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سلاطين الرماد By Saad Hadi & سعد هادي
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The Sultans of Ash are not mythical creatures; they were a group of Iraqi men and women, whom in late 2006, travelled from Damascus to Beirut on a tourist trip, which took three days. In those days,... More > Beirut had been immersed in a troubled state; Hezbollah carried out a sit-down strike in the city center, against the government's policy, so these travelers spent the days of their journey in a secluded hotel, in the north of Beirut. Conflicts and issues arose between them, in the midst of numerous strange and exciting events, which leads to the near death of one of the characters. Saad Hadi is an Iraqi writer, born in Baghdad in 1956. He has been working as a journalist since 1975, and he holds a master's degree in the history of art from the College of Fine Arts at University of Baghdad. He issued 5 books in Arabic: three novels and two collections of stories. His latest novel, The Lame Whores Birds, was published by Moment Digibooks in London, in 2013. He currently lives in Jyväskylä, Finland.< Less
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PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice By Cheow Hean
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If that's a problem, well, it's the kind you want to have. Especially if you have the tools at hand to navigate the risks and opportunities that present themselves. PHP continues to tick items off... More > the object-oriented developer's wish list. Since the last edition of this book, we have seen namespaces make it into the language, late static binding, anonymous functions, and closures (if those don't yet mean anything to you, don't worry, they're all covered by this book). PHP is an active language, constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. For a developer, this presents some interesting challenges. Not least, the tension between a stable codebase and the desire to take advantage of the goodies that every new release brings. With a good suite of tests, preferably run automatically, tools for collaboration, and an easily installed system, you can improve the design of your code, play with new features, and be fairly sure that you're not breaking stuff.< Less
Bajo la Luz y la Sombra del Dragón By Luiz Fernando Trajano
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“Entonces, es así... La oscuridad muestra, finalmente, su cara. La cara de la cobardía y de la insanidad. Pero ahora, el coraje de pocos hace que el gran corruptor sienta, en el... More > aire, solamente el olor del miedo de sus propios soldados. Y son esos pocos que avanzan en dirección de muchos, contrariando la lógica... Es verdad que, no siempre, las luchas serán trabadas en los campos, planicies y montañas de este mundo... sino en el corazón de cada uno. Y esos pocos vencieron el miedo... (…) Vencieron sus propios desafíos. Y ellos creyeron, solamente, en poder vencer, ahora, la batalla que no puede ser vencida. Por muchas y muchas centenas de años, nunca presencié tamaña bravura contra lo imposible... Siento eso en mi alma y en mi carne. El corazón de mi hijo aún late en esa planicie y me repite lo que ya fue dicho... Que habrá, sí, un tiempo para la paz. Pero que, también, habrá un tiempo para la lucha. Y para esa, ahora, y para esos bravos que osan ser más que ellos mismos, yo me rindo.”< Less
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