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Her Lovers Revenge By Samantha Wilson
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This book is a hard to put down book. I have had many people read it and they could NOT put it down until it was done. There is something for everyone in Her Lovers revenge from killing to torture to... More > baby being born and even a rescue. So don't miss out hear what happens to Peter and Rachel in this mind blowing book!< Less
Twisted Fascination By G. Lusby
Paperback: $5.05
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Jake Scott purchased a small bungalow directly across from the local middle and high schools, a house that was hard for realtors to sell because of its location and traffic. For Jake it was perfect... More > because he could now get acquainted with his girls as they strolled past his house going to and from school each day. Jake loved to watch them as they talked with their friends never knowing he was watching their every move from the confines of his home. He loved to see what they were wearing, how they wore each piece of clothing, how they wore their hair, and every other little tidbit about them that he could learn. The question became, could he just look at them without harming them or would his fascination with them lead him further. The story takes us on Jake’s unusual journey and his affect on each girl he abducted.< Less
Over the River: A Short Story By Jasmine Bell
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Juniper was always told to never cross the river. She's about to find out why. Will the secret hidden from her break her previously happy life?
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Journey into Fear By Robert Richardson
Paperback: $15.55
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Travelling from the UK to enjoy the sunshine and pleasures of Mexico while on a business trip turns out to be an unexpected nightmare for one naive young lady who jouneys into hell
In Memory By Kylie Cobb
Paperback: $10.99
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This is a heart warming story about a teenage boy whos sister gets kidnapped and he will do everything in his power to find her but will his efforts be enough?
The Tower By Tom Mann Oryan
eBook (ePub): $1.00
(1 Ratings)
Mark is a sixteen year old high-school dropout who lives on his own. Imagine his surprise when, one night, he is knocked out by a mystery assailant only to find that he'd been kidnapped and brought... More > to an abandoned tower. Meeting up with four other victims with similar stories to tell, Mark tries to escape the building before any more harm comes to him or the others.< Less
Forbidden Love By Jan Carol
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Penny finds herself falling in love with the gentle man who has kidnaped her.
PLAY OFF By Meritxell Jimeno
Paperback: $13.18
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Play Off is settled in Cazenovia, a small town next to Syracuse. One night, when Andrea, Zoe and Samantha, three senior students from High School come back to their houses, they get kidnapped by a... More > mysterious man. The novel is about how the three girls live the kidnapping and its consequences, and how two famous detectives take the case and try to solve it.< Less
Scriptures of Astryn: Book One: In Vallalle's Name By William O. Bentley
eBook (ePub): $3.86
Vatis, the Prince of Actaris, a country in the grip of a rebellion, has been kidnapped. Pinned to the Palace door is an ominous message, claiming that the elusive Bandit Lord Kyord has taken the... More > Prince. The Bandit is seeking payment of a sizeable ransom in return of the secure release of the Prince. The Prince's desperate father, King Yakunys, gathers together a group of the most promising recruits from the King's Guards. They are tasked with taking the ransom to Kyord's territory, and his hidden fortress, and bringing the Prince back safely. Now, they just have to avoid the patrols of Yordin, the leader of the rebellion tearing the kingdom apart, and the dangers of the backroads. In Sahasra, the capitol of Actaris, a promising Initiate in the King's Guard is stabbed by an exotic knife, and Yunmyr Shaymuun, a trainer in the King's Guard, is charged with investigating. But his investigation uncovers a conspiracy, which is, possibly, a prelude to an invasion.< Less

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