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The Keystones By Atlas Rohan
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The year is 1919 is Aventine, England. The Great War is nearly over, a drought is on, and water is scarce. The perils from this conflict have had many tragic consequences, especially for Atlas Rohan,... More > a twelve-year-old boy from the Cotswolds whose mother has died from the fever and his father, a soldier fighting in France, has gone missing. Like most war orphans of the region, he is forced to leave his home and confined to the St. Septus chapel, governed by the cruel headmaster Captain Crassus. But somehow, despite these horrible circumstances, he manages to escape her clutches and find solace under the local clockmaker's shop. From the wise old Gideon Pendulum, he learns about the many mysteries concerning the medieval village of Aventine, how nearly two thousand years ago it was inhabited by the Romans, and that underneath the entire town lies their ancient ruins, including a temple hidden deep in the Elysium cemetery where a labyrinth guards a spring and many other dark secrets.< Less
Seeking Betterment By Mena Begum
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When a political editor visits East Pakistan in 1963 to report on the civil unrest, he is embroiled in other matters. He rescues a girl, whose brother wanted to sell her for marriage. Against... More > religious expectations and social customs, he marries her. They leave East Pakistan for good. Forty-seven years later, Mayah conspires to take her grandmother back to her motherland so she can reconcile with her estranged brother. Once there, Mayah comes to discover the rich and poor divide. The country has been an independent nation for over forty-years, but poverty and corruption is still very rife. She also learns that fair complexion is still the preference. Most distressingly, he who dares to challenge customs and government risked death. A Street Entertainer and a political activist unknowingly inspire her to be the change the country is struggling to achieve. But there are many hurdles she must overcome. There are those, who fear she will gain power. Will she rise against their oppression?< Less
Laughter and Other Gifts of God By Gordon Kainer
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Laughter and Other Gifts of God shows how essential it is to understand the source and significance of laughter, humor, and joy. The author offers compelling reasons why these dynamic qualities need... More > to be motivated and governed by God's love and grace. Discover how laughter is a valuable reflection of God Himself! It is a potent force that stirs you to see another side of things. It may also nudge you toward a new understanding of God and why the most wasted day is the one in which you haven't laughed. The book uses Scripture, scientific research, and humorous stories to answer significant questions: Why do we laugh; What does our laughter say about us? The book demonstrates laughter is not an innocent, neutral, or impartial activity but one with an agenda. Learn how your laughter and sense of humor usually reflect your innermost thoughts and feelings. Find out how a healthy lifestyle includes laughter—that by walking with Jesus, you can experience joy at every stage of your life.< Less
The Essential Newness of the New Creation By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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Familiarity with words and ideas very often takes something from their value. Few passages in the New Testament are more familiar to us than 2 Corinthians 5:17: "Wherefore if any man is in... More > Christ, there is a new creation..." (R.V.M.), but the full force of the one governing word there has, I am quite sure, not fallen upon our hearts, and we have still very much to learn as to that essential newness of the new creation in Christ. Indeed, we may say that many of our troubles, our difficulties, our weaknesses, our failures, our problems, our perplexities are the result of our having failed to sufficiently grasp the import of that one word "new." We have, very largely, proceeded with a good deal that is old into the new creation, or we have tried to do so, and we have discovered sooner or later that that cannot be done, that we are attempting an impossibility. So that it may be quite profitable for us to dwell for a little while upon this essential newness.< Less
Your Secret to the Fountain of Youth ~ What they don't want you know about HGH By James W Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D & Earlene Forsythe, R.N., M.S.N., A.P.N
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Would you like to look and feel younger, as wrinkles fade or disappear, while also benefiting from increased zest for life, glowing skin with less blemishes, a loss of body fat, more muscles,... More > stronger bones and many other benefits? In this true-life story where you’ll learn the actual “Secret to the Fountain of Youth,” the federal government arrested one the nation’s most respected physicians—James W. Forstyhe, M.D., H.M.D.—before a jury found him innocent of bogus charges that he illegally prescribed a natural substance, human growth hormone or HGH, for adult replacement therapy. To the frustration of prosecutors, Forsythe became one of the world’s leading experts on HGH, before he was asked to write the official national protocol on this natural substance for the federal Food & Drug Administration. These widely acclaimed authors reveal how you can legally receive HGH—plus discover the secrets to its many benefits.< Less
Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation By Josh Hewett
eBook (PDF): $19.99
Josh Hewett is a fitness expert, public speaker, author, and the owner of Top Form Fitness. In this comprehensive fat loss ebook Josh shares the key strategies he used to get in the best shape of his... More > life while in his forties. In "Get Lean: Permanent Physique Transformation" you will learn: *How to use Metabolic Resistance Training to increase fat burning while building strength and lean tissue. "Get Lean" includes a complete training program with illustrations and links to video tutorials; *How a unique form of cardio training called HIIT uses the Afterburn Effect to burn more body fat in less time than traditional cardio; *Why following your Government Food Guide could actually be making you fat. Sample meal plans are included; *How to harness your hormones to accelerate fat loss. *Which 2 common “health foods” may increase your belly fat, and which foods actually increase your metabolism; *Strategies to program your brain for fat loss success; And much more!< Less
The Metabolic Solution By Adam Ringshall
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A simple 5 step solution for increasing, raising and elevating your body's natural metabolic rate and achieving a healthy sustainable weight. There is a massive wide spread weight and obesity... More > problem in our modern society and it is getting worse. An increasing number of adults and children are being classed as obese and getting obese related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It is clear we have an epidemic on our hands! The so called experts are offering advice that just doesn't seem to be working. We must go back to basics and we must re-learn the fundamentals. We must recondition our bodies to burn more energy and become more efficient at burning body fat and this can only be done by understanding and practicing the universal laws that govern our bodies. We NEED a REAL SOLUTION! Not just a quick fix but a SUSTAINABLE LONG-TERM Solution that offers REAL RESULTS THAT LAST! The Metabolic Solution. Discover how to transform your health and your body from the inside out!< Less
My Water Cure By Mgr Sebastian Kneipp
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Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was one of the most celebrated healers of the nineteenth century. Europe seemed to pour into his country parish to be treated. For Kneipp, sickness is due... More > to a weakened constitution and cure depends on strengthening the system until its self-healing powers overcome whatever is sapping its vitality. To restore bodily strength to the sick he had recourse to the tonic effects of cold water. Kneipp denounced the weakness of an effete generation. He healed using water and traditional herbal medicine. Many doctors flocked to learn from him, astounded to see patients they had given up for lost restored to vibrant health by such simple methods. In 1894 Kneipp found himself called upon to treat Pope Leo XIII, who—faithful to Kneipp’s medical advice—was to govern the Church until the age of 93. The humble pastor returned home a Privy Chamberlain. This is the most famous of his books and summarises all his wisdom concerning sickness and health.< Less
Collective Change By Fred Shorten
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Megan was only days away from succumbing to cancer. A miraculous cure caught the attention of government agents intent on capturing the angel that saved her. Megan’s escape from these men... More > connected her with the world of angels and their mission. Megan freely gave up her life to become part of this supernatural world. She needed their help to stay alive and they needed her to help repair humanities future. Hours after becoming an Agent, half human and half angel, Megan loses her mentor and friend to a realm beyond time itself. With the help of her new angel family, Megan must learn to control her new abilities before she causes the deaths of innocent and not so innocent people. A series of assignments given to Megan by the collective will test her abilities and possibly allow her to discover the cure for what plagues the whole world. A discovery of this magnitude will come at a cost. Will Megan give up happiness, love and ultimately her life to achieve the ultimate reward?< Less
Living Metal: Rebirth By Matthew Harrington
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Born of flesh, baptized in steel, we are what lie beyond the next stages of human evolution. Set in the year 2275, one hundred years after a fail attempt for independents by the colonies... More > on Mars. Anna, a local cop on Mars has the unexplainable ability to control any type of known metals. With no memories of her own past, Anna unintentionally discovers that she is not alone when she comes face with who has the same abilities. After a hundred years of cryogenic slumber, Sara standing before Anna. She just like Anna realized that the keys to understanding their existence are locked inside each other's past. In order for them to survive and solve this riddle they must learn to trust each other. By accepting their fate both women are now running from the Earth’s government and the corporation with a great interest in their kind. But in their wake lies another like themselves and she is not willing to be friends. Her name is Nakita and her hatred for the two will set Mars on fire.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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