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Impact of Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Intrinsic Motivation & Wellbeing among students By Dr.Reena Singh Rajput
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For the last three decades there is a drastic development in the field of psychology. Even the fast changing pace of social scenario is putting on deep impact on today's generation, where selecting a... More > school according to the personality is becoming a trend, but due to over competitiveness, stress, exposure to media, over expectation of the society; leading to emotional instability, materialistic interest and less of ultimate happiness or wellbeing.< Less
The Correlation Between Reading Motivation and Reading Achievement By Debbie Yorizzo
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The purpose of this study is to illuminate the importance of reading motivation in the school classroom and to show how reading levels correlate to students' reading motivation. This study also... More > focuses on the ways in which highly motivated readers can foster stronger reading comprehension and habits. This is important to study because reading motivation has decreased in classrooms, and in 2005 a national U.S. survey illustrated that 4th grade students did not look at reading as a preferred leisure activity (Becker, McElvany, & Kortenbruch, 2010, Guthrie, Mcrae, and Klauda, 2007); moreover, low reading motivation is often linked to low reading skills (Morgan & Fuchs, 2007). This study illuminates the importance of intrinsic motivation in students because it is a strong building block for "high-quality learning" (Ryan & Deci, 2000).< Less
Analysing Factors Affecting Motivation and Performance of Employees In Oil and Gas Sector By Muhammad Sajid Saeed
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The aim of this study is to critically analyse the factors affecting motivation and physical performance of employees in Oil & Gas sector. The following objectives were set to achieve particular... More > aim: • To investigate intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that boost employee motivation • To investigate factors affecting employee motivation • To determine how and to what extent motivational factors affect performance of employees in Mellitah • To explore the type and level of relationships between motivation and performance of employees in Mellitah • To recommend best possible methods that Mellitah management can employ to increase the performance of employees< Less
Master Your Emotion By Pattie Worthington
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What is motivation? It has been described in many ways, but the most basic understanding of motivation (especially where it concerns education) is that it is a two part experience. The first part... More > involves the level of interest within any individual regarding the task they are seeking to accomplish, and the second part involves the external influences that have a power over the individual’s level of effort. This ebook analyzes the profound need for teachers to create a good rapport between themselves and their students, and will also provide detailed explanations of how to implement beneficial motivational programs. It also covers how teachers, parents and classroom volunteers can all provide the kinds of moral support, encouragement and assistance that lead to intrinsic motivation for the rest of the student’s life.< Less
Personal Power By Mark Carroll
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Personal Power is a motivational and self help book intend to assist people in discovering their power within and making the world a better place through self-improvement. The book is divided into... More > three parts. The first part focuses on how to develop power, and it is in this chapter that the author lays out his theories for how to improve the self. The second and third parts of the book deal with utilizing your newly developed power and the pleasures that come along with it. "The mistake so many people make is to confuse greatness with riches," states the author. "The great man can have all he wants, but he need not necessarily become rich." It is thus clear from the outset that this book is intended for those driven by an intrinsic desire to improve their life.< Less
Hot Tips for Teaching and Learning By Jean Seville Suffield
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Hot Tips for Teaching & Learning serves as a resource for leaders who want to incorporate knowledge of how the brain learns into their teaching. It is about interrelating with others and building... More > relationships that are healthy and satisfying. Leaders begin reviewing some of the key values upon which successful organizations are based. They then revisit and learn some new strategies, techniques, and skills to check if their pictures of what success is all about match. All activities are based on the belief in internal control psychology and intrinsic motivation. Ultimately, it is an invitation to research the convergence of neuroscience and quantum physics into the realm of Quantum Medicine.< Less
100 Creativity Ingredients By Pearl Zhu
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In recent years, creativity has become a very highly valued skill, and many think it is the #1 most wanted professional capability in the digital era. We all have unlimited creativity potential and... More > intrinsic ability to think outside of the box, but we need to learn how to unlock it. Creativity is a function of imagination, multidimensional thinking, knowledge, psychology, activities, and motivation. The purpose of “100 Creativity Ingredients - Everyone’s Playbook to Unlock Creativity “is to classify, scrutinize, articulate, and share insight about one hundred special creativity ingredients, to paint the picture with them, to add colors on them, to embed the music into them, and to make the story via them, in order to unleash our collective creativity potential.< Less
Bugs, Flowers and Berries Teacher Resource By Lynn Hefele
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Grades K-3 Literature Enhanced Physical Education Harry the Ant teaches his pals that exercise comes in a lot of different forms and that playing tennis is simple with practice and the right... More > equipment. How Literature Enhanced Physical Education works: Step 1 - Teacher reads “Bugs, Flowers and Berries.” Step 2 - Teacher introduces the skills and activities. Step 3 - Students use their imaginations to act out the story while practicing the skills. What is included: A fictional story, comprehensive and easy-to-implement lesson plans for racket skills, rubrics for striking and vocabulary words. What are the results: Intrinsically motivated children, enthusiastically engaged in activity, while learning to play racket sports.< Less
Swish - Teacher Resource By Lynn Hefele
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It’s the first day of basketball season and Kacin is practicing his skills with his basketball, “Swish.” Teach your students to dribble, pass, pivot and shoot through the... More > imagination of a boy, his ball, and the neighborhood superstars! How it works: Step 1 - Teacher reads “Swish.” Step 2 - Teacher introduces the skills, strategies and activities. Step 3 - Children use their imaginations to act out the story while practicing the skills. What is included: A fictional story. Four comprehensive and easy-to-implement lesson plans to teach dribbling, shooting and passing skills. Rubrics for dribbling and passing. What are the results: Intrinsically motivated children, enthusiastically engaged in activity, while learning to play basketball.< Less
Courageous Expectations: Improving the Odds for At-Risk African American Males By Alfred Brinkley
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Many African American males are headed down the wrong paths in school and society, but that’s mostly because we as a community do not understand the challenges they face. In this guide, Dr.... More > Alfred Brinkley, an African American studies scholar and alternative school administrator, explores how to boost the odds of success for at-risk, African American males. He focuses on helping teachers, parents, and students to promote a lifetime love of reading; narrow the achievement gap; encourage self-esteem and intrinsic motivation; and hone parenting and mentoring skills. Leaving your comfort zone and learning why this group of students needs support can better equip you to establish a relationship based on mutual respect. Educating, inspiring, and motivating at-risk African American males requires a support system that can prepare them to succeed. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders can begin to do their part with Courageous Expectations.< Less