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105 SERVENTESIOS al aire de Jorge Luís Borges By Carlos Ramón Brea Eiroa
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Biografía poetizada del escritor argentino JORGE LUIS BORGES, autor del movimiento ultraísta. Premio Cervantes del idioma español.
Borges como filósofo By Robert Lemm
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Quintaesencia de los grandes que pensaron y escribieron, genio de lo breve y lo lúcido, poeta de la historia en sus rasgos íntimos, todo eso es Jorge Luis Borges.
Borges como filósofo By Robert Lemm
eBook (PDF): $9.26
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Quintaesencia de los grandes que pensaron y escribieron, genio de lo breve y lo lúcido, poeta de la historia en sus rasgos íntimos, todo eso es Jorge Luis Borges.
Coleção, arquivo, biblioteca: a literatura de Borges e Calvino By Maria Elisa Rodrigues Moreira
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Literature, library, metaphor, politics, collection, archive. Points of a network articulated by the texts of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. This is the path used by this book, in which fiction... More > and knowledge are taken as narrative movements that are continually approaching and intermingling. The library, taken as an emblem of the space of "living together", to retake the thought of Barthes, or as a "utopia of proximity", to bring to the dialogue the reflection of Nicolas Bourriaud. Literature, as a political production, at the same time ethics and aesthetics. An invitation to walk through Borges and Calvino's literary libraries, which can be, as the author says, "safe anchorages", can also serve as starting points for new and adventurous journeys.< Less
Cuentos y entresijos By Jorge A, Ricaldoni
eBook (PDF): $9.37
Un grupo de cuentos y ensayos, de temática y estilo variado, bien escritos por el autor de la novela "Maten al Vicario" y varios guiones cinematográficos y más de 500... More > artículos sobre cine y TV. Jorge Ricaldoni fue discípulo de Aída Bortnik y Juan José Campanella en forma directa, y un admirador de las obras literaria de Umberto Eco, Gabriel García Márquez y Jorge Luis Borges . El autor muestra una notable versatilidad de estilos y temáticas, pasando del horror al humor, del amor, a los misterios de la muerte. Incluye dos o tres "entresijos", que en realidad son ensayos o dudas existenciales y que no dejan de ser posiciones filosóficas del autor, muy ágilmente narradas.< Less
Éthique du Souterrain By Cat. LXXXVII
Paperback: $9.00
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Ouvrage de la bibliothèque de Babel. Chaque livre contient 410 pages de texte, 40 lignes par page et environ 80 signes par ligne. Le lecteur attentif pourra peut-être observer une phrase... More > raisonnable.< Less
Asymmetrical Simulacrum By Thomas O'Donnell
Paperback: $16.95
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This 350-ish page book is actually nine books in one, tied together by a common overriding theme. Some, like Celia Dodgson’s “Through the Quantum Tunnel” and Adam Douglas’... More > “The Square Room of Negative Forty-two,” are literally out of this world. Others, like Madelyn Hatter’s and “Bull” Penn’s are very much part of this world. The rest are somewhere in-between.< Less
Library in the Labyrinth By Justin Wadge
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The journey to a place where I get lost in a book... This thesis goes beyond the tradition of designing an architecture that produces a narrative; it is a narrative that produces an architecture. I... More > look to John Hejduk and Jorge Luis Borges as inspiration for producing an imaginative work that walks the line between what is known and unknown. This line is the journey from a reminiscent reality to an intimate reading room. Library in the Labyrinth is caught between the familiar and the uncanny; it is the maze that takes us to a place where the narrative of a book can flourish.< Less
In Search of Landfall By Patrick Richardson
eBook (ePub): $8.48
Using memoir as a vehicle, In Search of Landfall is about one man’s search for answers to some of the most important questions we are all faced with: who are we, what are we doing here, and... More > where are we going? It is also a fascinating portrait of two very different worlds: the author’s childhood in 1950s Edinburgh and his time there at university as a radical student in the late 1960s, and his life in the exhilarating counterculture of Amsterdam during the 1970s and 1980s. As he travels through life and the remotest parts of the globe, he describes both his inner and outer journeys and the extraordinary characters he encounters along the way, inlcuding Norman McCaig, Indira Gandhi, Robin Cook, Rudi Dutschke and Jorge Luis Borges. Loosely structured on Homer’s Odyssey, this book is an almost mythical meditation on childhood, the loss of innocence, love and the passing of time.< Less
Studi Interculturali 2/13 By Gianni Ferracuti
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Pier Francesco Zarcone: Ostacoli arabi allo sviluppo arabo - Mario Faraone: “Raglio d'asino non sale al cielo”: Saggezza contadina e dialogo interculturale in ambito multilinguistico... More > europeo - Luciana Alocco: La “magia” tra letteratura e lessicografia - Alice Porro: Borges lettore di Dante [seconda parte] - Irma Hibert: Modernidad e identidad en “Sobre héroes y tumbas” de Ernesto Sábato - Gianni Ferracuti: Una teoria sul gioco del “duende” - Federico García Lorca: Gioco e teoria del duende< Less

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