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The Least By Coleen Mattingly Bay
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The Least is a romance novel about a second-grade schoolteacher, Jennifer, and the caring relationship she has with her student, Jay. When Jay becomes the victim of abuse, Jennifer seeks him out and... More > mentors him through his trauma. Jay and his plastic surgeon, Dr. Phil Henson, fill her life with love and meaning Jennifer goes to great lengths to disguise her inherited wealth for her protection, which means she can’t reveal information to Dr. Henson. She develops friendships with ladies in a singing group only to discover that one of them may have betrayed her and that her identity has been stolen. She learns Phil is not of her faith, so she chooses to close the curtain on their fulfilling relationship. Disheartened and lonely, she wonders if her decision was the right one. Will she discover who stole her identity? Will her friend prove to be loyal to her? Will she ever have the chance to marry? This book weaves a heart-warming/heart-wrenching tale that will leave you pondering… who is the Least?< Less
The Least of These By Winston Crutchfield
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This Benefit Book project challenged authors to treat one of six themes within the scope of a passage from the Book of Matthew, chapter 25. Jesus taught that service rendered to others along these... More > lines was service rendered to the Lord: when the hungry are fed, when the thirsty are given drink, when the alien is welcomed, when the vulnerable are protected, and ministry towards the sick and imprisoned. The King will reply, "Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." With every purchase of this volume, Critical Press Media makes a donation to the associated charity. For more information visit us online at< Less
Not In the Least By dvanda masda
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Sly fun realized by transatlantic figures in selections from the amusing [and occasionally critical] records of The Why o' the World's network of letter writers. Subjects range over such mysteries as... More > the truth [at last!] about Murphy's Law, and the amazing powers of the Zippo cigarette lighter; about liver examinations [now often regarded as mere voodoo] that can save important persons from sudden violent death. Here we have an amateur in W-o'-W's Research Section discovering the first historic reference to steak and chips. And here is a correspondent from Strasbourg with the exclusive bombshell that an unknown young Swiss has solved Brecht's Riddle: What happens to the hole when the cheese has gone? The book is imbued with the Apollonian enlightened spirit of Dvanda Masda, shown armored in an artist's impression, but with in-turned helmet horns. Inscribing the portrait bookplate completes a unique gift. Twenty English crosswords with mysterious meanings offer more hours of amusement.< Less
The Least of These By Kenneth Tait
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When Joanne takes pity on Joey who has been sleeping in her garden shed his presence illuminates the cracks in her fragile family.
At Least They Rhyme By John Stanfield
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My life and rhymes from age 9 to nearly 90.
Last, But Not Least By Chet Taylor
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Robert, the youngest rabbit in a large family, complains that he is the last to do everything, from brushing his teeth in the morning to being chosen to play baseball. But when he is confronted by a... More > bully after school one afternoon, he learns there are also good things about being the youngest. [Children's Picture Book (Rated-G) | Released in 2004 on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]< Less
The Least Resistance By Marcus Freestone
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11 year old Sarah almost dies during a violent gang attack in school. Aged 21 she starts a new job in an I.T. office and is confronted in the pub after work by her stalker who over the next few years... More > becomes an increasing presence in her life and the situation quickly builds to one of nightmarish proportions. Her judo skills will keep her safe, or will they? Not only that but she and her colleagues have to cope with the world's most incompetent, insane boss and the dreariness of their stuck-in-a-rut lives. Her friends at work are also coping with religiously obsessed parents, psychotic girlfriends, and the existential void their lives have become. This is a tragi-comic novel about everyday life, random chance and making (or not making) choices.< Less
Regression Least Square Line By Homework Help Classof1
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"Thirty seniors at Council High School were randomly selected and are asked to report age (in years) and mileage of their primary vehicles. Here are the data that were collected: R denotes an... More > observation with a large standardized residual X denotes an observation whose X value gives it large influence. (a) Describe the relationship between vehicle age and mileage. Include a comment on the strength of association. (b) Determine the slope of the least-square line. Interpret the slope in the context of this problem. (c) Determine the intercept of the least-square line. Interpret the intercept in the context of this problem. (d) Minitab reports that R-sq = 77.0% for these data. Write a sentence that explains the significance of this number "< Less
The line of least resistance By Peter Hermann
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The line of least resistance is a collection of doodles by illustrator Peter Hermann.
Least Remembered, Most Loved By Sharon Bailey
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Least Rembered, Most Loved is a poem I wrote for no paticular reason. I'm just expressing some of my experiences and observations through writing. I'm new to writing and this is one of my first poems.