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Knittingmette's Potholders By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A little gift from me to you! Please, enjoy this easy pattern! It's free!
Little Troll By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Well, honestly I don’t know if this little troll is a girl or a boy ;-)) But I’m sure it’s a troll! You must find a name yourself! The Little Troll is grey and has got an ugly nose,... More > big, blue eyes, a big mouth, a long tail, short legs, and big feet like just like all trolls! The hair is bulky and it’s grey! The Little Troll is knitted in round using only four double pointed needles. I prefer to knit in this way as the items don’t have ugly seams and you have only to make few other things to finish your toy. You can also choose to make the troll without clothes! I’m sure you’ll have fun – and you’ll great success wherever you bring your troll!< Less
Graduation Doll By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $5.50
Make these dolls and give away as a mascot-doll for students or as a gift for graduates! Choose your school color and personalize the dolls making the hair as “your” graduated! This is... More > a girl you can hang everywhere. If you don't want to hang her, just hide the string inside the graduation cap! You will also find how to make short hair for boys! About the pattern: it is written on five pages including three pictures and a space for your personal notes. Skill level: easy Needle size: D-3 / 3.5 mm The doll (head & body, sleeves) is knitted in round. Finished measurements: about 9.84” / 25 cm.< Less
Fritz, the Clown By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $5.50
Fritz is a funny, little clown, very easy to knit. Here you will find two ways of knitting the clown: Pattern 1: you knit all parts of the clown on two needles Pattern 2: you will knit as much as... More > possible in round on four double pointed needles (body, head, shoes, and hands). I think it’s easier to knit in this way, and the legs will not have ugly seams and you will have only to add the other things to finish your Fritz. Try both patterns and find out which one is the best for you! The finished measurements of the clowns are 20 cm/ 7.87” (depending on the yarn you choose) The pattern is written clearly step by step on six pages including six photos and a space for your personal notes! Skill level: Easy Yarn: use your leftovers that will go with 3 mm / D-3 All my patterns are made for fun with love and care!< Less
Jack and Jill By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Your kids will love them! This little couple of twins is made of a girl and a "real" boy! LOL yes, the little difference is there! I do belive that children should have dolls of both... More > genders and different skin colors! So here you can make the cutiest little couple of twins! Please notice: The pattern includes: the bodies, the "Adam & Eve Costume", and the underwear. (first three pictures)< Less
Ghost Costume for Dolls - Knit toys! By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Did you ever think of dressing up dolls for Halloween? NO? Well this year you can! Here's a quick and easy pattern for a ghost dress! NEW: 10.19.2008: just made a chain and a "ball" and... More > added to the pattern ... pictures will asap! About the pattern: Skill level: beginner Finished measurements: about 30 cm / 11.81” (or as high as your doll) Yarn: I used a fine yarn that normally goes with needles US 3 / 3.5 mm But here I used dpn: 5 mm / H-8 – or bigger! Stitches: CO, BO, k, p, k2tog, yo< Less
Sow with Piglets - pattern By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $4.50
I made these pigs just for fun, but they became a great success! about the pattern: It is written in English, on three pages including one picture and a space for your personal notes. Skill level:... More > easy Finished measurements: 8 cm/ 3.15 in long (sow) Yarn: leftovers of pink and brown yarn Other materials: fibrefill a snap fastener for each piglet Needle size: 4 double-pointed needles (dpn) nr. 3 /D-3 or what will go with your yarn Hook nr. 3 /D 3< Less
Hat Monica By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This hat is very easy to knit - even beginner can make it! And it's so nice to wear or give away! The PDF-patterns includes 1 color photo of the hat. It is written on 2 pages including a space for... More > personal pattern-notes.< Less
Santa Claus for Your Mobile By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $3.50
Decorate your mobile phone or I-pod for Christmas! Or use Santa to decorate where your like. The PDF-patterns includes 2 color photos of Santa. It is written on 3 pages including a space for... More > personal pattern-notes. Skill level: easy Finished measurements: approx 2 inches © Copyright 2007 by Mette Buchreitz.< Less
Max, the Little Monkey By Mette Buchreitz
eBook (PDF): $5.50
This cute monkey is a great toy for babies from few months to 99 yrs old grandparents! Children will love them, teen-agers will let them climb around on their schoolbags, parents will let them live... More > in a corner in their cars – and granny will love to let them live in her sofa-corner. In the pictures you can see Max in a palm tree in the garden. The monkey is knitted in round on double pointed needles. I prefer to knit in this way as the items don’t have ugly seams and you have only to make few other things to finish your toy! The finished measurements of the monkeys are about 25–30 cm/9.84" -11.81" – depending on your yarn and needles as you may use some leftovers for convenience! You will also find the pattern to knit small cute bananas for the monkey! If you want to see more monkeys, please have a look here - more monkeys coming soon!< Less

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