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Just Forever By Cherilyn Wittenberg
eBook (PDF): $2.24
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After Cherilyns father went to the hospital while she was in sixth grade, she became immersed in writing as an escape from her life. After some of her more personal poems were found by her mother she... More > begin organizing them in a collection in her computer. The collection after two years turned into a 156 page book which was then edited down to this book after her grandfather passed away in January in 2011.< Less
Just a Kid By Jeremy Void
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First, he brought you short fiction with his debut book, Derelict America. Then he brought you even more short fiction, better faster and more severe than the last, with Nefarious Endeavors. Then... More > he brought you poetry, mostly nonfiction based on his own sick existence, with Smash a Lightbulb. Which was followed by a collection of visual poetry called "The SkullFuck Collection" in his fourth book, Erase Your Face. Now Jeremy Void, having mastered the English language, grammar, and all things verbal, brings you a collection of experimental prose and poetry, taking his writing in a whole new direction.< Less
Just a Man... By Captain Planet
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What if… I were just a Man? And… What if… You were Just a Girl? Would I Still feel the Need to Write this for You? Or… Would You Not Yet be a Bigger Part of my... More > World? But… I am Not just a Man And… You are No Ordinary Girl I Knew it The Moment I Saw You When the Music Played… and We began to Whirl… and to Swirl… and to Twirl But… I Didn’t Say Anything, Then… Maybe, to You… I Am Just a Simple Man Hard to Love and Not Making it Easy… Maybe, Someday… I Won’t Be Just a Simple Man Hopefully, Someday… That’s What You’ll See< Less
Just Smile By Katherine Idleman
Hardcover: $19.60
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My poetry book is about my experiences in life. I've had some pretty good ones and some pretty, not so good ones. However, I hope my book is relatable and something you'd want to share with others.... More > Most of the experiences I've learned something from. I look back on my poetry and understand what I could have done differently in life but, my poetry shows real emotions that I had at one point or another and I find that quite special. We need to be more open about how we feel about things and not just bottle them inside. Writing was my way to open the bottle and spill out all the contents, the good and the bad.< Less
Not Just A Notebook By Karissa Nagle
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What if you had an ability like no other? What if everything you've ever thought of came to life? What if every PERSON that you wrote in a simple notebook began to walk freely in your own... More > world? This is how Liana Summers spends her last year of High School. Enter Quinn and Dante Jones. Two brothers who practically stalk Liana all throughout the year, but she still can't seem to figure out on why and how they seem so familiar to her. Until one day while she's writing in her notebook at school, does she realize everything comes true with just one word of her pen.< Less
Just a Minute By Andrew Perry
Hardcover: $12.52
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This book (First Edition, Release 1, Oct 2017,Hardback) is an attempt to talk about having and maintaining Christian belief today in “the West” or “the developed world”. This... More > isn’t a book of traditional “minute meditations” because these are usually devotions directed towards God and Jesus. This is a book of “minute thoughts”, mostly about the human struggle to believe. It has been designed as a series of thoughts that take mostly a minute or less to read (there are a few exceptions). The author says in the Preface, “I often have short thoughts which strike me as worth keeping; a bit like having a ‘thought for the day’. I write them down but then they languish on a hard disk...So, I thought it was worthwhile to collect them together.”< Less
Just A Pitman By Clifford Lee
Paperback: $6.98
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This book recounts a series of vivid memories which reveal glimpses of the harsh realities of growing up and living in poverty and of life at the coal face in the 20th century, where working... More > conditions had barely changed since the 19th. It is that rare thing, an authentic account by a man who spent his whole working life at the coal face, but written with dry wit and an astounding command of English. The aim of writing was to record, primarily for his children and grandchildren, those things which were not usually spoken about, so that the knowledge of those times would not be lost. Other facets of this man are therefore only hinted at: the passion for reading and life-long respect for learning; a sense of justice; a love of music; his skills in handwork of all kinds, but especially joinery. For the attentive reader this book is a treasure trove of information of all kinds, but especially, perhaps, of human nature and perseverance.< Less
Just For Fun By Lorin Hildreth Atkins & John Hildreth Atkins
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This is a book of a collection of short stories written by my now deceased father. He called them humorous. I call them a great example of the inner workings of a sociopath and sexual deviant. Though... More > he went out of his way not to use a swear word, he did write a lot about sexual things. My father was abusive and considered himself the center of the universe. Everybody else was stupid and did not deserve to share the same air as him. The idea that he wa special was something he was taught by his mother. Because of that, he believed that he was above the law and absolutely above the rules; those were for lesser mortals. There are some funny stories in here. For that reason, I recommend that everybody should read it. You get the best of both worlds. One, you get to be entertained. Second, you get schooled on how these degenerates think. That is a huge advantage in a world gone amuck. Oh, and did I say that it was also entertaining? Sometimes, even funny.< Less
Mrs. Boersma's Class Has Something to Say...JUST WRITE! By Georgetown Elementary School • May 2009
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Just Write is a celebration of our year long work in writing.
Mrs. Kuieck's Class Has Someting to Say...JUST WRITE! By Georgetown Elementary School • May 2009
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Just Write is a celebration of our year long work in writing.

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