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AS Philosophy of Religion (written for the Edexcel specification) By Philip Mallaband
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This edition of Philosophy of Religion has been written for the Edexcel AS specification (6RS01) Foundations: Philosophy of Religion. In this accessible textbook, students are introduced to the key... More > philosophical issues concerning: introduction to God and philosophy; the design argument; the cosmological argument; the problem of evil; miracles.< Less
The Key To It All By Guru Sri Shukla
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What is enlightenment? What is the nature of the soul? Much confusion exists around these subjects, and practicality is all too often obscured by ill-defined, complex theory. When I decided to create... More > this course I wanted to avoid these shortcomings so often found in religious teachings. To this end, impracticality and dogma have been minimized as much as possible. Since the subject of these lessons is the nature of the soul and how to care for it, I first had to be specific about how I am characterizing the soul. In Lesson One I show how throughout the history of religion, the life energy body and the mind have been considered two aspects of the soul. Once this is established, it is a relatively easy process to determine how to care for the soul, since religious teachers have taught for centuries how to care for the life energy body in systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, while advances in modern psychology have great practical application in caring for the mind.< Less
Bridging the Communication Gap: Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance Testing By Gojko Adzic
eBook (ePub): $19.36
Bridging the Communication Gap is a book about improving communication between customers, business analysts, developers and testers on software projects, especially by using specification by example... More > and agile acceptance testing. These two key emerging software development practices can significantly improve the chances of success of a software project. They ensure that all project participants speak the same language, and build a shared and consistent understanding of the domain. This leads to better specifications, flushes out incorrect assumptions and ensures that functional gaps are discovered before the development starts. With these practices in place you can build software that is genuinely fit for purpose.< Less
Master Key System SAM By Don OShall
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This book's focus is on the management and application of a master keying system, not on the development of the system as most master keying books do. Specification deals with factory ordering of... More > systems for shops without a master keying locksmith. Application deals with putting the key cut bitting list to actual usage. Management includes the life cycle of the system.< Less
Latina Ponti Mentor Key By Elisabeth Harvey
Paperback: $12.00
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Latina Ponti is a Text/Workbook for the study of Introductory Latin. "Latina Ponti" literally means “Latin for the/a bridge.” Designed to be ideal for the home schooling family;... More > it has a key for each chapter's "practicum" so that the student can immediately check to see if they have understood the lesson. This is followed by daily exercises they can use for practice during the rest of the week. It is intended to bridge the gap between the simple elementary study of Latin and the high school study of ecclesiastical Latin. This is the version of Latina Ponti published specifically for Aquinas Learning Centers. It has the added bonus of including some Catholic prayers in some of the exercises.< Less
The Lord's Prayer Journey for Children By Mark Keyes
Paperback: $12.00
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The Lord's Prayer Journey for Children offers you and your child a unique opportunity to have an incredible encounter with God, to close specific doors on the enemy, to heal past wounds, to embrace... More > your identity in Christ, to help resolve spiritual conflicts, and to experience lasting peace and freedom in your lives. Start your journey today and begin living a truly epic life.< Less
Keys to the Kingdom of Truth By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $12.77
This is not a book for 'the Many', but one for a few of 'the Few' who will lead most of 'the Many' into the 'Kingdom of Truth'. This, to put it mildly, is one of the crowning achievements of John... More > O'Loughlin's philosophical oeuvre, of his quest for philosophical perfection through the pursuance and comprehension of Truth, whether interpreted specifically in relation to Metaphysics or more generally in relation to each of the atomic and pseudo-atomic options, and one can only add that if there was ever a book more comprehensively exacting and logically and stylistically consistent within terminological frameworks that are often unique, then it would have to be this one. For books like this are the end-product of decades of intellectual progress which, by dint of their highly complex nature, can only appeal, as noted above, to a small minority of people, albeit to those who value Truth (in whatever sense) above all else.< Less
Fortran Programming success in a day By Sam Key
Hardcover: $32.74
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FORTRAN Programming success in a day:Beginners guide to fast, easy and efficient learning of FORTRAN programming What is Fortran? How can you become proficient in Fortran Programming? The perfect... More > starter book for anyone trying to learn this specific type of programming! Want to learn quick data types? Need examples on data types How about variables? Or needing to know how to manipulate variables with Fortran Programming? Every type of Intrinsic Functions in Fortran right here! Finally lets dive into Conditional statements and put in terms you or anyone with no background in programming can understand!< Less
Fluids - Key Terms - Simple + Easy! By Ron Cherchuk
eBook (ePub): $7.38
This eBook series will benefit the reader in the following ways: 1) easy to understand, 2) simple to read, 3) short and to the point, 4) more comprehensive than many course texts, 5) much cheaper... More > than hiring a tutor, 6) low cost and easy to obtain and read, 7) ability to use to study for a test based on what students have said was important and 8) material is often illustrated in ways easy understood for a student and based on what students find difficult in classes in this subject. Tell your friends about this eBook series, so that they can become proficient in the topics presented for university, or college courses, or while on the job. This eBook deals with the Key terms used in Fluid Mechanics such as Density, Specific Weight, Specific Gravity, Pressure ( atmospheric, guage and absolute pressure) , and Force. This eBook will help give you the basic concepts to understand the problems solved in other modules of this series. Give it a try!< Less
77 Key Tips for Public Speaking By Veronica Broomes
eBook (PDF): $15.62
A handy guide for people who are new to making business presentations all the way through to more experienced speakers. You’ll find tips to help you through the whole presentation process... More > – planning, preparing (through research and practise) and delivering. You can read it cover to cover or dip into the section you need for specific parts of your presentation. Filled with practical and valuable information whether your presentation is 60 seconds or 60 minutes. Whether you are an experienced speaker or brand new to making business presentations you’ll find something that will take your presentation up several notches. You’ll deliver succinct, engaging and exceptional presentations -every time.< Less

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