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A Commentary of I & II Kings By Richard Norman
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The books of Kings tell the decline and fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. They are taken away from their land into captivity in foreign countries. But God saves them and makes some... More > extraordinary change in the people.< Less
The Fallen King Chronicles By Richard Fierce
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This bundle includes all four novels in the Fallen King Chronicles, a series about gods at war, epic battles, and redemption.
Shakespeare's History Plays: Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Henry VIII, King John, Richard II, Richard III By William Shakespeare
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In the First Folio, the plays of William Shakespeare were grouped into three categories: comedies, histories, and tragedies. This categorisation has become established, although some critics have... More > argued for other categories such as romances and problem plays. The histories were those plays based on the lives of English kings. Therefore they can be more accurately called the "English history plays," a less common designation. Macbeth, which is based on a Scottish king, was classed as a tragedy, not a history, as were the plays that depict older historical figures such as Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra and the legendary King Lear. These latter plays, however, are often included in modern studies of Shakespeare's treatment of history. The source for most of the English history plays, as well as for Macbeth and King Lear, is the well known Raphael Holinshed's Chronicle of English history.< Less
The Difference Between Macbeth and Richard the Third By George F. Held
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This essay forms Chapter 5 of my ebook: A Christian Pattern In Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello, available at Lulu. It argues that Macbeth and Richard III are... More > less similar than many think. An ambitious person is someone for whom the possession of the ancillary ends of prestige, authority, power and/or fame leads directly to the obtainment of the final end, happiness; for him the possession of these ancillary ends therefore is a means to the final end, happiness, not a means to another ancillary end. Richard and Macbeth are not ambitious in this sense of the term. Both want to be king and act upon this desire. Both are like an ambitious person in that both desire and seek power, but neither qualifies as ambitious because neither is so constituted as to find happiness in the possession of power and each fails to satisfy one other criterion stipulated by the above definition.< Less
Makers of History: Richard II (Illustrated) By Jacob Abbott
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King Richard the Second lived in the days when the chivalry of feudal times was in all its glory. His father, the Black Prince; his uncles, the sons of Edward the Third, and his ancestors in a long... More > line, extending back to the days of Richard the First, were among the most illustrious knights of Europe in those days, and their history abounds in the wonderful exploits, the narrow escapes, and the romantic adventures, for which the knights errant of the Middle Ages were so renowned. This volume takes up the story of English history at the death of Richard the First, and continues it to the time of the deposition and death of Richard the Second, with a view of presenting as complete a picture as is possible, within such limits, of the ideas and principles, the manners and customs, and the extraordinary military undertakings and exploits of that wonderful age.< Less
Makers of History: Richard III (Illustrated) By Jacob Abbott
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King Richard the Third, known commonly in history as Richard the Usurper, was perhaps as bad a man as the principle of hereditary sovereignty ever raised to the throne, or perhaps it should rather be... More > said, as the principle of hereditary sovereignty ever made. There is no evidence that his natural disposition was marked with any peculiar depravity. He was made reckless, unscrupulous, and cruel by the influences which surrounded him, and the circumstances in which he lived, and by being habituated to believe, from his earliest childhood, that the family to which he belonged were born to live in luxury and splendor, and to reign, while the millions that formed the great mass of the community were created only to toil and to obey. The manner in which the principles of pride, ambition, and desperate love of power, which were instilled into his mind in his earliest years, brought forth in the end their legitimate fruits, is clearly seen by the following narrative.< Less
The Cobra: The King of Detectives By Richard B. Sale
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A slithering collection of Richard B. Sale's reptile-related pulp stories, several of which are reprinted here for the first time. This selection includes all three appearances of The Cobra, Sale's... More > early pulp hero. Includes articles by Sale for writers' magazines of the day as well. With an intro by Will Murray, author of Python Island.< Less
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In this Bible they use the Tetragrammaton for God's Name. They use the Tetragrammaton from the years 300 AD till today. They use it in many places, more then most Bibles use God's Name.
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This Bible uses the Tetragrammaton for God's Name. It use God's Name many places in that Bible. It is a special Bible.
World Chronicle with the Descent of the Kings of England from Adam and Eve to Richard III - Manuscript was made at London, England about 1500. By Richard Estes
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Book #959: World Chronicle with the Descent of the Kings of England from Adam and Eve to Richard III. Manuscript was made at London, England about 1500. Irish College at Paris, France. It has 112... More > leaves. It is very rare!< Less

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