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Freedom of the Press is the right to circulate opinions in print or broadcasting without censorship by the government. The relationship between the Government and the Press in the world has been that... More > cat and mouse, the government being the cat and the press being the mouse. The undaunted mouse which would never allow the cat to be freely having the dried fish at will. This book will be useful for media students and journalism students, mass media and communication students, teachers, journalists, researchers, investigators at all level anywhere in the world. The media require us to learn and use critical thinking skills. Like business, because the media are major industries and are inextricably involved in commerce. I urge authorities to ensure that all officers understand and respect the right of journalists to do their jobs without fear of intimidation or violence,< Less
Governing Utopia: Of Earth and Aliens By Laurence R. Smith
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Here we go again! Relax and escape for awhile as you enjoy visiting an almost magical planet some sixteen light years away, one more time. The always fresh air and beautiful weather, coupled with a... More > warm and friendly people who enjoy their stress free lives to the fullest, certainly are enviable. Throughout this story are more commentaries about Earth and the people on it. Maybe it’s unfair to compare an alien world with Earth - or is it? Are there things we can learn? Will the answers surprise you? These commentaries offer a different point of view and maybe a chance for a dialog between the people of Earth, but if nothing else, it will make you think. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your visits to another planet, and maybe while you’re reading this book you may find yourself whispering “I’m going back to Wrenta!” Enjoy! Laurence R. Smith< Less
Corruption in Business & Government - 2014 By Dr Bob Boland & Team
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Corruption in business and government has existed for generations. Don't get upset by peanuts ($10) Concentrate on coconuts ($1,000,000). It may be illegal, legal or just un-ethical. Corruption... More > involves, bribes, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, extortion. favouritism, nepotism, illegal political contributions, abuse of human rights etc. Nolimit. Corruption like crime survives with secrecy, directly related to cultural values of “normal behavior”. Anti-corruption is very popular topic for discussion (“talk”) but not for action. This applies to companies, government, NGO’s and the UN too!!! This little book is a creative learning experience. Brief text with serious and some amusing cases … when we can laugh, perhaps we can change? Case: Business manager - Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask where I have gone wrong in corruption … in my life … and voice replies …this is going to take much longer than one night!!!Source of data: The Economist, World Bank, WSJ, Transparency etc.< Less
Tongue Of The Learned By Opeyemi Joe Olanihun
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Utopia, Despair... Days bright don't live and last the dark approaches fast Night rides the earth's core governing her rancor casting up crusts and curses, Right hides behind the flashes a... More > smokescreen indifferent, unseen Dystopia, This is peace.< Less
A-Z of Good Governance By Bill Crooks & Jackie Mouradian
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Governance can seem very dry and uninteresting but good governance is vital to the health of any organisation. This book provides a fun and accessible way to learn the key principles of good... More > governance with case studies and activities to help you apply the learning. Topics include accountability, trustee roles and responsibilities, running effective meetings, and handling conflict. The book is brought to life with many cartoon illustrations and is a must for all charity managers and trustees.< Less
Policymakers Should Reduce the Government Debt By Homework Help Classof1
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The U.S. federal government is far more indebted today than it was two decades ago. In 1980, the federal debt was $710 billion; in 1999, it was $3.7 trillion. If we divide today’s debt by the... More > size of the population, we learn that each person’s share of the government debt is about $14,000. The most direct effect of the government debt is to place a burden on future generations of taxpayers.< Less
The Anatomy of the Courts: An Introduction to the Government of Heaven By Kingdom Culture, Inc.
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"The Anatomy of the Courts: An Introduction to the Government of Heaven" is a hybrid of a book and a textbook that accompanies our classes and workshops. Yet, this book can also be read by... More > anyone who is hungry and desperate for more of God. It captures portions of what we have learned on our journey and some of the major resources that helped us bridge the foundational truths of His Kingdom. This book will bring you into God's Government while giving you practical tools to operate in His Kingdom. God is connecting the dots to things that have been read in the scriptures for years but were hidden for this very time. It is now the season in the earth that God has chosen to unlock the mysteries and the functions of Heaven. Each level of our journey has opened our eyes and expanded our spirits. We are now able to share and impart to others some of what God has shown us on this amazing journey thus far.< Less
How To Get Federal Government Jobs By Glen McBride
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This all-new edition is the most comprehensive resource on federal employment for new applicants and federal employees. How To Get Federal Government Jobs offers the most current information,... More > step-by-step guidance, and helpful tips to be the best reference for federal job seekers. New examples show applicants involved in the federal job-seeking process and depict their application materials. Experts cut through the complexity to help you find your opportunity in the federal government today by helping you understand how the federal government fills jobs, meet your career goals with federal employment, apply for federal openings in the U.S. and the world step-by-step, use the official federal jobs Web site most productively, analyze lengthy job announcements with ease, write a competitive federal application, including a winning federal resume and personal essays, and learn about federal agencies departments, including what they do, URLs, office locations, and more.< Less
Lessons Learned from U.S. Government Law Enforcement in International Operations (Enlarged Edition) By Dilshika Jayamaha et al.
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Law enforcement (LE) aspects have been an increasingly prominent feature within the U.S. Government’s (USG’s) commitment to international operations. Beyond the deployment of police... More > personnel to interim policing missions, LE agencies may also be involved in international operations to enforce U.S. domestic law; for capacity building; and/or in support of U.S. military forces. This analysis examines lessons from three operations: Panama (1989-99), Colombia (1989-Present), and Kosovo (1998-Present). This analysis was supported by an extensive range of interviews and in-country field research in Colombia and Kosovo. The lessons learned were developed and validated in a series of workshops with subject matter experts. The results show the pervasive and complex role that law enforcement and related issues have played in contemporary international operations. Despite the unique circumstances and history of each operation, there were key findings that are common to all operations considered..< Less
Shock and Awe: Fighting Terror with Terror By U. S. Government Military Specialists
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FIGHTING TERROR WITH TERROR! The US military learned fast how to respond to terrorism in and outside the nation. Simply apply FAST AND OVERWHELMING POWER -- MUCH MUCH FIRE to the sources of the... More > trouble. Here are the results of one of the major tactical studies conducted by the armed forces to counter attacks such as the bombing of the twin towers -- our World Trade Center -- in New York.< Less

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