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Entanglement By lava moon
eBook (PDF): $2.50
the fears and desires of living as a human.
Lava Boy By Andy Waters
Hardcover: $29.95
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No description supplied
E is for Egypt By Lava River Caves B
Paperback: $21.00
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Class Project by 6th graders in Lava River Caves Community at Pacific Crest Middle School
The Modoc War in the Lava Beds By Mark Berhow
Paperback: $19.95
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The six-month war is a classic case study of the cultural conflicts that made up the North American Indian wars. It has the distinction of being the most costly Indian war fought by the United... More > States Army; considering the shortness of the war and the number of Indians involved. It was also the only Indian War in which a general grade officer was killed. It highlighted the deficiencies of the post Civil War Army- a motley crew of badly trained soldiers led by equally poorly trained officers, who fought on battlefields of the Indian’s choosing and about which the Army had absolutely no information what so ever. At the end of the war there were over 1000 soldiers hunting down 160 Modocs, of which there was not more than 60 effective fighting men. The Modocs are gone from Lava Beds, but they are not forgotten. The land they fought for was a wild landscape of lava flows, caves and cinder cones. Today the area is preserved as Lava Beds National Monument.< Less
The right Lava Lamps for home's By Tiia Palo
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The right Lava Lamps for home's
The Lava Master's Curse By Rachael Kelley
Paperback: $9.99
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DEEP IN THE SHADOWY DEPTHS OF MAUNA KEA, a dark creature lurks. Nearly seventeen years ago, Henry Streambow was born the son of two slaves of the Lava Master, the mysterious being living in the... More > volcano. Being in love is strictly forbidden in the Lava Chamber, and when the Lava Master discovers the couple, things get complicated. The Lava Master puts a curse on Henry that causes him to transform into a slave for one whole day on the first of every month until his seventeenth birthday, when he will stay cursed forever. Now, with only one month left, Henry, with his best friend Kumar Sharma by his side, must find a way to break the curse. Will they come up with a solution in time? Find out in The Lava Master’s Curse!< Less
Ned Lead & The Lava Pit By Bodie Upson
Paperback: $6.95
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An Adventure
Swing Sets and Lava Monsters By Katherine Wainwright
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A collection of stories written by Katherine Wainwright in a Creative Composition Class durin, during her senior year.
Elijah and the Deathly Adventures: The Lava Deathly By Elijah Sen
Paperback: $6.68
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Five, fifth grade buddies transfer to a new school and learn about a myth called the 3 Deathlies that include elements of lava, water and poison which each hold unknown secrets and unbeatable powers.... More > Their quest to find the Deathlies will bring the myth to life and together the boys uncover secrets and powers that they could never have dreamed of. They decide to find them and aim to make a scientific discovery that will go down in history. Will they accomplish their goal? Only time will tell.< Less
Sono morto di Sabato By Paolo Pietro Lava, Fabrizio Romano
Paperback: $9.37
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Paolo. P. Lava - Fabrizio Romano - “Sono morto di sabato (la spesa l’ho fatta venerdì)” è un testo che getta uno sguardo disincantato, tra l’ironico ed il... More > filosofico, sulla vita dei due protagonisti e sulle contraddizioni della società odierna. Amici da sempre, Marcello e Bruno, ormai ultra quarantenni, si scambiano i loro pensieri, in una serata piovosa e stranamente diversa dalle altre, durante una telefonata che si dipana dall’inizio alla fine del libro. E’ la mai doma voglia di cambiamento, il rifuggire alla monotonia delle loro esistenze, il terrore della noia che fa aprire i loro cuori ad un dialogo franco, facendo riaffiorare antiche malinconie ed eterne speranze, condite dalle loro debolezze ed ipocrisie e rivelando progressivamente i limiti della loro umanità. Una critica sincera ed appassionata, espressa talvolta salacemente od in maniera provocatoria.Il disincanto che si confronta con il sogno eterno, in una lotta senza soluzione.< Less