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Gratitude Journal: Cute Dogs | Purple Husky By Helene Malmsio
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If you had to list what's good in your life, right now, and you weren't allowed to mention any material possessions would you have a hard time coming up with the list? If you’re unsure how to... More > consciously cultivate gratitude this 70 page guided journal has gratitude prompts to guide you and suggest areas of life to focus on. “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” - Willie Nelson Use these tips and prompts to start changing your focus today, and have many happy tomorrows! * Thoughtful prompts on every journal lined page * Full color illustrations * Size 6” X 9” (15 x 23cm) * 70-page/35 sheets * The perfect gift for creative inspiration. Learn to see that your life isn't made up of just negative moments Focusing on your daily events and simple abundance in life helps you take the best possible care of yourself. When you buy this book you help to raise funds for animal welfare causes around the world - Thank you!< Less
Cold Reading with Playing Cards By Simon Beckett
eBook (PDF): $2.55
This book was first available via a small magick shop years ago where the author worked, now it is something of an internet cult.Learn to read fortunes/cold readings from playing cards or tarot.Our... More > system is so simple it is almost self working,if you can count to 10 you can use this system. So what is cold reading? Cold reading refers to a set of techniques used by professional Magicians/occultists to get a spectator to behave in a certain way or to think that the cold reader/magician has some sort of special ability that allows him to "mysteriously" know things about the subject. Cold reading goes beyond the usual tools of manipulation: suggestion and flattery. This is as good as it gets, buy it, read it, love it. You will reading the cards in no time at all. Over 2000 copies sold worldwide to magicians, mentalists, fortune tellers, cold readers, theatres, showmen/women, trade show people!< Less
The Bird Flu Survival Handbook By A J Ensor
eBook (PDF): $7.50
It's Only A Matter Of “When” NOT “If” H5N1 Will Arrive. There’s A Lot You Can Do to Protect Your Family and Community and You Can Start Learning Right Now. First Thing... More > Is To Get Past All The Lies And Rumors. The word "Plague" comes down to us from history representing death incarnate. It is a reference to an epidemic disease characterized by its fast movement and unusually high rate of mortality. It's most famous incarnation of the modern era was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Governments never managed to count all the dead from 1918. 250 to 500 million mortalities world wide is statistically realistic. Nothing could stop it. Now its 21st century cousin, The Bird Flu, is migrating throughout the globe. If we discover its human subtype six to nine months before a major outbreak we can keep survival rates high. If not, Bird Flu is far more deadly than its 1918 counterpart... AJ Ensor has been a Journalist for 16 years and his last book can be found at< Less
Pugio Bruti - A Crime Story in Easy Latin By Daniel Pettersson & Amelie Rosengren
Paperback: $15.99
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When Terentia’s father dies he leaves her with a dagger and the words ”It will lead you to…”. Alone in Rome, Terentia goes out to find the secret behind her father’s... More > dagger. But she is not the only one, and soon she is fighting for the dagger, its secret and her own future. Pugio Bruti – A Crime Story in Easy Latin is written with two things in mind: To be a page-turning enjoyable book and to be a great study companion to Latin learners. The unique word count is less than 350 words, giving you easy Latin without compromising the exciting story. It is written as true to classical Latin as possible with stylistic features, phraseology and dialogue patterns from Plautus, Terentius and Petronius, while still being an accessible book to learners of Latin. It is set in a historically authentic context and contains full Latin-English vocabulary.< Less
Contar con los animales By Joseph Petite & Mattew Jump
Paperback: $7.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
This fun and colorful book helps children learn to count with the help of images given for each passage.
Boutique de Liliana By Taylor Rivenburgh
Paperback: $11.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book teaches young bilingual children how to count in Spanish and learn colors. This is done through the character Liliana the cow.
Numbers Colouring Book By Tosin Coker
Paperback: $7.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
Synopsis: Learn to count in Yoruba in an interactive fashion with this colouring book, and meet a few more friends along the way. A dual language book, the Love My Language series introduces young... More > readers to basic, commonly used sentences written in both English and Yoruba. An excellent first book for those trying to get to grips with learning the language, such as children in the diaspora. Read aloud, this book serves as a wonderful aid for parents and teachers seeking to passively reinforce Yoruba speaking and listening skills. Each book also contains a list of high frequency words used to further assist learning.< Less
Le bruit des vagues - Short Suspense Stories in French - Nr 1 By Annick Stevenson
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A writer who recounts her encounter with the sound of the waves which in turn leads to another very surprising encounter; a dancer who hates counting steps and where that's eventually leads her; a... More > middle-aged woman who dislikes art and who is suddenly and inexplicably drawn to the paintings in an art exhibition; a woman who, through reading her husband's emails, discovers that he has an appointment with a mysterious Lola; the personified words in the dictionary who question their very meaning... Have you been learning French for a while? These are just a few of the well-crafted stories, all of which have a surprising twist at the end that will enhance your understanding of the language and the culture. This new collection of books, with glossaries, grammar tips, cultural notes, exercises and full audio for each story, complement the French lessons by Skype that our online school "Learn French at Home" has been providing since 2004 to more than 3,000 students. Intermediate and Advanced levels.< Less
Chinese Sudoku HSK Level 1 - Set 1 By
eBook (PDF): $2.93
HSK LEVEL 1: SET 1: SORT BY STROKES COUNT. Learn 9 Chinese characters easily with sudoku games and a resolver box. You will learn how to read the characters and how to write them. After these 50... More > Sudoku puzzles you will never forget the characters< Less
Edgar und Mr. Bignall's verschwundene Matheklasse By R J Zargle
Paperback: $18.12
Prints in 3-5 business days
A journey through space and time to try and discover why and how it took humans over 50,000 years to learn to count from 1 to 10. Edgar and his class and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II meet... More > Pythagoras and find he is very odd, unsavoury and bullying character.< Less

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