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Larmenius Charter By Knights Templar Vault
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The Larmenius Charter or Carta Transmissionis ("Charter of Transmission") is a manuscript that supposedly demonstrates a connection between Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. Original... More > Latin text with translation.< Less
Knights Templar By Philip Martin McCaulay
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The Knights Templar, with their distinctive white mantles with a red cross, were among the most skilled fighting units of the Middle Ages. This book documents their history, covering their... More > beginnings, rise, mission, decline, arrests and dissolutions, secret archives, organization, grand masters, and legacy; as well as modern Templars and legends and relics. Legends and relics connected to the Knights Templar include the Holy Grail and the Shroud of Turin.< Less
The Knights Templars By Harun Yahya
eBook (PDF): $9.98
A fascinating Turkish perspective and analysis on the history and development of the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and the Rosicrucians. Includes: The Dark History of the Templars ; From Templars... More > to Freemasonry ; Templars, Revolutions, Murders, and the Mafia ; Freemasons (or Templars) in Turkey ; The Deception of Evolution. Lavishly illustrated.< Less
The Knights Templars By C. G. Addison
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This is a mainstream history of the Knights Templars, written in the 19th century. Addison details the rise of the Templars to become, essentially, the first multinational corporation. The Templars... More > were entrusted by the Church and States of Europe to be the spearhead of the crusades. In the process they gained immense wealth and influence, although individual Templars took a vow of poverty. Jerusalem was won and lost several times by the crusaders through the 12th and 13th centuries. Addison notably cites eye-witness descriptions from both the Crusaders and their Moslem opponents to give a well-rounded picture. After the crusades, and the loss of the Holy Land, the Templars began a quick decline from which they never recovered. Accused of heresy and bizarre secret rituals, the Templars were subjected to torture and the stake. The second portion of the book focuses on Temple Church in London, English headquarters of the Templars in their prime. Addison details the architecture and history of this edifice.< Less
Knights Templar By Keltik Excalibur
eBook (PDF): $52.92
The Knights Templar, who are they? how were they created? for what? What was their role in the Crusades? What caused their fall after being the bankers of Europe? This is a 2600-word paper with... More > thesis statement, body and conclusion, including bibliography.< Less
The Knights Templar By Prof. Kenneth Onapolis, Ph.D.
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The Knights Templar: The Priceless Treasure Discovered Who were the Knights Templar? Did they really exist? Did they discover treasure so valuable that King Philip IV of France was willing to kill... More > them to obtain? If so, what happened to the treasure? Or, did they discover priceless treasure concerning Christianity, which caused Pope Clement V to enlist the help of King Philip to suppress the Templars before they revealed what they had discovered and destroyed the foundation of the Papacy and its claims of universal supremacy? What was this “Priceless-Treasure” that was discovered by the Knights Templar, which was such a severe threat to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope that they would be willing to kill the Templars over? Moreover, that men like Jacques de Molay would rather be burned at the stake than renounce? Through the research of Professor Kenneth Onapolis,the answers to all of these questions and more are finally revealed.< Less
The Knights Templar By Prof. Kenneth Onapolis, Ph.D.
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The Knights Templar: The Priceless Treasure Discovered Traces the Knights Templar from inception through the final days of the last Grand Master (i.e., Jacques de Moley) who was burned at the stake... More > on 18 March 1314, and beyond to the disbanding and distribution of all of the Templar’s assets. Analysis of historical document, contemporaneous writings, and archeological evidence was utilized for this book. Primary focus is on the motivational forces behind an otherwise loyal Roman Catholic Order challenging the Roman Church and the Pope’s edicts, even to the point of death.< Less
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Story of the connection between a modern day American Family and an Original Knight of the Templars.
Knights Templars: Their Rise and Demise By James Anthony Froude
eBook (PDF): $2.99
James Anthony Froude was one of the best-known historians of the 19th Century. The Knights Templars: Their Rise And Demise is a book written by Froude in 1886 and is one of the most comprehensive... More > treatments on the Order written to date. 1. Crusades And Pilgrimages 2. The Origin Of The Templars 3. Rise And Growth Of The Templars 4. The Decline And Fall Of The Templars 5. The Trial And Condemnation Of The Templars 6. The Fate Of The Last Grand Master 7. James Anthony Froude: Bio< Less
The History of the Knights Templar By Charles Addison
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A richly detailed, sometimes challenging work, Charles Addison's The History of the Knights Templar traces the rise and fall of this legendary religious-military organization. Addison was an official... More > member of the Templar Inner Table when he composed his definitive study. This newly edited 2018 edition from The Templar Press updates some of Addison's more archaic wording into modern English.< Less

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