home and cared for him. In a week’s time, Coltin found out who and what Varian Rorik was, and it wasn’t an Electrician.< Less
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The Shadow of a Doubt By Ken Lord
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A fiery train wreck consumes Binney Cooper’s husband, Norris, leaving her to provide for herself and her twin boys. Left penniless by the loss of her teaching position, she asks a court to... More > declare Norris dead, permitting insurance benefits. Bigamist Norris’s second wife, Eliza, also wants that money. To give Liza the slip, Binney and her twin boys relocate. But Eliza finds her. So Binney runs again, across the continent, this time to Carson City, Nevada, where Blake Taylor, rancher, attorney, and a former suitor during college days now lives. Their friendship becomes a romance, helped along by widower Blake’s twin daughters and Binney’s sons. Then Norris, the ‘dead’ husband shows up to claim his wife and sons. Enraged when he hears of his former wife’s interest in Blake, Norris shoots Blake, winging him, while Blake returns fire, killing Norris. How will they explain to Binney’s sons that the father they thought was lost in a train wreck was killed by a man they have come to love, Blake?< Less
American Doctor By Mary Michele McCarville
eBook (PDF): $12.75
(2 Ratings)
John Edward McCarville is from an Irish Catholic farming family in Iowa. He traveled to Arizona for his respiratory health and attended premedical classes at a college now known as Arizona State... More > University (ASU). He graduated in medicine from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. He set up a general practice in 1953 next to an old-fashioned soda fountain pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona.He warned the nation of the dangers of suffocation from plastic bags, became an avid pilot, was Flight Surgeon for the Arizona Army National Guard and examined a 9/11 terrorist. Major changes in the health care insurance industry propelled him from family practice into aviation medicine full time. Still in practice today, he is one of the few First Class FAA Medical Examiners in the state of Arizona. This biography provides an intricate detailed background of his Irish Catholic heritage and his life experiences with the market force dynamics of the healthcare industry from the depression era until present day.< Less
American Doctor By Mary Michele McCarville
eBook (PDF): $9.99
(2 Ratings)
John Edward McCarville, is from an Irish farming family of eight born in Moorland, Iowa in 1926. Stricken with asthma he traveled to Arizona alone at the age of 17 years. After a draft and discharge... More > from the Army, he graduated in medicine from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951. He set up general practice in 1953 next to an old-fashioned soda fountain pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona. He ran a successful practice in family medicine for years before the advent of managed care. He warned the nation of the dangers of plastic bags, became an avid pilot and was Flight Surgeon for the Arizona Army National Guard. Still in practice today, he is one of the few First Class FAA Medical Examiners in the state of Arizona. This book describes his Irish heritage, but also details his experiences and the history of medical care, medicare,universal healthcare , insurance, technology and the market force dynamics of the healthcare industry from the depression era until present day.< Less
deez- commentar33 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
What a game. I am very entertained when I see a good game. The leader the whole game suddenly loses the lead at the end of the game. I had admittance to make good grades. I didn't have to try. But... More > ridicule is why I tried not to do best. I invested effort in making bad grades! Huh? The worse I did, the less I was picked on. So I was cheated in my youth. Then college got in my sights. Doing my homework & studies were a must. But I didn't. Why? because I had insurance, down payment, car payments, gas for a gas hog, & other similar fees cominh down on me. My insanity & instability back then was grandiose. Mental illness & disorder back then was highfalutin. Psychopathy & imbalance back then hoity-toity. I was a basket case! Told what will your brother, sisters, & cousins drive, I started drinking. I was hell bent to ruin my life. I was doing it because Granny, at my 16th birthday, lied, loudly laughed, & called my promised truck a dream. The church secretary< Less
Memoir By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Memoir 1979 Toyota. My curse. Dad urged me to buy something shiny. Said that is how you date the pretty girls. I called that bull. Girls don't care about what you drive. I defended girls, thinking... More > they're not materialistic. I took up for girls. They don't care about what you drive. I was then loving. Maybe I was so loving because I was raised by granny. Dad said to drive something nice & shiny to date the pretty girls. Why was he that way? All I could afford was a piece of junk. Granny, at my 16th birthday. Said that my promised truck was a dream. It filled me with wrath. So the lying was hard. I remained admiring of girls. Girls don't care what you drive. I was adoring of them. Girls don't care what you drive. My doting personality rooted from Granny's care. Girls don't care what you drive. I was affectionate. Dad said to date pretty girls drive a shiny car. MY TRUCK BROKE DOWN 7 DAYS A WEEK! Insurance, payment, parts, gas for a gas hog! I was so broke!< Less
Memoirs of "The Pope" Flanagan By Richard Humphreys & Frank Flanagan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Memoir of Frank Flanagan's experiences in the Great War and of a vanished Dublin society, both before and after the war. Frank Flanagan (1886-1970), known as “The Pope” Flanagan, was... More > born on 11th December 1886, the 11th and last child of Alderman Michael Flanagan and Anne Collins, then aged 53 and 44. Flanagan was educated at Clongowes Wood College, after which he joined the Jesuits in 1904 as a clerical student. He left after 3 years. After a stay in the US in 1907-08 during which he met with President Roosevelt, he returned to Ireland, and lived at the family home at Portmahon House, Rialto, working as an insurance broker and market gardener for a while. He joined the Irish Volunteers and helped create a distraction during the Howth gun-running in 1914. Later that year he joined the Royal Artillery and served in the Somme, Greece, Egypt, India and Mesopotamia. He took part in the successful capture of Kut in 1917.< Less

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