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Interplanetary Travel By Yakov Perelman
Paperback: $18.78
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First published in 1915, a best-seller in the 1920s and long out of print, Interplanetary Travel is a short excursion into space physics. Using conundrums, entertaining examples, and unexpected... More > comparisons, Yakov Perelman dispelled some of the public prejudice that prevailed against celestial mechanics and physics of being too abstract and unable to nourish the mind. He explored, in a witty style, the opportunity of successfully completing the flights imagined in some novelists’ wildest fantasies. He checked and corrected their boldest ideas. Even today, this book remains a reference for science students around the world.< Less
Idiot's Guide To Interplanetary Space Travel By Sam Bryant
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A step by step guide to the options available to you on how to travel to your planet of choice at a price to fit your budget. Written in a non-patronizing manner to ensure people don't feel stupid... More > for actually believing it is currently possible. Enjoy!!< Less
Project Daedalus By British Interplanetary Society
Hardcover: $48.98
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This is a re-publication of The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) Project Daedalus papers, first published in 1978. It also contains one of the first technical papers on interstellar travel and a... More > post-project review paper. The foreword is written by the current BIS President Dr Bob Parkinson, also a member of the original study team.< Less
Travelling Unconscious ( A suspended animation voyages saga ) By Deep Bora
eBook (PDF): $199.00
Take a journey with interplanetary deep space voyagers as they deliberate with time dimensional matters and suspended animation journey methods. Hi Tech and hard science fiction
Travelling Unconscious ( A suspended animation voyages saga ) By Deep Bora
Paperback: $200.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Take a journey with interplanetary deep space voyagers as they deliberate with time dimensional matters and suspended animation journey methods. Hi Tech and hard science fiction.
The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Journal: The Bab - Forgotten Baha'i Mystic - Issue Twenty Six By Marilynn Hughes
eBook (ePub): $2.99
OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL MAGAZINE: The twenty sixth issue of the 'The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation Journal' we continue a series of issues covering forgotten mystics from different religious traditions,... More > this issue following the Bab - Forgotten Baha’i Mystic. This issue’s ‘Question and Answer’ section contains an inquiry from Hayden Westley from Waco, Texas about interplanetary travel and worlds beneath the earth as well as Sierra Sky of SpiritRescue.Ning.Com regarding a spirit rescue wherein the rescuer was physically attacked. She also asks for guidance as to how to protect yourself in such a situation. And in ‘Different Voices’ we will delve into Letters and Epistles of the Bab, which show a profound prelude to the Baha’i faith.< Less
The First Book of Exile: The Book of Albert By Kurt Schauppner
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A failed hydrologist travels to Earth to explore the newly discovered planet. What he does not know is why he was sent there. He thinks he knows but as it always does, the truth will catch him... More > unprepared.< Less
Through Space To Mars By Roy Rockwood
Paperback: $7.99
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4th book in the GREAT MARVELS series by Roy Rockwood (A house pseudonym used by Stratemeyer Syndicate). Mark and Jack enroll in the Universal Electrical & Chemical College, and meet the... More > inventor Santell Roumann. Santell has discovered a new fuel source called Etherium, and together the group builds a rocket ship and travel to Mars. Their plans almost go for nought when mysterious things begin to happen, including an odd man and a threat. But, they perservere and head for the red planet, Mars. But, once they arrive will their Etherium motor function? Will they fall prey to comets and asteroids along the way? And, once they land—we would hope for a safe landing!—can they take back off and return to their homes? All this plus much more action and adventure await the reader of this tale of the unknown!< Less
A Martian Odyssey By Stanley G. Weinbaum
Paperback: $11.99
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Stanley G. Weinbaum is best known for his pioneering science fiction short story, A Martian Odyssey, published in 1934 to large (and continuing) praise, which introduces a sympathetic alien, Tweel.... More > Other stories by Weinbaum deal with Dixon Wells, a playboy who runs afoul of the inventions of his erstwhile tutor in "Newer Physics", Prof. van Manderpootz, a boastful genius who rates Einstein as his intellectual equal (or even a bit inferior). In "The Worlds of If", the professor’s invention exposes what might have been; in "The Ideal", Manderpootz constructs a device that can show the image of someone's ideal (in Wells' case, his perfect woman); the invention in "The Point of View" allows one to see the world from another's perspective. This collection of Weinbaum's stories include A Martian Odyssey, Valley of Dreams, The Adaptive Ultimate, The Mad Moon, The Worlds of If, The Ideal, The Point of View, Pygmalion's Spectacles, Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters and The Circle of Zero.< Less
The Wreckage By Keith Drake
Paperback: $21.88
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The collapse of all glaciers in Greenland, in the year 2064, causes a tilt in the Earth's axis. The Earth winds up with the North Pole almost facing the sun. Half of the planet is freezing, half is... More > extremely warm. A group of adventurers travels through ruined country to the launch pad in Florida. They travel to Mars. The famous "face" on Mars holds mazes inside. If you can get to the bottom of the maze, you meet the Martians.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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