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Medical Insurance By Serhii Romashka
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A paper about medical insurance in Ukraine. We know that the quality of medical care available to the population of Ukraine is low. There is no financing of medical institutions in full, no clear... More > transparent schemes of redistribution of funds allocated to health care. The health care system Ukraine needs revision and reform.< Less
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Silicosis and Compulsory Insurance in Italy - Additional Insurance Premium and Its Practical Application By Piero La Pegna
eBook (ePub): $1.03
An introduction to compulsory insurance against silicosis with its evolution in the last decades. Application of additional insurance premium nowadays and in the past.
Health Insurance: Simple Guide on Choosing Best Health Insurance By Abraham Saleh Ayekooto
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Written in a very plain language, Health Insurance - Simple Guide on Choosing Best Health Insurance provides a detailed road map for navigating Health Insurance's often-baffling complexities and... More > helps you avoid common pitfalls that could otherwise cost you dearly. The Simple Guide explains among others: What are the different types of health insurance policies How does disability income insurance work What are the differences between individual and group policies Learn about different types of health insurance providers How do traditional insurers differ from HMOs What are health insurance provisions and exclusions How can I be reimbursed for prescriptions How do basic and major medical policies differ What is a PPO (Participating provider Organization or Preferred provider Option) How do I know what health insurance coverage best suits my needs How to identify affordable health insurance companies How to assess health insurance rates.< Less
10 Tips for Buying Insurance in 2014 of Dyman & Associates Insurance Group of Companies By Stephan Kizer
eBook (PDF): $8.99
2014 marks the biggest change in health insurance since Medicare. For the first time ever, health insurance is mandatory for most Americans under age 65. The biggest change is that those people with... More > pre-existing medical conditions will now be able to buy quality health insurance without fear of being declined, or facing a surcharge or a waiting period for pre-existing conditions that won't be covered. The second biggest change is that those who earn less than 400% of the federal poverty level -- $45,000 for individuals or $95,000 for families of four -- will now be able to qualify for premium discounts on health insurance costs. The requirement to qualify for the discount is that insurance must be purchased on one of the new health insurance exchanges, aka marketplaces.< Less
Insurance claims at Dyman and Associates: 5 Tips for Understanding Your Health Insurance By Mao Kiesel
eBook (PDF): $8.96
With health-care costs continuing to rise with no end in sight, knowing just what your plan covers can pay off. Understanding the ins and outs of your plan before visiting the doctor can avoid... More > getting stuck paying for treatments, tests and practices out of pocket. “When people start shopping for insurance, they tend to focus on how much they will pay every month,” says Lisa Zamosky, health-care reform expert at WebMD. “What they miss are things like: does my plan limit the number of doctor visits and what is actually being covered?”< Less
AXIS Capital Insurance Group in Jakarta: Insurance -- It is All about Paying Ability By Jason Yates
eBook (PDF): $9.59
In business, whether you are talking about real estate, retail, manufacturing, services or whatever mode of transaction it might be, the basic consideration that each party or participant must live... More > up to and expect from the other party is the capability to pay or satisfy the contract agreed upon. You cannot build and sell homes without assuring your ability to recover your investment in terms of payments for your projects, whether in cash or on installment basis. Barter, even in the very beginning, never works when nothing is exchanged for nothing.< Less
Axis Capital Group Insurance Review: Disaster Risk for Insurance Market By Morton Riddle
eBook (PDF): $8.99
In the present times, natural disasters have been prominent, frequent and more concurrent. Floods in the west coast of the United States, earthquakes in South America, and landslides in Europe,... More > tsunamis and super typhoons in the South East Asia, virus and disease outbreak in Africa and billions of dollars-worth of properties and land as well as thousands of life lost. The news is filled with these headlines. Around the world, natural calamities are more devastating than the last and are more frequently happening.< Less
Legal Aspects of Vehicle Insurance Frauds By CA Shashikant Barve
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Fighting the Life Insurance Sector Frauds By Mayur Joshi
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Frauds in the Life Insurance sector are difficult to identify.

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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