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A Tribute to Sachin Tendulkar - The Living Legend By Rajib Mukhopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $2.00
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The book explores why Sachin is Sachin...not as a run machine only... but also as a man of spotless character..a true hero...a true role model and a true son of India... From a kid to an... More > octogenarian - everyone knows that he is a prolific cricketer, arguably the best ever so far. However, this book will provide you with real life stories involving Sachin which you might not have heard. You will come to know what Barrack Obama thinks about him; you will come to know what Sachin himself thinks about Cricket and so on. This book will take very less of your much precious time, yet let you feel content for your money spent. Actually, this book will portray a different picture of Sachin in your mind quickly, which is priceless. You will feel the pride as well to be a fan of Sachin....Not only as an Indian, but as an individual also - be it of any nationality. Sachin our Sachin ....this is a tribute to you..< Less
The Legend of Shangy and Panda By Michael Tumminio
Hardcover: $24.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
NICE TRY! You're doing a book report, but you haven't read the book and now you're trying to read the description to compose some sloppy, C- mess, aren't you? For shame. Well, I won't help in... More > this endeavor at all. Really, all I'm going to say is that the novel you hold in your hands is about a dinosaur, a panda bear, and a dog. They're trying to stop some monster or something from, like, destroying everything. There are mummies, wrestlers, heavy metal sheep, and elephants trying to win a cooking contest. There may or may not be gnomes. I mean, would it kill you to actually read the book for a change? The print is large and there are a bunch of pictures. There's romance, there's action, there's humor. You should probably read it now before they make the movie so that you can say you read Shangy and Panda before it was cool and popular. I hope it's in 3D. Do kids still do book reports anymore? For shame.< Less
Huckleberry Happy and the Small Acts of Kindness By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Huckleberry Happy is cruising down the creek in his houseboat, on his way to get some supplies from Pappy Happy’s Swinging Door General Store. Hargrave Hen has had 11 baby chicks and they need... More > a playpen and some chick feed. On the way, he sees Hetty Horse who has lost the paddle to her raft. He stops to help. So begins this Huckleberry Happy book about caring and sharing. This is one of our books, written to help young readers think about how others feel about what we do. Do our actions bring a smile or a frown? As the story goes on Hetty Horse helps someone, who helps someone else, etc. Little readers will not only get practice in identifying feelings, but will love the colorful pictures and the activities in the back. We have been creating Huckleberry Happy Books® since 1996. Come join other children around the world as they use our Phonics Series to reinforce their reading skills. Find them on this and other internet sites. We are creating a Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere.< Less
CALL A PANDA By Wendell Ing
Paperback: List Price: $18.99 $14.24 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
When you need a hand, CALL A PANDA. This is a rhyming children's picture book with a song, featuring a female Panda who helps kids in need. Whether they've been stung by a bee, need to bake a cake,... More > see a shark in the ocean or are scared of a monster in their closet. Colorful lighthearted illustrations are by Bunny, drawn with crayons and marker. There is also an accompanying song which tracks the words of the book. The song is not included in the book, but is available to download online. Sample text -- "What can you do when you're stung by a bee? Or your cat is stuck in a tree?" "Don't call a squirrel, don't phone a turtle, don't text a bumblebee, Call A Panda" Theres is also an educational and interactive part at the end, following the story. One page gives Fifteen Facts About Pandas. This is followed by three pages encouraging self-expression. Here, the reader is encouraged to draw or write something back to the Panda.< Less
Naga Kecil Peliharaanku By Scott Gordon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Sebuah buku cerita bergambar menyenangkan untuk anak-anak usia 3-6. Lihatlah apa yang terjadi pada seorang anak kecil ketika ia mendapatkan hadiah natal berupa seekor Naga Peliharaan! E-book ini... More > tidak memiliki perlindungan DRM. A fun picture book for children 3-6. Find out what happens when a young child gets a pet dragon for Christmas! This e-book is DRM free.< Less
Sebuah Buku Kecil Tentang Mu By Scott Gordon
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Buku yang penuh kerendahan hati ini memiliki banyak pesan-pesan mulia untuk anak-anak, yang dapat menyemangati mereka untuk menjadi diri sendiri. Sediakanlah sedikit waktu untuk membacakannya kepada... More > anak anda sebelum mereka tidur. E-book ini tidak memiliki perlindungan DRM. This humble book features a number of outstanding messages for children, encouraging them to be themselves. Take a few moments before going to bed and read this to your child. This e-book is DRM free.< Less
Dua Cerita Pengantar Tidur Untuk By Scott Gordon
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Koleksi ini meliputi buku-buku berikut dua anak-anak: Naga Kecil Peliharaanku Sebuah buku cerita bergambar menyenangkan untuk anak-anak usia 3-6. Lihatlah apa yang terjadi pada seorang anak kecil... More > ketika ia mendapatkan hadiah natal berupa seekor Naga Peliharaan! Kodok Gila Peliharaanku Ini adalah suatu cerita penuntun tidur yang sempurna! Lithatlah apa yang terjadi pada si kodok gila tersebut ketika ia berlari menuju ke salah satu orang yang ia cintai.< Less
Lacy Ladybug and Mole - A Level One Phonics Reader By Chris Morningforest & Rebecca Raymond
eBook (ePub): $1.99
You might remember Little Lacy Ladybug. This is her third book. You can follow her adventures in Little Lacy Ladybug and Lacy Ladybug’s Leafy Preschool. In this Level One Phonics Reader, she... More > and Melville Mole go to the cove and have a wonderful time. Coleman Caterpillar comes along with his Snack Wagon and the friends have a delicious lunch of veggie burgers, cocoa, and ice cream. This story emphasizes long vowel sounds. The words are simple, the pictures endearing. Young readers enjoy learning their letter sounds and some new words as well. There are activity pages at the end. The Look, Listen and Think page has questions which help children think about the story they just read. Come join other young readers around the world as they use our Phonics Series to reinforce their reading skills. Find them on this site and keep coming back. We are prolific writers and are continuously creating new books for young readers... A Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere.< Less
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Pressed Flower Art & Craft Basic Techniques and Projects By Shelley Xie
Paperback: List Price: $33.50 $28.48 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pressed flower art is an emerging, close to nature art form and loved by people of all ages due to its accessibility. It is especially a life enrichment activity for elderly, as well as a creativity... More > and observation fostering activity for kids. Pressed flower is such a versatile art media that both professional artists and art/craft hobbyists would find it easy to learn and to work with. This book includes Shelley's award winning pressed flower art techniques as well as basic techniques/processes, tools, materials, “how to” tips, step by step pictorial project illustrations, close-up details, error-proof/easy to follow methods. It only takes willingness to create pressed flower art /craft and no formal art school trainings/experience are necessary. This book contains many pressed flower craft/art projects, which range from pressed flower bookmark, greeting card, jewelry, gift box/picture frame decoration, candles, pressed flower owl, butterfly, tree branches, …etc… design templates are provided.< Less

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