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In the follow-up to "Memoirs of An Ebony Cover Family", The Dean family returns and it's three years later. This time they are preparing for a wedding of one of their members. This wedding... More > brings about a bit of nostalgia for Zechariahs, the patriarch of The Dean family and his wife, matriarch Jordan Campbell-Dean as they remember how they met, were engaged and married. Their foray into the past that leads to the opening of the can of worms for all of those in the family, including Jordan, who realizes a secret that she crafted some forty years prior could come back to haunt her.< Less
Stuck On Stupid By Tashema Chanel
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Raymond King's main focus in life has always been women. When Ray returns home to deal with the death of his father, his focus had to shift. From basketball college life to full-blown adulting: house... More > finances, guiding his teenage siblings through their senior year in high school and keeping his drug-addicted mother off the streets. With calls from creditors increasing and Ray's inheritance slowly dwindling, Ray's focus has to change yet again - to getting his money up - and fast. Ray recruits the women in his life: his on-again/off-again girlfriend, his steady side chick, and his slew of randoms - to help him keep his father's legacy alive. Juggling the demands of his many women were never a problem for Ray until he meets for Ashley Jay, a curvy, older woman who refuses to fall victim to the lies of multi-daters and sexually-motivated men. Ashley Jay resistance to Ray's charm only intrigues him to go harder to get her. Lusting for her got Ray talking himself into a love he isn't prepared to keep.< Less
The Heidelberg Farms By Vernard Hauger
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A young man lies about his age in order to join the United States Army and escape a life of mining. After returning home he works to build a farming legacy for his family.
The Heidelberg Farms By Vernard Hauger
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A young man lies about his age in order to join the United States Army and escape a life of mining. After returning home he works to build a farming legacy for his family.
Atlantis Spirituality By Frank Joseph
eBook (PDF): $8.99
The Lost Cotinient of Atlantis has fascinated, inspired and puzzled the human race since the time of Plato. Philosophers, poets, writers, historians and archeologists have pondered the great enigmas... More > that lie beneath the ocean's waves into the depths of Atlantian secrets. Renowned author Frank Jospeh ponders the great mysteries of the submerged utopias that were Altantis and Lemuria and reconstructs their spiritual legacy for our modern age. With clear analysis drawn from decades of painstaking research and world-wide travel Frank finally brings to surface the truth about the spiritual legacy of these lost lands. (Note: mp3 audios come embedded in PDF)< Less
Family Secret By Amanda L. Riggs
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Laura Blair lives what she considers a single, boring life as an accountant. She decides to throw caution to the wind and finds herself torn between two handsome men with mysterious backgrounds. ... More > It turns out both men are hiding secrets from her and much of their relationships were built on lies. After a family secret concealed by her late father is revealed, the lines turn blurry as she soon realizes some lies were for her protection and others were to take from her. She must figure out the truth before it's too late and decide if she will follow her legacy left by her father or leave it behind.< Less
The Prophethood of All Believers By George Beach
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The essays in this book lie at the heart of Adams's enduring legacy. His major themes—the creativity of the major liberal theologian of the 20th century, Paul Tillich, and the decisive role of... More > voluntary associations in sustaining a democracy—are found here. His classic mid-life spiritual autobiography , "Taking Time Seriously," traces the origins of his call for a historically rooted and ethically committed contemporary faith.< Less
Between Heaven and Hell By Alan Rimmer
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Compelling true story of the atomic age and how Britain's headlong dash to join the arms race caused a radiological disaster on Christmas Island resulting in the exposure of thousands of servicemen... More > to fallout. The book shows, with the aid of declassified documents, how military planners and politicians covered it up,finally nailing 50 years of lies and deceit. It also chronicles the dreadful legacy in death and disease visited upon the men and their families and the detective work that exposed the scandal. It is a story with profound implications for mankind.< Less
Her Nobel Voice By Andrea M. Owens
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This poetic tribute will ignite inspiration from within by looking into the acts of these motivational female voices from around the world. Magnify the lives of these amazing women by using creative... More > verse to illustrate their contribution to society let live their legacy for generations to come. These women have forged a path for humanity and have proved that gender has no bounds when it comes to accomplishing true greatness of peace. Come with us on the journey, and imagine for yourself what lies ahead if only you put peace in the forefront of your life.< Less
Passions Pursued By Susan Hulme
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Some men live for their passions. Some men die pursuing them. When two respected residents pass away, the villagers of Upper Lympton, Somerset, learn that passion can leave a legacy of love and lies.... More > But for two local families, pursuing their passions might be the key to mending broken hearts. Passions Pursued is a heartwarming family saga that proves you're never too old to recapture your dreams.< Less

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