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Walking Acid Trip By Shawn Riggins
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Robert enjoys leading a quiet life. Every day for him is as mundane as could be. Beneath all of this, he hides the dark secrets of the life he once lived. All of his secrets could come crashing down... More > when a threat from his past presents itself. Robert must help his wife Demi secure the research she has spent years developing before it can fall into the wrong hands. Robert must combat Sarah, the train wreck that he left behind, as she plots her revenge alongside her latest confidant. Together they seek to steal Demi’s research for themselves. In the midst of all of this, Robert tries to prevent his friends from getting sucked into the mess he thrown into. Meanwhile, a glimpse into the future shows the world thrown into chaos. But is the future truly set in stone?< Less
Lead/Acid Battery Care information sheet for automobiles, mobile homes, RV's & solar systems. By Christine Leov-Lealand
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Lead/Acid Battery Care Sheet for automobiles, mobile homes, RV's & solar systems. A handy guide on how to get the most out of your lead/acid batteries and problems which your charging system may... More > cause if not set up correctly to charge your batteries. Covers inspecting batteries, how often, how to identify potential problems, refilling and neutralising acid spills. Everyone with a car has a lead/acid battery but who knows how to look after them?< Less
Alkaline Body: How Potassium-Sodium Destroy Body Acid By Christopher Teller
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Can you imagine how important potassium and sodium are for your body? These minerals are what are keeping you alive. Do you know anything about them? If you don’t keep them at normal blood... More > levels and stored in your body, this is what happens. Acid Body Appetite loss Muscle cramps A state of confusion Mild to severe constipation Excretion of calcium in urine Sickness Do you have any of these symptoms? Both sodium and potassium are active in your body neutralizing body acids. It is these acids that are responsible for your pain and sickness. To start to improve your health, you should be concentrating on reducing your body acid. This book shows you exactly how you can get more potassium and sodium into your body, so you can start having a life. You will also discover how these minerals lead to disease and illness and how you can avoid all of this misery. Now is the time to click on the order button. Order your book now.< Less
Fixing Acid the Reflux Diet Cookbook : Fiber Rich Nutritious Delicious Heartburn & Digestive Friendly Recipes By Maggie Taylor
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Diet is a leading cause of ACID REFLUX, the choice & amount of food is also important to revert heartburn, burning sensation into the esophagus & a peculiar sour taste in the mouth. Excess... More > weight can also cause occasional ACID REFLUX. To reduce the stress on digestive system & to heal & manage ACID REFLUX, make little changes to diet. Focus on a well-balanced diet, which includes complex carbohydrates, low acidic, low in saturated fats & low in sodium food. Fiber rich, nutritious & low fat diet is great help cause these foods absorb stomach acid and tend to soothe the stomach- low fat diet is, in fact, the best ACID REFLUX DIET. This COOKBOOK offers over 150 delicious recipes from breakfasts to desserts which are easy to make, easy to follow, well organised with step by step instructions with essential nutritional info & created specifically to abate ACID REFLUX which is also known as GERD (gastro esophageal disease).< Less
How to lose weight, cure acid reflux, improve your love life, reduce stress, get the promotion and the corner office at work, prevent diabetes, reduce grocery bills, squelch anxiety and live to be 102? By Patrick Muller
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This book quickly shows how brushing one's teeth can lead to a whole lot of good things. More importantly, the book demonstrates how changing one's metaphors and language and dramatically and... More > inexpensively improve one's health. Part of the Hazken Series on Wellthcare.< Less
Electric Cars: The Switch Is On By John McMillian
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For decades John McMillian has both followed and participated in electric vehicle research and development. He believes that electric cars are being designed by automotive engineers to be... More > excessively complex in an effort to make them more expensive and less appealing to the public. This book was written to demystify electric cars and describe how simple and reliable they actually are!< Less
Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs for Common Diseases By Li Zheng
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This book provides examples of how to overcome specific health problems by lifestyle changes, acupuncture, acupressure, moxa, meditation and/or herbal remedies. This book also explains why and how... More > each common health issue is formed. For instance, high cholesterol, acid reflux and depression cost so much money in medical care, the medication people take everyday lead to other health issues such as muscle pain, nerve inflammation, weight gain, Vitamine deficiency, insomnia and severe mood swing. In this book, you will be empowered to find out what you can do to prevent or let your own body cope with the problem by avoiding certain kind of food and habit, and by doing acupressure or using anti-inflammatory food. You will be happy to know even though you do not have very good genes to protect you, you still can turn off the bad gene expression, balance your nervous and immune system, and live a healthy and happy long life.< Less
A World of Marvels By Brazen Bloke
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Brazen Bloke is a spoilt little boy who’s brought up in a good family. Aged 16 he takes up with the wrong crowd and develops an appetite for drugs. The small-time villain leads a wild life in... More > the rave scene for years on end, breaking the law at will, fearing neither the filth nor a screwed up future. Aged 29 he pops Xanax for the 1st time, an extremely addictive sedative. He manages for several years not to become addicted to downers, but cos panic attacks and other headaches strike, he takes 'em more and more. Eventually, he becomes physically dependent on Xanax. He tries to quit the drug in the loony bin, but laughing academies only drive him insane. Grappling with suicidal thoughts he must ask himself, ‘Will I live to tell the tale?’ A World of Marvels is the heart-wrenching true story of a hedonistic bloke, a journey through madness and half a life gone wrong. Laced with irony, sarcasm and gallows humour, this is a memoir that inspires laughter, shock and much much more.< Less
The Complete DIY Solar Panel Guide By Troy Reid
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A fully illustrated guide on how to make your own solar panels for under $1 per watt. With online videos to help beginners with soldering and making their own solar panels. Designed for both... More > beginners and experts. With an introduction to solar panels, lead acid batteries, solar charge controllers and power inverters. Including a power requirements calculator to help you select the right equipment for your needs. Everything is covered from shopping for parts to putting it all together in your own home.< Less
Behind The Mask By Mick Hare
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P.I. Ben Franklin returns in this gripping thriller. The victim of a brutal acid attack leads Ben into a complex investigation of murder and deceit. Can Ben solve the puzzle and at the same time... More > protect his family from danger? How will he react to the revelations about his own childhood that emerge during the course of his enquiries? If you enjoyed The Flashwater Murders you will love Behind The Mask.< Less