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Detective Michael Mallory's Intriguing Mysteries By Janet Blaylock
Paperback: $10.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Detective Michael Mallory is my name. I'm a detective at the police station in Lakeview (a fictitious city). This is a collection of intriguing mysteries that I have investigated. Part One consists... More > of stories that are from my point of view. Part Two consists of stories that are told in third person point of view. I hope you will enjoy them.< Less
11 Short Adventures Into an Intriguing Mind By Ronald Baars
eBook (PDF): $0.49
This is a collection of short stories that are meant to inspire and provoke thought and insight into the human condition. Alternatively, you could say it is just a small bunch of fun little stories.
100 Intriguing Verses from the Bible By K.N. Hunter
eBook (PDF): $3.00
100 (or more) intriguing verses. Verses that stand out and make you wonder and ask questions. Each Verse is accompanied by a summary that explains it simply but thoroughly. Good for people who... More > read the Bible very little and would like to expand their Bible reading, and for people who don't read the Bible at all but would like to get started. Also a great read for fans of the Bible who would like to read it from a different and more interesting perspective. 100 Intriguing Verses from the Bible is 7100 words and approximately a 30 minute read.< Less
Belie: Selected Works of Mystery and Intrigue By Edgar Allen Poe et al.
eBook (PDF): $9.99
"Belie" is a collection of the first detective fiction stories
Clydestown Society of Mystery and Intrigue Presents: January – June By Jay Wertzler & Ryan Bradford
Paperback: $4.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
Clydestown Society of Mystery and Intrigue presents: 2011 January – June
Clydestown Society of Mystery and Intrigue Presents: January – June By Jay Wertzler & Ryan Bradford
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Clydestown Society of Mystery and Intrigue presents: 2011 January – June
Four Tales of Murder, Mystery, Intrigue and the Absurd By Michael Everill
Paperback: $8.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mystery surrounds the origins of the first story “From the sea they came”, for there is scant evidence that the German Kriegsmarine ever kidnapped British citizens from towns and villages... More > along the Cornish coast. It is only rumoured to have happened. However, such rumours as there are provide the seeds for a good yarn possibly told over a beer by one of the local fishermen. “Concerto for side drum” is a tale along the lines of a ventriloquist’s dummy taking over his mind. Here however, it is a side drum, whose hypnotic rhythms gradually come to dominate the drummer to a psychotic level. After the more serious fare of the main menu, dessert comes with the more humorous, “We’re off to the Costalot”. This is meant to border on the absurd. A group of British tourists get stuck in a road tunnel in sunny Spain … weird things begin to happen.< Less
Thunder Bay: Mystery and Intrigue In Northern Michigan By Robert Reynolds
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The disappearance of a fishing boat goes unnoticed during a violent storm on Thunder Bay. A mysterious canister and an unidentified body washes ashore. The canister's deadly contents alarm... More > authorities. Discovery of the sunken boat sets off an investigation on both sides of Lake Huron as U.S. and Canadian authorities try to unravel the mystery before tragedy occurs. Throughout this tale of mystery and intrigue, love blossoms between the story's pivotal character and an old sweetheart. Set along Michigan's idyllic Thunder Bay, this timely thriller is framed by pristine waters, treacherous schemers and rekindled romance, all brought to life with an array of colorful characters.< Less
Endless Longings: Five Short Stories To Intrigue You By Katrina Arango
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A unique collection of lesbian romance stories that will take you on a journey through the excitement of the wild west, the mysteries of ancient Egypt, a tragic love affair during slavery, the... More > glamorous Harlem renaissance and the allure of 18th century New Orleans. Stories full of intrigue and passion leave you with a never-before seen glimpse of lesbian love throughout time.< Less
Daughters of Ishtar: Theology and Science in an Escapade of Intrigue By Donald Wortzman
eBook (ePub): $9.95
The Daughters of Ishtar, is devoted to reestablishing globally their long defunct matriarchal society. This ancient most advanced society, had a scripture that became the template for the Hebrew... More > Bible. Several times in history the group attempted and failed to reestablish their society, the most significant of which happened almost two thousand years ago, which was led by the most maligned female biblical character of the Christian Bible. A criminology professor, Kirby Allen, and an undercover operative, Carolyn Thomas, probing the murder of a real estate mogul’s daughter, discover the Daughterhood’s current conspiracy to alter civilization for all time, which leads them to scientists of various disciplines and scholarly clerics, experts on the group’s origin and activities. They gradually piece together the makeup of the Daughterhood and the details of their diabolical conspiracy, and devise a counter strategy to neutralize the group’s plot.< Less

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