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History of Djibouti, Political Governance By Joshua Hamilton
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History of Djibouti Political Governance. An information Book. Ethnicity as a major springboard of identity politics has significantly affected the Republic of Djibouti since 1960s as Colonial rule,... More > the Cold War and regional politics contributed to widen the rift of ethnic cleavage between Afar and Issa. The mobilization of Afars, the minority one, in the early 1990s faced with a heavy handed repression of the Issa dominated government which makes even the power sharing peace negotiation of 1993 less satisfactory. The power sharing scheme of the government was considered as a political contrivance of coopting Afar political figures for dumping the just claim of Afars which is so deep, and the conflict went on. This had exerted pressure on the government to make constitutional concessions of recognizing the plurality of Djibouti. However, from the perspective of accommodation an ethnic demand which has sustained for long, the constitutional and political adjustments are less adequate< Less
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Much before states had discovered documents as an identification, they used different forms of writing on the body. There has been a long history of methods of Identification. Ancient methods of... More > identification involved ‘writing on the body, or branding, scarification and tattooing’. Partly because they had not discovered less invasive of marking, they restored to such writing with documents becoming an accepted way to record identities, various cards, certificates and others and other Identifications were used. However, these forms of writing never died out completely even after identification documents were discovered.< Less
Indian government paid terrorists =JIC, IB, MI RAW are deleting my Connections , , at accounts at LinkedIn, Facebook, twister are , are every day reducing to make less then count 300 , less then 300 number only in friends , a By Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A
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Indian government paid terrorists =JIC, IB, MI RAW are deleting my Connections , , at accounts at LinkedIn, Facebook, twister are , are every day reducing to make less then ... More > count 300 , less then 300 number only in friends , and liked every day deleting connections at Facebook , linkdln , twister, and deleting messages, liked evcery day by Indian government paid terrorist =JIC,IB,MI RAW from Delhi , Gujarat, Chandigarh !!??< Less
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Can NHS hospitals do more with less? By Jeremy Hurst & Sally Williams
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The financial challenge facing the UK’s health services over the next four years, combined with the relentless rise in the demand for services, means that it is imperative that the NHS delivers... More > more for less. The authors of this report studied UK and international literature on hospital efficiency, and surveyed senior managers and clinicians in six hospital trusts that had been ‘turned around’ following financial difficulties. They found much research evidence on what measures are associated with higher productivity in hospitals. They gleaned practical lessons from the managers about what successful steps had been taken to improve efficiency in their financially challenged hospitals. An accompanying research summary highlights the report’s key findings within the context of the current Government health reforms. The publications and other resources, together with more information on our work in this area, can be accessed at< Less
Success at the Heart of Government - Working with Ministers By Pauline Curtis
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Success at the Heart of Government. Working with Ministers tells the story of Pauline's time as a career civil servant at the heart of the last Conservative Government’s industrial policy. It... More > describes her life alongside politicians in the Whitehall jungle as she clawed her way up the career ladder, trying to overtake her administrative colleagues, and recognising that she had to turn her uniqueness to her advantage. There are few senior civil servants who trained as research scientists and chartered engineers and even less have made an impact as an academic, in parallel with success in their civil service career. And these are not women! Her story is peppered with personal anecdotes as well as rare and illuminating technical and policy extracts. Starting from her first policy job as the most junior member of a small team in the Policy and Perspectives Unit, her success quickly led to her managing her own teams and advising on significant budget expenditures.< Less
International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: Accountability and Governance By Joshua E. Decker
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The Board of International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission The International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission is a Statutory Board. The role and responsibilities of a Statutory... More > Board and its members are set out in the Statutory Boards Act 1987 (except where this Act is varied by the Financial Services Act 2008). Appointments to the Board of Commissioners are approved by the Homeland Security and/or Congress. The Board of the International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission consists of not less than seven qualified people appointed by Treasury and approved by Homeland Security and/or Congress. The Board currently comprises a Non-Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, the Chief Executive and a further four Non-Executive.< Less
Democratic Republic of the Congo Political History.and Governance By Martins Odinga
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Democratic Republic of Congo Political History. and Governance. Also Crime committed during War and other Crises, including Rape and Routing this Book has the entire details on DRC. The macroeconomic... More > environment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has improved markedly in recent years, yet the lives of most Congolese have not. According to the International Monetary Fund, from 2010-2015 real GDP growth averaged 7.3 percent, well above the Sub-Saharan African average of 4.6 percent. However, the difficult external environment and increased political uncertainty have depressed the near-term economic outlook. Economic growth is expected to fall from almost seven percent in 2015 to less than four percent in 2016-17. According to the 2015 Human Development Index, the DRC continues ranks among the poorest countries in the world (176 out of 187 countries ranked), with one of the highest rates of extreme poverty in the world. Child malnutrition is widespread, and most of the populati< Less
TAO TEH CHING By LION PUBLISHING, INC. & U. S. Government Military Specialists
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Lao Tse ("the old boy") wrote this shortest but wisest of all books -- it is guaranteed to straighten out your thinking and perceptions in less than 100 pages. This book will change your... More > life -- if you're anything at all like me -- meaning aware of my profound ignorance of being and hungry for illumination. This will illuminate your soul -- it is the light.< Less

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