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Alchemy Of Ayurvedic Cookery By Shazia Gogia
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Alchemy of Ayurvedic Cookery” guides you through the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic wisdom to teach you how to use a plant-based diet, complex layering of spices, and healthy adaptations of... More > cuisines from all over the world to cook healthy, nutritious, Ayurvedically balanced food that nourish, your body, mind and soul. It offers practical solutions for modern day cook by replacing time-constrained traditional practices with skillful use of choppers, blenders, soaking, and short cuts that do not sacrifice freshness, health, nutrition and taste. Shazia takes you step-by-step through stocking up a healthy pantry, starting with basic spices that you can find at any health foods store, and using local and seasonal produce. Shazia also unveils mystery out of traditional Indian cooking and Ayurvedic unfamiliarity. Each recipe includes an Ayurvedic key that presents the dish’s effects on each dosha, health impacts, and seasonal suitability.< Less
Live Well - Eat Right By Chef Dhir
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This book by Chef Dhir explains the basics of Ayurveda and Detoxification helpful for everyday living. CHAPTER 1 WHAT IS AYURVEDA CHAPTER 2 HOW DOES AYURVEDA HELP? CHAPTER 3 ... More > BASIC PRINCIPLES OF AYURVEDA CHAPTER 4 AYURVEDA - MIND TYPES CHAPTER 5 AYURVEDA SUMMARY CHAPTER 6 AYURVEDA CHAPTER 7 DETOXIFY CHAPTER 8 HEALTHY FOODS CHAPTER 9 A BEVERAGES CHAPTER 9 B BREAKFAST CHAPTER 9 C SOUPS CHAPTER 9 D SALADS CHAPTER 9 E STARTERS CHAPTER 9 F CONDIMENTS CHAPTER 9 G ENTRÉES It also tells you which vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and oils are good for you. Very exhaustive but very easy to follow. It gives you easy to follow recipes to suit your body type and tells you how to detoxify, eat correctly and remain healthy in an uncomplicated manner.< Less
How to Be Acne-Free The Low Cost Holistic Way By Sharon Jackson-Errico
eBook (PDF): $19.99
The answer to your acne problem is here inside this book chock full of helpful and natural cures. Acne does not only affect teens, but it can also affect adults. How you feel about yourself is what... More > you are projecting to the outside world. Are you confident and comfortable? or do you avoid people and social situations because you are embarrassed by having acne? Knowledge is power and by educating yourself with proper nutrition and stress reduction techniques, you will not only avoid harmful medications, but you will gain a set of healthy tools that will serve you for life.< Less
The Key To It All By Guru Sri Shukla
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What is enlightenment? What is the nature of the soul? Much confusion exists around these subjects, and practicality is all too often obscured by ill-defined, complex theory. When I decided to create... More > this course I wanted to avoid these shortcomings so often found in religious teachings. To this end, impracticality and dogma have been minimized as much as possible. Since the subject of these lessons is the nature of the soul and how to care for it, I first had to be specific about how I am characterizing the soul. In Lesson One I show how throughout the history of religion, the life energy body and the mind have been considered two aspects of the soul. Once this is established, it is a relatively easy process to determine how to care for the soul, since religious teachers have taught for centuries how to care for the life energy body in systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, while advances in modern psychology have great practical application in caring for the mind.< Less
Lose weight, stop smoking By Esther K. van Praag
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Pancha Karma is a cleansing treatment that consists of five cleansing rituals. The purpose of this treatment is to completely cleanse all body and energy channels, resulting in a better functioning... More > metabolism. Internal cleansing often removes the cause of a disease and balances the three bio energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The detoxification normalizes the physical constitution and soothes the three bio energies. It is used along with diet and other healthy living advice< Less
The FOUR JEWELS By Sree Devdeep
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"AYURVEDA" acknowledges three forms of Prana, or life-Energy, as being the cause of good health or sickness in every one of us. These are the three "Doshas", or biological... More > humors,, respectively known as VATA (Air), PITTA (Fire), and KAPHA (Phlegm/Water). Doshas means " That through which health is affected), evoking by these words the eventual turn into malignancy of any of these humors.< Less
The FOUR JEWELS By Sree Devdeep
eBook (PDF): $11.26
"AYURVEDA" acknowledges three forms of Prana, or Life Energy, as being the cause of good health or sickness in every one of us. These are the three doshas, or biological humors,... More > respectively known as VATA (Air), PITTA (Fire), and KAPHA (Phlegm-Water). Doshas means " That through which Health is affected", evoking bz those words the eventual turn of malignancy of anz of these three humors...< Less

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