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Lens, by Gareth Hicks
In The Lens By Kenneth Fugate
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This book is 50 photos hand picked from over 1,000 photos and printed on 43 pages. This book is the South Central United States from the lightning filled skies to the old farmstead homes abandon by... More > the families that worked the land to the big city skylines. Come with me on a road trip down the roads of the heart of America as we look for the tornados of the US Plains. The photos in this book are a collection of thousands of miles and years of chasing the thunderstorms and is a look at my work as I go to digital photography.< Less
Zen from Len 2 By Len Hornung
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Quotes and thoughts about what life means to me, what God means to me, and what I have learned so far in life. This is the second installment in the Zen from Len series.
The Diamond Lens By Fitz-James O'brien
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The Diamond Lens published by Fitz-James O'brien in 1858. Fitz James O'Brien was an Irish-born American writer, some of whose work is often considered one of the forerunners of today's science... More > fiction.< Less
Critical Lens By Brandon Williamson
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Critical Lens is a view of the world through the eyes of a poet. Each poem offers a different perspective of the culture we find ourselves living in. Brandon Williamson’s words will take you on... More > a journey through perceptions, literacy, love and deeper notions. Illustrations and photos done by Julia Williamson< Less
\\\Lens Life/// By Carlee Padot McClurg
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I came across an awesome challenge. It was an experiment to take one photo every day for a year. The idea is that the collection will help to show what is important to you, make you a better... More > photographer & leave you with some great shots. I haven’t edited or altered the photos in any way. I wanted the natural beauty to shine through, not my creative ability using editing tools. I began taking pictures everyday & posted them on a blog that I dedicated to the project. Each day a new photo was posted with the date being the subject & the comments telling the name of the piece, the place it was taken & a few details of what each picture shows. If you would like to read any of the details or would like to see where a picture was taken, please feel free to check out the blog at: Just because I have finished this chapter in my photography, the story of my life will continue to be found through pictures. Hope you enjoy looking at my life through a lens.< Less
The Sun and the Lens By Russell Gray Sneddon
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A stunning collections of poetry, prose and photography by Russell Gray Sneddon.
The Sun and the Lens By Russell Gray Sneddon
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A stunning collection of poetry, prose and photography by Russell Gray Sneddon.
Tropical Lens By Keri West
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Conservation is vital to the well being of the delicate Ecosystem in Florida. Invasive species, pesticides, herbicides and deforestation have threatened Florida's unique biodiversity. Tropical Lens... More > is a collection of photos taken in Florida by Artist and Photographer Keri West to help raise awareness and a love for the nature of Florida.< Less
The Leadership Lens By Mark Sincevich
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The Leadership Lens is divided into 6 sections, creativity, work/life balance, personal leadership, simplicity & the power of focus, powerful presentations and perspective. Brilliant photographs... More > have been carefully arranged in the book and each one of the book's 38 chapters has a 'Bring It Into Focus' text box listing the chapter's powerful lessons. This book is for executives, managers and individuals wanting to gain more perspective in their lives in order to become a more effective leader. Photography can teach us quite a bit about leadership. Being extremely successful in photography requires passion, self-reflection and risk taking among other traits. What makes a photographer successful will also make a leader successful. Effective leadership begins on a personal level. The more you understand yourself and rehearse your plan, the better you can articulate your vision to others. By constantly sticking to your vision, you'll gain perspective and express yourself more fully through a Leadership LENS.< Less