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The Nostradamus Mission By Daniel Berghoff
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French scientist Pierre Damus, a direct descendant of Nostradamus, discovers two powerful secret societies on a collision course to start World War III. With the help of a non-human diplomat from... More > a Inter Galactic Federation and a joint alien avatar/U.S. military force from Nevada’s secret Area 51, the Nostradamus Seed tries to expose the global world order threat. Follow Damus as he uses his superior mental powers on his mission, where he is joined on his journey by a psychic hotel night auditor, a beautiful college student, and a sharp shooting private investigator. Together they encounter a maelstrom adventure of economic warfare and assassination plots, with unimaginable consequences.< Less
ABCFM Annual Reports of the Mission to the Nestorians & the Assyrian Mission By ABCFM
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The American Protestant mission to the Assyrians originated in the work of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) which was a joint body of several Protestant denominations.... More > The Mission to the Nestorians (renamed Mission to Persia in 1869) was established among the Assyrians of Urmia in 1835. A related mission called the Assyria Mission was established in Mosul in 1849 and lasted until 1860. In 1870 the mission was transferred under the jurisdiction of the American Presbyterian Church. This volume contains the annual reports for the period from 1832 to 1869 while the mission was under the ADCFM.< Less
Army Support of Military Cyberspace Operations: Joint Contexts and Global Escalation Implications By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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Military cyberspace operations have been ongoing since before the advent of the Internet, and their influence on traditional military operations continues to increase. What are the significant... More > changes in mission and structure of Department of Defense offensive and defensive cyberspace activities over the past decade? How do joint and Army cyberspace military operations fit into the complex and dynamic sphere of daily network defense as well as international deterrence and escalation?< Less
Joint Force Land Component Commander Handbook (FM 3-31), (MCWP 3-40.7 ) By US Marine Corps
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This handbook describes guidance for establishing the command relationship based on the joint force commander's concept of operations. It addresses formation, functions, and organization of the joint... More > force land component commander. It also discusses the operational questions of who, what, when, and how of operations in support of major operations or campaigns by a joint force commander. It is not the intent of this handbook to supplant approved joint doctrine; nor is it the intent to restrict the authority of the joint force commander from organizing the force and executing the mission in a manner he deems most appropriate to ensure unity of effort in the accomplishment of the overall mission.< Less
Beyond The Strait: PLA Missions Other Than Taiwan [Enlarged Edition] By Roy Kamphausen et al.
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While preventing independence likely remains the central aim of the PLA vis-a-vis Taiwan, Chinese foreign policy objectives worldwide are rapidly growing and diversifying. This volume analyzes the... More > PLA’s involvement in disaster and humanitarian relief, United Nations peacekeeping operations (UNPKO), counterterrorism and border defense, security in outer space and cyberspace, and the level of activity in regional “joint” operational contingencies. On the whole, the volume provides a discerning analysis of these varied PLA developments and how they affect policy towards both Taiwan and the entire Asia-Pacific region. While the significance of China has long been understood, the nation’s rise to prominence on the world scene is becoming more acutely felt. An understanding of the PLA’s growing roles both within China and internationally is of critical importance to the United States.< Less
Apollo 20. The Disclosure By Luca Scantamburlo
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Since April 2007, a whistleblower by the name of "retiredafb" has been shocking the general public with its disclosure: footages and comments posted on YouTube and He claims to... More > be William Rutledge, and the Apollo 20 Commander for the USAF (August 1976). Luca Scantamburlo - ex journalist - has interviewed him and another YouTube user ("moonwalker1966delta") who claims to be a former NASA astronaut, and the Apollo 19 Commander (February 1976). Did these presumed secret joint US/USSR space missions take place indeed? The targets would have been some lunar anomalies, on the far side of the Moon. The opinion of the Author is this amazing story contains some kernels of truth, behind the controversial strategy of disclosure (video fakes and misleading data are present). In the book there are the reasons for his opinion, the chronology of his research (with his Web articles already published), the interviews with the two alleged Commanders, and some revelations never published before.< Less
Exotic Desires By Bruno Bolina
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The exciting story of rookie engineer Otto Krause starts when he was hired as an assistant site manager by the ‘Joint-Venture’ Company for a construction mission in Mexico. His... More > experiences begin to submerge the reader into a rollercoaster of occurrences and adventures as the first basic oxygen steelmaking plant in Central America is created. Beside the contractual professional life the lively leisure activities with the exotic ladies and the world of horse riding offer some delicate surprises. From the desire of a Mexican steelworks boss wanting to own the famous vehicle with the star at the front end, Krause comes face to face with a never anticipated problem which forces him to forget the designated deal causing him to almost completely losing his car. Only his personal intervention prevents his vehicle’s theft by the corrupted public officials. Seldom gets the reader a better sense of the popular conclusion: other lands - other customs.< Less
JCAHO is Coming By Dun Tzu
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This little book captures the eye-popping concern, the uvula-revealing shouts, and the long, arduous meetings. Written in a kids’ book, rhyming style, JCAHO is Coming is a quick read. Your... More > JCAHO survey doesn’t have to be that bug-eyed, red-faced, caffeine-fest that it is. You can use the subtle, tasteful humor that JCAHO is Coming brings to: Enhance and strengthen your leadership position. Make your coworker’s day right at a moment that they are thinking about walking out. Unwind before a meeting. Laugh with your coworkers when the survey is over. Pull out JCAHO is Coming for a humorous break in the middle of a long meeting. Have your hospital CEO read JCAHO is Coming at the next hospital holiday party.’s mission is bring fun and humor back to a burned out and frustrated health care industry. Order now and do your part in fulfilling GiggleMed’s mission. (: medicine is fun again :)™< Less
DIAKONIA REPORT COLETTE DESHAY By Dr. Will Rogers Masterteacher33
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Everyone has a lot, share, heritage by right of their sonship! You are joint-heir with Christ. The question is, do you know your allotted possession? The salvation of life upon this earth depends... More > upon, and is contained in, that greatest of all mysteries--PURPOSE--and until that key has been discovered, man will dwell in a world of animal and human emotion where man will become the greatest destroyer and killer of all times. MAN NEEDS PURPOSE TO SURVIVE. Purpose comes from KLERONOMICS. Kleronomics comes from the Greek work Kleronomos which means lot, share, heir or heritage. Every child has a purpose, destiny, mission, service and or ministry! This book reveals, explains, illuminates and simplifies what your purpose or destiny is!< Less
How to get rid of articular pain once and for all By Jocelyne Rollin
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The Myolissa Technique is a myolissage technique that, with the use of specific manual maneuvers, works towards relaxation of tensed muscle fibres. Its mission is to provide everyone with the... More > ability to relax their tensed muscles in order to soothe the pain resulting from inflammation. Muscles allow and are responsible for movement. If the muscle is tensed-up or spastic, it will be unable to contract and will not allow the bone to perform its full movement. In addition, it cannot return to its normal length and allow the member to return to its usual position in resting mode. If we continue to use our muscle and force them to make full movement, then the muscle pulls on its attachment points (origin and insertion), or where the tendon attaches to the bone. It then forms micro-tears and it is in these places that inflammation will develop. If the muscle is totally relaxed, there is no reason why it should become tense again.< Less

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