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When Your Health Matters By Dr. Richard A. Huntoon
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Would you like to get your health back? Do you have a health concern? Have you just finished being frightened because of a health challenge that has gotten your undivided attention? Perhaps you... More > would simply like to learn what it takes to restore and maintain balance within your body from a health perspective. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you found your way to this book and I promise to give you practical information you can apply into your life for a full 12 months to reestablish the kind of health you have always wanted. And when you have used the principles given in this book and made it through a full 12 month cycle, you can then repeat the process over the following year to increase your results and continue improving your health. You deserve optimum health. It is time to make that change for yourself. Do you feel you are worth it?< Less
Writing the Kind of Book People Want to Read By Francis Leye
Hardcover: $24.64
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This book is an in-depth study that presents stepwise approach backed with practical methods to the art and act of writing. It does not matter whether you consider writing a career, hobby, part time,... More > or means to an end. You will find the; Power needed to push your passion; Start a successful writing career; Strategies needed to develop the skill from start to finish; Understanding to start any writing project and finish it successfully; Guts to undertake any form of writing; Understanding and use the ingredients of a good book, and lots more.< Less
It Doesn’t Matter How Small By Kim MacDonald
Paperback: $34.99
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What happens when someone small keeps a promise? Here’s a chance for children to learn that SMALL can help in a big way by being clever, using teamwork, showing kindness, and in the end... More > creating special friendships. It Doesn’t Matter How Small is a collection of twenty-two fables written by a teacher with the help of her students.< Less
It Doesn’t Matter How Small By Kim MacDonald
eBook (ePub): $8.99
What happens when someone small keeps a promise? Here’s a chance for children to learn that SMALL can help in a big way by being clever, using teamwork, showing kindness, and in the end... More > creating special friendships. It Doesn’t Matter How Small is a collection of twenty-two fables written by a teacher with the help of her students.< Less
How to hire a family attorney for family legal matters By Morphie Anglo
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We are expert in legal counsel and representation for cases involving divorce, child custody, spousal support, adoption, domestic violence and more. If you are facing these kind of issues you can... More > approach us anytime.< Less
The 99 Strongest Banks In America and Why It Matters By John Truman Wolfe
eBook (ePub): $14.95
Banking—in the U.S. and globally—has devolved into a colossal Vegas-like casino and bankers have become the ultimate “whale” gamblers. The global banking system today has an... More > estimated $1.2 quadrillion dollars in a kind of monetary heroin called derivatives.* The figure is mind-numbing, but just to give you a sense of the size of this madness, here it is with the appropriate number of zeroes (15): $1,200,000,000,000,000. Or, it may be more entertaining if you think of it this way: If you had a job that paid you $1,000 per second, it would take more than 31 years for you to earn $1 trillion. A quadrillion is 1,000 trillion. It’s a big number. And I repeat, there are now $1.2 quadrillion dollars in derivatives held by financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad.< Less
Why critical pedagogy and popular education matter today By Joyce Canaan
Paperback: $7.69
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Few today doubt that English Higher Education (HE), like the wider world in which it is located, is in crisis. This is, in part, an economic crisis, as the government response to the current... More > recession seems to be that of introducing the kind of neoliberal ‘shock doctrine’ (Klein 2007) or ‘shock therapy’ (Harvey 2005) that previously resulted in swingeing cuts in public services in Southern nations. Our aim in producing this volume is that these contributions help develop a collective response to the seeming limits of these conditions. We view the strength of these contributions in part as providing palpable evidence of how we and our colleagues are acting with critical hope under current conditions so that we might encourage others to work with us to build, together, more progressive formal and informal education systems that address and seek to redress multiple injustices of the world today.< Less
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook Book 43. Love Is a Muscle: Exercise It With Kindness & Gentleness By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Love is great if you can find it with one person and stick with them for life. Some people do. There are pictures on the local news every night about couples married 50 years or longer. There will... More > always be lean times in amongst the great times. It’s like a circle. I wrote so much about it because I kept getting ideas and reinterpreting what I read and saw in the media so one book on just love itself became three. Somewhere along the way, you have to stop, think about your relationship and focus on being kind, loving and doing nice things for your lover, over and over again. A first date should be diplomatic. Don't talk about sex. A guy who doesn't introduce you to his friends could either not have any which is quite common among men or he's got another life like he's married. After you fall in love, don't ignore friends and relatives. All successful people, no matter how phony they are, got that way by telling people what they want to hear. It's easier that way in relationships too.< Less
The “People Power” Music & Dance Superbook Book 1. I Love Music, Any Kind of Music (Music Knowledge-Resources, Internet Music) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
My music appreciation is primal. It's about what the music makes me feel when I hear it for the first time and succeeding times after that. Does it instill any powerful feelings within me or is it... More > just more of that generic pablum that's going across the mainstream airwaves all the time as a matter of marketing course? Does it have some melody or purity of sound to it? Does it take me away to some transcendent place? Does it move my emotions? Does it have great lyrics? Was there a lot of secondary mixing in the background to make it a truly extraordinary, sophisticated masterpiece? Music to me either stands on its own or doesn't. I don't particularly care who the artist is. Just because it's put out by a so-called pop star doesn't mean that it's good music. All the technology in the world can't give music soul or passion. I'm critical of a music industry that chooses to manufacture a few, fake cool people as the pop stars of the moment as opposed to selling music< Less
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The COSMOS YOGA searches for ORDERLINESS as NATURE PROVIDES LINKS and COSMOS DATA provides SIGNATURES.This covers three regions below COSMIC POT that forms the comprehension of the UNIVERSE. The... More > available data is grouped and series -I forms the first Tier of the Universe extending to regions of ~10^3 LY. Concentration, Meditation Dedication help with a PURPOSE: The base must extend or open up the KNOWLEDGE ROUTE to COSMOS to identify the HEART OF THE UNIVERSE in stages.Lead Kindly Light over Dark modes.An essential link to Dynamic function of Universe Sristi, Stithi, Laya–(Creation,Stability and Dissolution) beyond Milky Way Galaxy explained with projections. SEARCH ROUTES:ORIGINS BEYOND CHAOS,beyond DARK Matter,beyond BLACK_HOLE Psychology and Search beyond Mind-set modes.Questions Dark energy, dark matter.Subject aligns to Divine Mother Nature and Cosmic Divine functional Index-as self-evident to Triggered Consciousness< Less

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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