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Schlock Bi-Monthly - Issue 6 By Horrified Press
Paperback: $5.98
Prints in 3-5 business days
Schlock Magazine: issue 6 is here, with more strips from Ken & Kevin L. Jones, with tales from Gregory KH Bryant, Ian Fletcher, Joseph Farley, and is brought to you by the amazing Gavin Chappell... More > of Schlock Webzine and Horrified Press.< Less
Schlock Bi-Monthly - Issue 2 By Horrified Press
Paperback: $7.23
Prints in 3-5 business days
We have another installment of Gregory KH Bryant’s The Caves of Mars; another Uncle Tickle strip; Jason Osmond’s horror tale John Brown; an oriental fantasy from Damir Salkovic; and a... More > sword and soul novella, The House of Skulls.< Less
Schlock Quarterly: Volume 3, Issue 7 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $8.62
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this winter edition of Schlock Quarterly we have a collection of the best stories to feature online in Schlock! Webzine. Beginning on Mars, where Gregory KH Bryant’s long-running sword and... More > planet saga reaches dramatic new heights with battle on the ochre plains.< Less
ANHAFNAH AND ANHAYYA’H. Lecture 111, Dirasaat 1969 By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $4.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Published by Times Square Press, New York. ANHAFNAH is the secret esoteric name and symbol of a type of mushroom used in a magical diet. The mushroom was a very important symbol in the early... More > Ana’kh manuscripts given to the Phoenicians and later on to King Solomon. Ancient Sumerian, Persians and Phoenicians myths tell us how patriarchs used an extraction from mushroom and mixed it with an Anunnaki female DNA to create a secret race of creatures capable of building huge edifices and temples. Legend has it that the Knights Templar learned this secret while digging in the basements and underground tunnels of the temple of King Solomon. An-Hayya’h could be the most important word in the whole literature of the Anunnaki and Ana’kh. Before leaving us, the Anunnaki activated in our cells the infinitesimally invisible multi-microscopic gene of An-Hayya’h. It was implanted in our organism and became a vital composition of our DNA.< Less
Schlock Bi-Monthly: Vol 2, Issue 6 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $9.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
Peter Law regales us with the horrors of The Care Home, while Ian Fletcher shares with us the grisly fate of a Russian nobleman. All is not well up in Pennsylvania in Paul Lubaczewski’s Highway... More > of the Depths, while two London street urchins find horror in The Crypt in Joseph Rubas’ Victorian horror. A vampire starves in the midst of an undead apocalypse, and Grae-don hears Azora’s story in Part Fifteen of Gregory KH Bryant’s sword and planet epic, The Caves of Mars... —Gavin Chappell< Less
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Presentiment call on tsunami of Aceh 2. Sign bombing ambassador Australia 3. Tell fortunes general chief of PBNU 4. Reading future politic someone of district head 5. Read mind... More > SEKJEN of nu 6. Know position Habib Luthfi from Pekalongan 7. Become key success amount 8. Dig first 9. Chop Of Genealogi from KH. Subhan Makmun Brebes< Less
SANACS Journal 2012-2013 By Young Lee Hertig, editor & Russell Yee, editor
eBook (PDF): $9.00
This issue features articles from Asian American Equipping Symposia II & III. Article contributions by: Esther Chung Kim, Amos Yong, Charlene Jin Lee, Richard Mouw, Miyoung Yoon Hammer, Andrew... More > Sung Park, Annie Tsai, Jeney Park-Hearn, Andrew Lee, and Henry Kuo. Book reviews by: Justin K.H. Tse, Paul Junggap Huh, and Amos Yong.< Less
Rider of the Black Horse II: Monsters By Viktor Zólyomi
Paperback: $16.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
Part II of the Rider of the Black Horse pentalogy, Monsters continues the story of Emptiness. Jason Vogan has returned to the world of Kh'Tal in the company of Flora E'Lyn. While he plots a new plan... More > to take retribution for the horrors he had lived through and for the lives he had taken, a terrible fate befalls Flora in Kh'Tal, changing her life forever. Meanwhile in Re'Cas, Councilor Worriil prepares to initiate his plans of conquest in Ess'yer, and only Councilor Jenathar stands in his way. As Jason and the vastly changed Flora travel to Re'Cas, the threat of a large scale confrontation begins to build up which threatens to bring about a dark age for the world of Arghard. We are a little over a year away from Twilightfall. (Note: This is a dark tale in a twisted land where heroes in the classical meaning of the word do not exist. At times bordering on horror the story contains scenes of extreme violence and foul language; not recommended for the faint of heart.)< Less
Schlock Bi-Monthly: Vol 2, Issue 4 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $10.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to the Christmas 2015 edition of Schlock! Bi-Monthly. In this issue we have an account of angst and extended life from Ian Fletcher, followed by an essay about Poe by Sandro D... More > Fossemò. Paul Roche regales us with the shuddersome, uncomfortable story of The Itch, while Michelle Podsiedlik has an equally disturbing tale of suburban normality in Mirror Image. Benjamin Welton tells us of terrorism and demons in Loose Grave. And Gregory KH Bryant takes us offworld in part thirteen of The Caves of Mars, where Grae-don encounters the empress of that world. Merry Christmas, everyone! —Gavin Chappell< Less
Schlock Bi-Monthly: Volume 2, Issue 2 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $10.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
A HAUNTING on the hill leads to the disintegration of a local teacher’s personality in Abingdon’s Calling by MS Swift. Another voice from beyond the grave can be heard in social media in... More > Gary Murphy’s The Online Dead. The narrator of our next story is also haunted, this time by The Woman on the Sidewalk, in a story by Gregory KH Bryant, whose serial The Caves of Mars reached Part Eleven elsewhere in this issue. Moving on from ghosts to the occult, we are cordially invited to a Wizard Con in Walter G Esselman’s comic fantasy tale, and also we encounter Merita King’s Witch of Pleasford Dale. —Gavin Chappell< Less

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