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V Fraser By Compiled by Thaddeus
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Two Supreme Court Cases New York & Colorado Min. Syndicate & Co. 1889 and Gates Iron Works 1894 v Fraser et al.
Teacher's Guide By Vitvan
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One of Vitvan's most important works, his insiders instructions to teachers who might carry his work beyond the limits of Home Farm. Ironically, Vitvan's successors on the Board have never... More > published this, but left it overlooked.< Less
Network Marketing Pitfalls By New Thrive Learning Institute
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Now what? Okay. I have chosen the right company. Will it really work for me? The truth would sound more like how can I make the company WORK in my favor? Remember the staggering truth that 95% of... More > people fail in MLM? I strongly believe that among the 95%, there are sincere, hardworking people who work hard to make the business work for them, but are spending most of their time and money DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS! Yet strangely many people miss out the fact that it is EASIER NOT TO do the WRONG THINGS than learning to do the RIGHT THING. Sounds simple? Ironically, common sense is not common. Avoiding the wrong things saves you the valuable TIME (some people in MLM do the wrong things for YEARS) so you can learn how to do the RIGHT things with the time you saved. Remember that in MLM, just like in real life that we must learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t all the time in the world to make all the mistakes ourselves! Start finding out today. Get Your Copy Now!< Less
Leishmania: Current Biology and Control By Subrata Adak
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-52-2 EAN 9781908230522 In this timely book respected Leismania experts distil the important current research highlighting the most insightful discoveries in the field.... More > Topics covered include: modulation of host miRNA; heat shock proteins; Iron in the Leishmania-macrophage interaction; oxidative and nitrosative stress response; cell death; strategies for immune evasion; STAT signalling; parasite modulation of toll-like receptors in macrophages; T cells in Leishmania infection; vaccine biology; inhibitors of Leishmania DNA topoisomerases; and mechanism of drug resistance in visceral Leishmaniasis. An essential text for everyone in the Leishmania community and recommended for researchers working in related fields.< Less
Robert Cole Todd/Space Services Collector's edition By CD Moulton
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Robert Cole Todd is the youngest person to ever be graduated from the Space Academy. He earns a commission before graduating! He meets and works with "Iron Mike" - his hero and mentor - to... More > save the space services< Less
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Research into the ancestors of the Rees family of Cardiff. Traditional Boatmen for generations working on the bustling Glamorganshire Canal, the life artery of the iron and coal industry. Diverse... More > threads of genealogy originating in Ireland and America.< Less
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A Wanderer In Florence By Russell Arroyo
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Of the man himself we know little, except that he was of iron tenacity and lived for his work. Vasari calls him witty, but gives a not good example of his wit; he seems to have been philanthropic and... More > a patron of poor< Less
Engineering: Cool Women Who Design By Vicki V. May
eBook (PDF): $6.99
What types of robots will the future bring? How do biomedical devices help patients? In Engineering: Cool Women Who Design, readers ages 9 to 12 meet three women who are working hard in the... More > engineering field. Amy Kerdok designs medical and surgical devices. Anna Stork cofounded LuminAID Lab, a company that produces solar lighting products for the developing world and beyond. Elsa Garmire has designed many devices that use lasers and light. Engineering combines high-interest content with links to online primary sources and essential questions that further expand children’s knowledge and understanding of a topic they come in contact with every day. The Girls in Science series supply a bridge between girls’ interests and their potential futures by investigating careers and introducing women who have succeeded in science. Compelling stories of real-life engineers provide readers with role models that they can look toward as examples of how it can be done. Guided Reading Level: U< Less
Small Victories for the Soul VII By Tom Sheehan
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Walk a ways with me, here by the Saugus River and the Old Iron Works, where I played as a boy, where Arethusa bulbosa (dragon’s mouth orchid or swamp pride) waits for spring and new reeds to... More > hide the young of red-winged blackbirds, where indentured Scot servants worked off their passage, where Captain Kidd brought his treasure to bury on Vinegar Hill (not found yet by boy or man), all leading me to say: The Hour Falling Light Touches Rings of Iron (at the First Iron Works of America, Saugus, MA): You must remember, Pittsburgh is not like this, would never have been found without the rod bending right here, sucked down by the earth. This is not the thick push of the three rivers’ water hard as name-calling…. Slag makes a bucket bottom feed iron rings unto water, ferric oxides, clouds of rust.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
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