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new forms and meditations for the pressurized libertine monk By j/j hastain
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j/j hastain has conceived of a poetry that has created and is defined by its own language. A new language that disregards a traditional sense of time, that is indifferent to the historical. The... More > images and words that hastain use to form sentences to form lines to form language are carefully chosen to not only displace the notion of the logical, but also the reader’s sense of direction. One section in particular announces hastain’s aim: because the future for a hybrid would not necessarily be he or she but inherent bequeathing hastain is not only defining “the future for a hybrid” but also the future of the book you are about to interact with. And that definition is not gender specific. It does not revolve around gender or time like so much of language does in the current world. Instead that future is based on a gift, a donation from hastain to us. Consider what the gift is. An a-historical language.< Less
The Yet to be Pronounced Pronouns By j/j hastain
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“If Georges Bataille were a queer living in San Francisco in 2012, this could be xem, building and dismantling gender, that is, building and dismantling form itself. j/j hastain is writing a... More > no-holds-barred break-neck love song that conflates the meaty and the sacramental. Here is love’s avid desire for detail, and love’s sacred, impossible overflow.” —Robert Gluck< Less
Autobiography of My Gender By j/j hastain
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Poetry Book by j/j hastain.
the ulterior eden By j/j hastain
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"the ulterior eden" presents us with a contemporary Song of Songs in which allegory is subverted by eros into a more explicit and boldly unconventional passion. Large with life and... More > ecstatic with the “names and innumerable sensations” of adoration, this communion joins beloved and beloved in the erotic chaos of a “newest pronoun.” j/j hastain makes this pact of bounty both politically and spiritually charged, shaping poetry’s intimacies as a means through which we can “mature all historical/grief/ into luminosity. —Elizabeth Robinson< Less
THEM Is. I / 2013 By Jos Charles, Emerson Whitney, Jamila Cornick
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Issue I of THEM lit: a trans* literary journal. This issue includes work by Calvin Gimpelevich, Codi Suzanne Oliver and Willow Healey, Janani Balasubramanian, j/j hastain, and others. For more about... More > THEM lit, visit< Less
Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 7 Winter 2012 & Issue 8 Spring 2012 By Raymond Farr
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Issue 8 of Blue & Yellow Dog contains experimental New Writng by Grace Andreacchi, Katie Berger, Naomi Buck Palagi, Beau Peregoy, Sean Ulman, Anna Corrigan, Charles Freeland, Channie Greenberg,... More > Richard Kostelanetz, Michael Tugendhat, Dan Raphael, Felino A. Soriano, Susan Adams, Tyson Bley, Andrew J. Stone, Troubadour Kaul, ric carfagna, Arkava Das, j/j hastain, J. D. Nelson, Daniel Shapiro, Christina Murphy, John Vieira, & Summer Qabazard, with cover photo by Eleanor Bennett.< Less
Otoliths issue twenty-four, part two By Mark Young (editor)
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Otoliths issue twenty-four, part two, contains full-color visuals & a bit of poetry, sometimes part of the same piece, from Grzegorz Wróblewski, j/j hastain, John Martone, Bobbi Lurie,... More > John M. Bennett, Donna Kuhn, bruno neiva, Spencer Selby, Stephen Nelson, Marthe Reed, Márton Koppány, SJ Fowler, Susan Gangel & Terry Turrentine, Cherie Hunter Day, Helen White, & Michael Brandonisio.< Less
Petrichor Machine: Issue Three By Various Contributors
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Petrichor Machine is a literary journal for people who love words. Issue three features poetry and fiction by: Jeffrey Alfier, Dominika Bednarska, Jackson Burgess, Jon Cone, Jacob Edwards, Peter... More > Cole Friedman, Spencer Golub, David Hancock, William Wright Harris, j/j hastain, Zeke Jarvis, Michelle Jia, Damien Knightley, Philip Kobylarz, Bruce McRae, Mark J. Mitchell, Bill Neumire, Sean Neville, Richard King Perkins II, Loni Reynolds, Cory Saul, Bethany Snyder, Adam Tavel, Charles Wilkinson, and Changming Yuan. Visit our website for more information.< Less
Otoliths issue fifteen, part two By Mark Young (editor)
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Otoliths issue fifteen, part two, contains work by Bob Heman, Ray Craig, John Moore Williams, Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett, David-Baptiste Chirot, Baron & John M. Bennett, Cecelia... More > Chapman & Jeff Crouch, Carlyle Baker, Ira Joel Haber, j/j hastain, Ed Baker, John M. Bennett, Karri Kokko, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Tony Rickaby, Michael Brandonisio, Chris Gordon, Márton Koppány, John Martone, Spencer Selby, Mara Patricia Hernandez, & sean burn.< Less
The OR Panthology: Ocellus Reseau By melissa christine goodrum
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The OR Panthology (Ocellus Reseau) is Other Rooms Press's first print anthology, edited by melissa christine goodrum and featuring work by Nora Almeida, David B. Applegate, L. S. Asekoff, Joshua... More > Baldwin, Drew Baughman, Tamiko Beyer, Rose Marie Boehm, V.L. Bond, Michelle Brulé, Daveo Crish, Joe Robitaille, Sarah Feeley, Alan Gilbert, Ed Go, melissa christine goodrum, Whit Griffin, j/j hastain, Andrea Henchey, Luke Janka, Lisa Jarnot, Jim Juletid, Yelena Kolova, A.P. Lewis, Susan Lewis, Chip Livingston, Travis Macdonald, Dolan Morgan, Sean Mullin, Sarah Pearlstein, Richard Pearse, Maya Pindyck, Beni Ransom, Matt Reeck, Michael Karl (Ritchie), Ariella Ruth, William Sanders, Sapphire, Sarah Sarai, Michael Schiavo, Pietro Scorsone, Nicole Steinberg, L. Sze, Samantha Taylor, Rodrigo Toscano, Douglas Watson, Michael Whalen and John Sibley Williams.< Less