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As A Man Traineth By Justin Lopez
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A human-powered discovery engine of exploration for those curiously intrigued in the cross-disciplinary art and craft of physical and cerebral transformation, as well for those seeking to disengage... More > common frequencies of social babel. This ultimate information bank offers sought-after tools and ingredients that will augment the mental reservoirs of ingenuity and authorize one to amalgamate them into original tactical schemes to obtain results in brute strength, colossal size, explosive power and wicked conditioning. By addressing specific individual needs, this creative text examines and instructs readers how to get beyond internal obstacles and external plateaus, by way of mental floss, artful script analysis and strategic implementation of methods. Learn how to train yourself and wisely manage 100% of your program—instruction on how to extract mind-boggling results from the overall training process and go from lard to lean or from scrawny to brawny. For hunter-gatherers of information, only.< Less
Emulsion stew By jai tanju
Paperback: $25.00
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This is a book for the Emulsion Stew photography show that was held in San Jose, Ca at the Empire Seven Studios on August 15th of 2009. Emulsion Stew is a hearty photographic meal by Joseph Brook,... More > Sam Milianta, Aaron Frisby, Jared Siegel, Tobin Yelland, Dennis McGrath, Taro Hirano, Jai Tanju, Dave Schubert, Ross Rogers, Ray Potes, Keith Wilson,Chris Bryant, Tim Irwin, Ben Mistak, Dave Franklin, Mario Guel, Jason Duffany, Dan Boulton, Matt Dobbs, Weston Colton, Nancy h. Ahn, Vu Nguyen, Kim Du, Ray Stevens II, Simon Wright, Matthew Patterson, Fabrizio Biviano, Austin Mcmanus, Justin Visnesky, Daniel Piersa, Nick Kunz, Nate Sweeters, Hashimot koizumi, Kyle Camarillo, Brendan Klein, Katherine M Thornton, Kento Mori, isaac mckay-randozzi, Yumiko Miyagwa, Daniel Lopez, Davoud Kermaninejad, Michelle Budziak, Ryo Sekozawa, Ted Tragger, Brandon Fonville, Toad, Ken Nagahara, Brad Westcott, George Cutright, Zach Corbin, TWSR, Greg Hall, Takeshi Abe, Austin Durant & Chris Patton.< Less
Britney Spears dans la peau (Un quart d'heure d'anonymat) By Jérémy Patinier
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Alors qu'elle est en fugue, Britney Spears va rencontrer l'un de ses plus grands fans, et lui proposer un étrange pacte : il doit la sauver, et prendre sa place ! Dans ce roman sur les fans de... More > la star, fantaisie surréaliste, Jérémy Patinier imagine une aventure fantaisiste qui interroge notre besoin de rêver, et nos dépendances aux rêves… Dans ce road-movie fantastico-POP, on voyage entre polar-paillette et fiction burlesque. Un roman dont la star est plus que l'héroïne, un symbole. Une vision idéalisée de la star. Jérémy Patinier détourne la fameuse phrase de Warhol qui considère que chacun a droit à son quart d'heure de célébrité et propose un quart "d'heure d'anonymat" à la star. Mais à quel prix ?< Less

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