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Zodiac Killer and 340 Cipher Decoded: Part 1 By Mark Butcher
Paperback: $17.95
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Explore Zodiac killer; a journey that dissects the Zodiacs 340 cipher. Anticipate glimpses into a serial killers mentality. Serial lust for blood, fame, and discern the unknown. From true events,... More > never solved. Interact, and entice your hemispherical position. Embrace symbollogy from a narcissistic riddler. Allow your own potentials to apply. Learn the 340 cipher, and its construction. From the history of a surrealistic mad man and, his victims. Too the finer points of this unsolved mystery. One of the top ten unsolved crimes in America. A compilation of brain teasers unlike any other. If you enjoy the ones that force you to think? And love a mental grasp that retains constant depth. You’ll be elated with this flow of questions, answers, and forced speculation. You’ll be involved throughout the endeavor. Even you could click in the final clue, with this fully open construction of work.< Less
Stab 5 By Joshua Dudley
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The official filming script of's Stab 5! Stab 5 finds the cast of the amateur fan film Stab 4: Fresh Blood under attack, again playing on the reality-within-a-reality of the Stab... More > films and taking it to the next level. After two cast members of Stab 4 are brutally murdered, the town of Manchester, New Hampshire is on edge as rumors of a GhostFace mask-wearing psycho quickly make their way around town. Joshua Patrick Dudley, Writer and Director of Stab 4, and his Producer, Rachel Arnold, are busily working on their own production of Stab 5 when they receive the news. Deciding the film’s production is worth more to him than the safety of his cast, production rolls on. Who would want to kill the cast of Stab 4? Is the killer someone taking their obsession with the Stab films too far? Do the horror movie rules still apply? But most importantly, the number one question on everyone’s minds... who’s next?< Less
Souls the Reaper Missed. A collection of short stories. By Simon Wood
Paperback: $11.17
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Three short excitingly macabre short stories that twist the knife with every page. Three different characters with one thing in common. Demise.
The Third Verse By Johnstone Metzger, Tony Dowler
Paperback: $12.00
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Culled from the many exploits of Red Box Vancouver and drawing inspiration from four microdungeons drawn by Tony Dowler, The Third Verse is a vast, subterranean labyrinth full of doom. Can you find... More > the missing third verse and use it to banish evil from the land? The Third Verse is the third entry in the River Knife series, a group of adventure modules for use with the Dungeon World and/or Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games. The text of this module is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Find Johnstone at: Find Tony at:< Less

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