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The Basics of Annuities By me
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The Basics of Annuities describes the various options in the annuity market as well as the characteristics of the annuity contract. Other chapters in the book address the phases of annuities, payout... More > options, surrenders and surrender charges. Annuities can be used to provide future income, retirement planning and business planning.< Less
The Basics of Annuities By me
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The Basics of Annuities describes the various options in the annuity market as well as the characteristics of the annuity contract. Other chapters in the book address the phases of annuities, payout... More > options, surrenders and surrender charges. Annuities can be used to provide future income, retirement planning and business planning.< Less
Dividend Stocks Investing By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Do you trade or invest? For me, I'll like to invest in long term, high yield dividend stocks. This will allow me to retire early, by collecting the dividends monthly. This is not a new strategy, and... More > many people are already doing it. Whether you spend the dividends, or reinvest back to stocks is totally up to you. What I can suggest is to grow your dividends portfolio as big as possible, and you can rip the benefits for the latter years! This ebook compiles tons of tips about dividend stocks investing, from REAL investors all around the world. Learn how they pick the best dividend stocks, and what to watch out for. Download this ebook right now, and after that, start your retirement planning!< Less
Investing In the Extraterrestrial Paintcoin By Douglas Gilbert
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There are Extraterrestrial beings with extraordinary powers living on Earth now, but many are hiding in caves in temperate zones, or hiding at camouflaged bases under the South and North Poles. Being... More > away from a distant planet can be lonely, but sometimes they come to the surface to play with soap bubbles. It's only recently that I’ve learned that these visitors from Outer Space are finding it difficult to engage in commerce especially among their own compatriots living on Earth, because they are not comfortable using Earth currencies such as the Dollar, or the Euro and have a bias against Gold because it’s not precious on their home planet. A prescient source has revealed to me that they have choosen a rare Earth object as a medium of exchange. I was told that a small number of these objects would be released soon and the value would be determined based on the level of speculation as regulated by the League of Benevolent Galaxies.< Less
Domain Investment Philosophy By Stanley King
eBook (ePub): $3.00
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I started my new business model, and the sales started coming in. The model was successful and repeatable, and so I carried on with it. Then, at the beginning of the year – after closing my... More > biggest domain name sale ever ($10,000 sale from a domain name that I bought for $69*) I decided to gather all of these scraps of paper and put them into a book. This is book is here to try and help you avoid many of the mistakes that I have made. These mistakes have cost me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I lost money through domain names for a very long time because of my mistakes. I hope that by making this eBook, it puts you on the track to make some extra income, which will hopefully lead to you making a living from domain names one day. The book will not only show you how to make money with buying and selling domains, but it’ll also help you with developing your domain names into profitable websites.< Less
Real Estate Investment Secrets Revealed By Jason Rich
eBook (ePub): $3.49
Most investors are not interested in investing in urban real estate. This means that there is a wide open opportunity for those who ARE interested in investing in urban real estate. You will likely... More > hear umpteen reasons why you should NOT invest in urban real estate so let me give you a few good reasons why you SHOULD invest in urban real estate. You see, the point of having a strategy for profiting from the purchase of any piece of real estate must be your first decision because everything that comes after that is dependent upon it. All is revealed in Real Estate Investment Secrets - with each page is packed with solid 'how to' secret to becoming the next Real Estate Tycoon in your area of dominance!< Less
Mr. John’s Rules for Investing in Myanmar By Jonathan Nichols
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Who are you and what do you know about Myanmar? These are most likely the first two questions that came to mind when you read the title of this book. I am Jonathan Nichols—Mr. John, as... More > I’m known in Asia—and I have close to ten years’ experience investing and working in developing Asian markets. When I arrived in Myanmar in April 2012, I was one of the first Western businessmen to legally enter the region upon the suspension of sanctions by Europe and the United States. Since then, I have had a love-hate relationship with the country and its people. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for me in Myanmar, and I often thought about throwing in the towel. I persisted through the first year of post-sanction turbulence as President Sein went about reforming a nation that needed it at every level. I basically failed my way to success, and the lessons that I learned from my first year in Myanmar are priceless. If you follow my twenty rules of investing in Myanmar, you’ll have a very high chance of succeeding.< Less
Student Capital Investing in Kids and their Needs By Dr. Virginia Krolczyk
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Through the years I noticed as curriculum requirements increased student’s knowledge base decreased. I couldn’t help but wonder how this could be, so I started inquiring. I did not... More > explore the margins of my inquisitiveness though those implementing the rigor, rather, I probed those on the receiving end; the students. That is to say the output and rationale behind it was more important to me than input. The implication of poor educational curriculum has yielded profound disconnects which negatively impact young adults and adults alike. Student’s all over the country are suffering unnecessarily and do not need to. Student Capital addresses emotional intelligence, teacher abuse, excessive testing in schools, lack of career guidance, need for skilled trades, role technology plays, role parents play, increase in low self-esteem, why so many teens are abusing substances, abilities lacking post high school, and finally draws a connection to student struggles in higher education and society.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This project is an attempt to prove that there are great investment opportunities in sub-saharan Africa and in Cameroon in particular. In order to achieve this noble goal, the analysis starts with a... More > research scheme (named Introduction) which details the research methods employed, the objectives, purposes of the research, the hypothesis, the theoretical framework, etc so that the readers will be aware of how and where the information contained in this report was gathered. Then I moved to present briefly the Republic of Cameroon from an economic perspective; later in the analysis there is a lengthy discussion about Foreign Direct Investments in Cameroon. Next, I developed some ideas on particular sectors which are of interest to me to show how profitable it could be to invest in any of them then finally there is the conclusion and some recommendations.< Less
AN INSIDER’S GUIDE: Prepare Yourself for the Investment Banker Interview By Agustin Valecillos
eBook (PDF): $103.33
Going through any interview process can be a daunting and challenging experience. A successful interview requires concentration, dedication and preparation, and it forces us to confront the unknown.... More > The banking interview is a well-established process that is consistent across the industry, and with my background and knowledge to assist you, you won’t be confronting the unknown. Throughout my career, I’ve attended and conducted many banking interviews, so let me assure you that once you have completed the required preparation, the rest of the interview is about delivery. I have compiled a list of questions most frequently asked during banking interviews. Reading and studying these questions will give you invaluable insight in what to expect during the interview. This eBook will help you be well-prepared to pass that hurdle and begin your career in investment banking.< Less

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