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Jazz By T.E. Priemon
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"Jazz" was inspired by the work of the french artist Henri matisse who created a work with the same title in 1944. The same as it was with his work this composition teaches the eye to hear... More > the music. This music composition was created using the medium of Photonality. Photonality is a visual form to the language of music where the camera acts as an additional instrument within the performance. The music of jazz is integrated with the properties of photography to create a visual music composition. The medium Photonality was created by T.E. Priemon.< Less
{*Jazz*} By yazmiin carvajal
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The History of Jazz and the Jazz Musicians By The Jazz Sipper Group
eBook (ePub): $20.99
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Is a story rich with innovation, experimentation, controversy and emotion, this coffee table book concept provides an ideal setting to share the cultural history of the people and places that helped... More > shape the development and progression of the history of jazz. And is presented in an eclectic format to preserve the works of the original authors of this subject matter. The Jazz Sippers Group presents these collective writings through interpretive techniques designed to educate and entertain, and seeks to preserve information and resources associated with the origins of the history of jazz.< Less
ED By Jazz Rasool
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ED Coaching
The Destiny Point: Foundations By Jazz Rasool
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Find and Create your Destiny
Prelude to a Blast By Jazz Jones
Paperback: $21.99
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Sonny Russo is going to die--only he doesn't know who's going to kill him. Quiet, loyal Sonny Russo has never felt special. In fact, he had planned to live his life without a shred of recognition.... More > That is, until he meets the sons of the local Mafia bosses and launches himself into the sordid, influential world that goes along with the company he has chosen to keep. It is this very world that lands Sonny on the wrong end of a loaded gun. Sonny must try at all costs to outwit his manipulator, Fate, to save the lives of those he holds most dear as his plan to free himself from a web of lies takes a turn for the worse. Who really is holding the loaded gun? Is his killer the evil and manipulative shrew, Edie, who can't stand to lose? Or is the killer someone whose villainy is yet to be revealed?< Less
Manual of Techniques for Jazz Mastery By The Institute for Jazz Studies
eBook (PDF): $39.97
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This manual is used at the Institute for Jazz Studies with all levels of music students, from beginners to post-graduates, to accelerate their progress. It contains detailed explanations of ten... More > separate techniques which have been proven to yield consistent and continual musical results with musicians of all abilities. If you are serious about reaching your musical potential, you need this book. Regular application of these musical learning techniques will revolutionise your ability over 2-6 months, guaranteed. Also includes the Institute's bonus workshops on modeling Charlie Parker, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis.< Less
Jazz By Magnus Karlsson
Paperback: $19.54
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This book contains 40 photos of jazz musicians in concert. Most of the photos are in black and white some of them in colour. Så länge jag kan minnas har jag lyssnat på jazzmusik.... More > Så länge jag har fotograferat har jag fotograferat jazzmusik. På 40 sidor i denna bok har jag samlat några av de jazzbilder som mitt fotograferande resulterat i. Det är bilder från jazzkonserter i Falkenberg under åren 2008 - 2014, de flesta i svartvitt, några i färg.< Less
Jazz By Tim Catinat
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Jazz, petit dictionnaire sauvage, vous propose de A à Z: un jus de phrase; des gens qui jasent; la joie de l'emphase; une bourgeoise au gymnase en extase avec un agent du gaz; la java du... More > Caucase; un jeu de jambes dans la vase; des jeunes qui se rasent autour d'un vieux Teppaz dans un jardin de jonquilles jaune topaze à La Paz; des giclées de framboise; des girafes siamoises au zoo de la plage; un jour sans nuage; et j'en paz...< Less
JAZZ By Alberto Senini
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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