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KARMA By Bettina Yarbrough
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Karma has a vicious past. Her mother died of a drug overdose when she was just five years old. Left to reside with her Grandmother and Uncle, Karma endures a life of misery full of mental and sexual... More > abuse at the hands of her Uncle Chester. Fed up and at her wits end, she kills them in cold blood. Karma is confronted with her past when a patron at Vixens knows her history all too well and threatens to let the cat out of the bag. Cornered and forced to relive the past that she’s tried so hard to forget, Karma is afraid that in order to break free she may have to commit another murder.< Less
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There is NO KARMA when YU Recognize YU are a Free Being of RealLight with The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLIS. Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides take away Karmic Kurses of Masters and... More > Gurus from those who Sincerely Sing The NU~U NUSound. The Kontrolling Kult Korporations of Politics, Religions and Spiritualized Teachings and Paths have used the idea of Karma as a Kurse for Kontrol. With Presidents, Kings, Queens, Masters and all those who create Titles of Kontrol, they refer to those who pay and support them as... MemberShrimps, Subjects, Chelas, Followers, Servants, Slaves, Captives, Owned! Over the centuries, the Authoritarian Kontrollers of the Earth have Hypnotized and BrainWashed people, lifetime after lifetime into 'Thinking' Karma is a Kurse. Karma only exists in Creation and not in The Real UNUverses of THE ALLIS. All the 'Thinking Silliness' that exists is from people not Seeing who they really are, a 'Free Being of Light!' YU can decide anything YU want.< Less
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THE greatest problem in human life is its sorrow. From some form of trouble not one of us is free. The happiest and most envied of men knows the meaning of bodily pain, of mental unrest, of sadness... More > from disappointment, fear, or loss. How much more, then, those who are continually ill; those who are anxious over tomorrow's bread; those who, perhaps, have not bread enough for today. "We all reap what we sow, and what goes around, comes around". But how can we use Karma as a cure for trouble?< Less
Credit Karma Tax Services 2018: Learning the Essentials By Dale Michelson
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Credit Karma is a free tax software and application which offers credit score reporting and advising. It is a preparation software that simplifies filing and supports all major IRS forms and... More > schedules. Through its scoring system, you get access to your credit scores and reports from multiple sources such as TransUnion, Equifax along with periodical updates, usually weekly. They offer data analysis and even create a credit profile. Credit Karma is an American multinational personal finance company, founded on August 16, 2006, by Kenneth Lin, Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard.< Less
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You create the reality in which you live, but you may live a successful and happy life only if you know how to relate to the karma laws. The purpose of this ebook is to provide you the spiritual... More > levers that improve your karma.Cosequently you will experience the following pleasant synchronicities: •You will receive quick answer to all your prayers. •You will be protected against diseases, ill luck and accidents. •Many people will support your constructive actions. •You will reach all the goals that are really important for you. •You will be really free to do what you want so that you will be able to quit a boring and not very well paid 9 to 5 job. •You will find your true love. •You will become a wealthy and flourishing person. •You will find your spiritual master. •Many doors will open for you and many obstacles will be removed from your path.< Less
This Is PK Mind Over Matter (Free Introduction) By Guru Gita Sudarshanananda
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This eBook reveals inside secrets regarding psychokinesis (PK)/telekinesis and mind over matter power. Guru Gita employs his discovery and expertise in the field of PK, for guiding readers in... More > fostering their own mystical experiences and abilities. The manuscript highlights many correlations between practicing bhakti-yoga and manifestations of PK performance capabilities. Readers are thoroughly instructed in how to trigger, amplify and control their own PK for optimal mind over matter performance.< Less
Reincarnation and Karma: How They Really Work--The Eastern Explanation of Our Past and Future Lives And the Causes for Good or Bad Experiences By Stephen Knapp
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Reincarnation and karma can be confusing topics if you have not learned about them before. Utilizing the original teachings in the ancient Vedic texts of India, author Stephen Knapp helps you... More > discover the positive and negative implications of your current actions on possible future lives. By explaining why particular situations in life occur, such as why bad things happen to good people, Knapp will show you how your destiny is really determined and how to make the necessary improvements for your future. Other subject matter includes: How reincarnation is recognized internationally; Reincarnation in Christianity; How we transmigrate from one body to another; Traveling to heaven or hell; The reason for reincarnation; Free will and choice; and what our next life may be like. In this book, Knapp uses numerous references and quotations to turn an introspective and complicated subject into an easily understood reference guide and explanation for all who wish to determine their own eternal destiny.< Less
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The Spiritual Laws of Creation: The Crucial Knowledge for Humankind By Charles S. Brown
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The perfection of Creation-Law offers us the mechanism of automatic and self-acting immutable Law in which parameters we, through our free-will attribute, bring upon ourselves joy or pain, harmony or... More > hardship. Each one of the six primary Creation-Laws [known in their entirety by “only the few” and therefore not taught in any Church, religion, culture, school, university or scientific discipline anywhere], nonetheless unfailingly fulfils its immutable outworking in our individual lives and our societies. The interlinked outworking of all six Laws drives all of our free-will decisions to their commensurate outcomes, both in our individual lives, and within the global collective. Thus, through their automatic activity and outworking, we – in the final analysis – judge ourselves through The Law.< Less
Light on the path to spiritual perfection - Book II By Ray del Sole
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For the genuine spiritual seeker: Collection of universal spiritual topics, techniques, questions & answers in seven books derived from more than 16 years of spiritual practice. Book II - table... More > of contents: Mysticism and magic / The divine self / Subconsciousness / The alchemy of perfection / The chakra system / The divine mother / God - cosmic fire, cosmic light / About free will / The importance of the magical equili-brium / Bardon´s work / Quabbalah / Meditation techniques / How to change reality / Acceleration of karma / Thought control / Wishing techniques / About humbleness / And much more…< Less

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