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The Legendary Haunting of Quentin Wallis By C.K. McKenzie
eBook (ePub): $3.58
It has been in the nature of fairy tales that they begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and end with a ‘Happily Ever After’. However this is not a fairy tale. It is a somewhat true... More > story… Quentin Wallis was not dead but neither was he entirely alive. He was something very much ‘in-between’. In short, Quentin Wallis was cursed. For a century he had been fated to live only on Halloween, seeking out his true love so that he might break the curse which had been laid upon him. The tricky situation was no treat when faced with bad men, murderous ghosts and an inconsiderate army of assassins determined to kill him. With only an honest heart, a haunted house and lashings of candy to assist him Quentin must resolve the small matter of an almost kiss, and a girl with wild grey eyes. And as night falls, and the bonfires burn, so starts the greatest of all adventures.< Less
Dawn and the Pirate Assassin By April Marcom
Paperback: $3.50
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The daughter of a most ruthless and notorious pirate has just set sail with the greatest assassin of the day on a voyage to seek out a legendary treasure rumored to be grander than a man could even... More > dream. It’s during this treacherous journey that they begin to discover what they’ve always longed for in each other’s cold, lawless hearts, though neither has ever succumbed to such weakness before. And both may be too hardened to confess it.< Less
The Plot To Assassinate Barack Obama By William A. Mays
Paperback: $19.98
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A lighthearted tale of assassination, conspiracy, and the violent overthrow of the United States government, The Plot To Assassinate Barack Obama follows Hank Stafford, an average citizen on a... More > mission—though not the mission he originally bargained for. As you read the story, you may be struck with how much sense it all makes. Could something like this really happen? Just keep telling yourself, "It's only a novel. It's only a novel. It's only...?" William A. Mays, the brain behind the resurrection of the legendary National Police Gazette magazine, triumphs in the telling of this roller-coaster adventure.< Less
The Queen’s Blade 1 By TC Southwell
eBook (ePub): $0.00
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A doomed kingdom, a young queen’s sacrifice and a killer who will bring an empire to its knees... In a world where men share kindred with beasts, an ageless seer predicts a child who will end... More > the Endless War. One man is the instrument who will change fate. He will usher in a time of strife and pain that will live in legend, and forever bear his name... the time of the Queen’s Blade.< Less
Hardcover: $25.34
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This is a new novel in the 'Red Mannion' series. This time the New York detective is working for the legendary private eye, Allan Pinkerton. Mannion takes on 'The Carpenter' and prevents the... More > assassination of President-Elect Lincoln as he travels to his inauguration.< Less
The Queen’s Blade VI: Lord Protector By TC Southwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The legendary assassin’s life is in grave danger. With the deaths of a dozen princes and a king on his tally, the Queen’s Blade is a target for vengeance, and his enemies are powerful. No... More > one knows if Blade is dead or alive when he vanishes again, but the Regent mourns his loss. Two queens, a regent and a king hunt for Blade, who must fight free of fate’s cruel grip.< Less
The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus By Michel de Nostredame
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The amazing predictions of the "Seer of Provence" are collected in this startling book. Learn the strange, cryptic secrets of the mysterious, legendary Michel de Nostredame, who foretold... More > world wars, Napoleon, Hitler, rockets, nuclear power, automobiles, television, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the coming of the "Antichrist," and all of this HUNDREDS of years before any of these things actually occurred! Did Nostradamus predict the Apocalypse and the end of the world? Read the amazing prophecies and decide for yourself! An all-time classic masterpiece of the unknown!< Less
The Consearian Chronicles; The Duplicity of Josephina Flynn By M. K. Kuehne
Paperback: $15.17
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This juvenile fiction story tells of a warrior's epic journey and self-discovery. It is the first in a series. Josephina Flynn, a legendary assassin, returns to her homeland to kill the leader of the... More > Ravensphere, an order of dark elves determined to take back the island nation of Consearia. She is thrust onto a path to determine the fate of that nation and discovers herself along the way.< Less
Strategy Six Pack 10 By William Penn Cresson et al.
eBook (ePub): $5.99
“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” - Niccolò Machiavelli. A study of legendary Russian military force The... More > Cossacks, an essay on Thomas Jefferson, a history of The Knights Templar, a biography of Louis XIV ‘The Sun King,’ a short history of Spain and a study of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. It’s all here and more in Strategy Six Pack 10: The Cossacks by William Penn Cresson. Thomas Jefferson by Elbert Hubbard. The History of the Knights Templar by Charles Addison. The Sun King – A biography of Louis XIV by John Abbott. A Short History of Spain by Mary Platt Parmele. The Lincoln Assassination by George Alfred Townsend. Includes image galleries for The Cossacks and The History of the Knights Templar.< Less
Storyteller's Last Stand By Rodolphus
eBook (ePub): $3.77
A wild and rambunctious visitation to that legendary knoll in what just could be the most accurate depiction of the Custer massacre, except for the gleaming and well-oiled pair of anachronistic .357... More > pistols, that is. Earth Mother and Daughters, over-pumped cueball torpedo assassins, what just might be a were-hyena, time travel, and the edgy dark humor of Rodolphus make for a frenzied, page-turning, entertaining read. George Armstrong Custer comes to vivid light and life. Storyteller's Last Stand is dark and scary and funny, and very well might be the ultimate last stand for storytellers the world over.< Less