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DRESSED TO KILL By James Loriega
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When traveling without weapons that may be illegal, incriminating or disclose one's true identity and motivations, one must habitually carry non-weapons on their person—that is, defensive tools... More > capable of thwarting or negating a life-threatening assault in a definitive manner. This volume of the Intelligence Tradecraft Series addresses how an intelligence operative's attire can be used in combative engagement scenarios where no weapons are available—as is typically the case when one is in a foreign land. The skillful use of incidental weapons is not exclusive to spies, nor is it the only means of protection that available to them. It is, however, a unique facet of covert work that requires training, and one that can ensure an operative's well-being and survival—as long as he is dressed to kill.< Less
Hard Kill By Charlie Flowers
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London. The city is reeling from a series of deadly attacks by a new radical terrorist group. One man is on the front-line. Rizwan Sabir. A former al-Qaeda operative, he was lifted by... More > Counter-Terrorism Command - and now battles his old comrades. Terror has a new enemy - and he's taking no prisoners. Working above the law and below government radars, Riz must lead a dangerous double life with the help of Holly "Bang-Bang" Kirpachi, a Burlesque dancer and internet hacker with a talent for breaking codes - and bones. With time running out, Riz must put his life on the line to identify the terrorists. And silence them forever - before he is silenced himself. "Absolutely rocks. Every line reeks with the raw authenticity of a writer who knows first-hand what the hell he's talking about." - Tom Cain, bestselling author of the Sam Carver thrillers. Hard Kill was originally published as 'Riz'.< Less
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Killing Myself By Randy Wilson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This is the true story of the death of Randall Scott Crossette (1950 - 2006) told by his closest friend Randy Wilson who was present when his life ended. This book will help anyone who is dealing... More > with a friend or family member who is suffering from depression and might be at risk for taking their own life. Don't wait until it's too late. Get the information you need before the day comes that you loose that child, friend, spouse etc.< Less
Killings in Vermont By Dillon Notte
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Two detectives, Dillon and Jordan, are tring to figure out why Samantha Mills was murdered. When they are solving a mystery someone else gets murdered.
Addressed to Kill By Madeleine Pursey
eBook (ePub): $4.74
Computer boffins call it artificial intelligence; Millie Defoe called it 'Dad'. When stock market analyst Dougal Defoe is ‘kidnapped’ via his computer the Police didn't want to know... More > because the real Dougal Defoe had already died from natural causes some weeks earlier. If the police couldn't help who could? Enter one ‘off-the-wall’ computer genius Benny Vaults and his long suffering business partner Gerry Mettle; add the beautiful Millie Defoe, still grieving for her father and finally add Peavis Van Beamon, a sadistic commercial megalomaniac and stealer of Millie's dad's alter ego computer personality. Benny's latest delusion is being a private detective and, despite Gerry's initial reluctance, he is convinced by Benny to take on their first case. Millie's father was a stock market consultant with an interest in computerised 'expert systems'; the distillation of knowledge from human experts into a computerised form, but Doug Defoe had added an extra dimension to his computerised alter ego, 'Chaos theory'.< Less
Tulsa Killings By Pattimari & Peter Cacciolfi
Paperback: $10.00
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This book is about a serial killer on the loose, but other attacks take place. Hard work and devotion are important elements to bring this tragic story to a satisfactory conclusion. Detective Boss... More > and the Jonus Legal Firm are a team that work together to bring this serial killer to his knees.< Less
Kill the Witness By Joe McCormick
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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The crime boss had a chilling look in his eye as he spoke. “There had better not be any slip-ups this time, he said. Make sure it’s a clean job, not a vestige of evidence left. I... More > don’t care if you use quicklime or a wood chipper…leave nothing that can be traced back to us!” With these orders a manhunt was set in motion that led from the bayous of the Gulf Coast to the river bottoms of West Tennessee. With no clue of why they are being hunted by the Southern Mafia, software developer James Lyman and his wife Jane survive by using their knowledge of wilderness terrain to hold off their pursuers until answers can be found. This is a story of ordinary people finding extraordinary faith and strength in a time of crisis to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties.< Less
To Kill a Rose By Kelly Roe
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Tommy was born into a world of secrecy and seclusion. His villainous father long dead and his mother a drug addicted prostitute that kept his existence unknown from the outside world seemed normal to... More > him. Until his mother hires Kira, A sweet loving teenager that shows him a kindness he has never known. Tommy has never been happier until his mother’s jealously causes fatal tragedy to strike and bring his small world crashing down.< Less
The Killing Of a Lawyer.... By marco a cardenas
Paperback: $6.78
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