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Kidnapping Cameron By Mike Scantlebury
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Amelia Hartliss is having a pretty bad day, dropping in at Salford University to help a friend and finding herself in the middle of a visit by the Prime Minister of Britain. After all, she's... More > complaining: Why wasn't I told? As a foremost operative in the country's most important Security unit, she should have been assigned to protect the man, from dangers, such as attacks and attempted kidnaps. It can't be a coincidence then, that that's exactly what happens, and Melia is the only agent on the inside when it does, while all the other possible helpers are locked out. She tries to keep a low profile, but can't prevent herself being dragged in, putting her body between the leader of the country and those that mean him harm. Perhaps they can come to some accommodation, after all, the PM is willing to listen, but there is a weakness that plagues him - his brother. If Melia can only prevail on him and her Unit bosses to stop escalating the situation, maybe she can cope with the baddies and ensure nobody gets killed.< Less
The Kidnap in the Night By Barnaby Fitzpatrick
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This is the story of a group of boys taking on the most powerful villain in the world
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The Kidnapped Moon By Mr 4GX
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The Kidnapped Moon tells they story of a fox named Faer and his best friend whom he fears has been kidnapped. Along his search he meets several others who join him on his search. In the end new... More > friendships are made old ones are restored.< Less
Kidnapped in Kathmandu By Esther Lum
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A compelling story of hope set against the backdrop of present-day human trafficking and international sex trade, Kidnapped in Kathmandu weaves threads of danger and intrigue with universal themes of... More > lost innocence, loyalty and courage to form a colorful tapestry of vivid and mesmerizing scenes set in exotic lands. This novella is narrated by Devi, an orphaned Nepali girl who travels to Kathmandu to work in a carpet factory where she makes new friends. After a few months they take a day off to celebrate the popular Daishan festival in the city, but their holiday comes to a sudden end when she and her best friend are kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Mumbai's largest red light district. There, in a world where the worth of young girls is measured only by the thousands of rupees they will earn, Devi and her friend summon strength to survive and determine to escape.< Less
The Royal Kidnapping By J. Jack Bergeron
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MY SON HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED ! Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family are now in crisis mode. In 1950, Queen Elizabeth the second gives birth to a baby boy named Prince Reginald. Four years later,... More > the young Prince is kidnapped and despite enormous efforts to locate him, disappears for decades. When all hope of ever finding him has come to a complete end, the grown up Prince is discovered in one of the major historical tragedies beginning in the 21st century. Now what? How does this event affect this newly discovered family member, and what is his reaction to being a person of royal heritage? How does the Royal Family react to their son's association with unsavory people from the state of New York as well as the province of Quebec? Each side must come to grips with their unique cultural differences, but what could that ultimately result in?< Less
Kidnapped at the Altar By Laura Jean Libbey
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SOME YOUNG GIRLS FIND LOVE SO SWEET; TO OTHERS IT PROVES A CURSE. The steamer "St. Lawrence" was making her nightly search-light excursion down the bay, laden to her utmost capacity. The... More > passengers were all summer tourists, light of heart and gay of speech; all save one, Hubert Varrick, a young and handsome man, dressed in the height of fashion, who held aloof from the rest, and who stood leaning carelessly against the taffrail. As the light swept across land and water from point to point, Varrick lightly laughed aloud at the ludicrous incidents, such as the sudden flashing of the light's piercing rays on some lover's nook, where two souls indulging in but one thought were ruthlessly awakened from sweet seclusion to the most glaring publicity, and at many a novel sight, little dreaming that at every turn of the ponderous wheels he was nearing his destiny.< Less
Kidnapped by Malaria By Charlotte D. Swim
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This book is about two tiger sisters named Calliope and Calypso who are living in a dangerous time as animals and their family and friends are getting animal napped. A villain has risen again and... More > they want to find out where all the animal napped animals have been taken. But what will they do when they get animal napped?< Less
The Kidnaping marshmallow By audrey butters
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two young marshmallows where playing in the park and them sammy the kidnapper took them and put them in his dungen cheif marshmallow holds the magic wand in his house and sammy wants it so he can get... More > revange on the humans that turned him into a marshmallow so he took the girls so cheif marshmallow would have to give him the wand do the girls escaper or do they not.< Less
Mental Kidnapping By Steven Treadwell
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This book asks the questions that help readers determine if they have demonic influences that affect their daily lives.

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