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Reiki Level 1 By Matthew Wakem
Paperback: $10.65
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After successful completion of this one day course you will be certified as a Reiki Practitioner and will receive a diploma for your completion of the course. If you are looking to heal people and... More > gain knowledge of the natural healing arts, this is for you. A Reiki session may help ease tension and stress and may help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is most often utilized for one’s own personal wellness. A Reiki Level I class is a great gift to give to yourself.< Less
One Story: Ground Level By T. Lee Roseberry
Paperback: $14.99
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Are believers in Jesus Christ people who’ve merely followed convention to find rosy scenarios? Once the Savior has been received, do troubles and difficulties miraculously drop away in the... More > light of His glory? Maybe sometimes. This is the account of one life’s journey through the trenches told by the one who lived it. He was mixed up early, and found himself later stumbling into pits in the troughs. Objectionable as much of it was, signs of validity were being detected in the confusion. Often common and occasionally disconcerting to consider, this frank and remarkable true memoir perseveres in arguing strongly for the Bible’s unique and absolute trustworthiness and that of its marvelous Redeemer. As it proclaims that no one living is beyond His reach, the narrative documents that when the everlasting Father has chosen and the Lord Jesus has delivered a soul, that person’s Eternal Life has been fully assured even in the event that he himself foolishly acts in ways which appear to threaten it.< Less
Level 1 Path to Architecture By Laique Ahmed
Paperback: $13.50
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Fighting To Get To The Next Level By ERIC CLARK
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
At first growth seems to come naturally without thought or labor, but with time we tend to hit a brick wall in our progression. When you encounter the glass ceiling you will need the right... More > inspiration, motivation and instruction to go higher. This book is just that. When you're trying to get to the next level there will be opposition that can come from anywhere and challenges that come from within. Bishop Clark provides the insight and necessary tools to navigate through and overcome every obstacle that impedes your progress. The whole idea of the Next Level has become cliché to those who don't understand that getting there demands a fight that will take everything you've got. So allow this book to become your personal trainer and constant cornerman as you enter the fight of your life; the Fight to get to the Next Level.< Less
AS Level Microeconomics Revision Book By Abigail Barber
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This revision book is a light-weight, easy to carry book enabling you to take your revision anywhere. The sole purpose is to give the reader easy to read, condensed revision notes in a book format.... More > It lays the basic foundations of knowledge for everything needed to know during your AS Level Microeconomics course. It's contents cover topics from the economic problem and monopoly power to market failure and government failure. Written by a A2 Level Economics student, planning to progress onto university level.< Less
A Level Islam by Muslims By Mike Stallard
Paperback: $34.11
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AQA |Religious Education: Islam. Are you teaching it? Then here is the specification copied out with each segment explained by Muslims (whenever possible). It works best when downloaded but, since... More > this is not always easy to fix: here is the book form. Some of the comments really do need discussion. But the book is decidedly from an intelligent Muslim point of view.< Less
Blob Level 5 By Ian Long Pip Wilson
Paperback: $16.76
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Blob Level 5 is a book that helps the reader to grasp the different layers of communication that happens each time that we have a conversation. Starting with cliches and ending up with total... More > openness, it provides a positive understanding of the need to express ourselves at a deeper level.Each section is covered using illustrations, exercises, questions and places to make notes. Towards the end, it applies these ideas in the areas of bullying and spirituality. A quick and easy read that will change the way that you encounter others forever.< Less
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When you call on God you don't want to just throw up words towards heaven not knowing if God will answer your prayer or even hear you at all. When you pray, you want Gods attention; and have... More > confidence that He will answer your prayer and help with your present need...SO STOP! DON'T SAY ANOTHER PRAYER UNTIL YOU READ THIS BIBLICAL GUIDE! Do you know that in order to receive ‘favor’ from God there is a ‘specific pattern’ of ‘prayer’ and ‘worship’ in the bible that the Lord Jesus Himself has laid out for us to ‘follow’, referred to as the THREE LEVELS of PRAYER? Ask, Seek and Knock; basically, 1st level = Salvation & Supplication / 2nd level = Transformation & Meditation / 3rd level Confirmation & Exaltation. The THREE LEVELS of PRAYER is a very powerful and amazing book that through much prayer, years of study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit manages to present a clear and concise interpretation of this specific pattern of prayer. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!< Less
Music Technology A Level By Darren Jones
Paperback: $43.10
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A book taking the reader from an introduction to sequencing and Cubase through a wide range of topics to the stage where they can complete a complex multi-track recording and mix it. Topics covered... More > include sequencing, audio, effects, microphones, arrangements, music theory, scoring, mixing and computer setup.< Less
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I was asked by Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides to provide The SuperKnowledge of The TruReality, THE ALLIS. There is so much more to this life than meets our eyes, and so I have created The... More > AdventurIS Series, as a fun way to learn about The Whole of Life. As each of us is born into this One-Dimensional Matrix Zone, we soon become the conditioned human with other dimensions and worlds attached to us that we do not recognize. The TruReality Life IS, is so much bigger than our little minds can ever comprehend. And so, to help those out who are the risk takers and want to explore where very few do, I am providing a map of some of the various dimensions, levels, realms and universes, that will allow anyone to better understand where they are at while they are on earth and when they move into the many other positions The Whole of Life contains. This is all for you and this is fun! www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info< Less

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The Auctioneer's Apprentice  A Parable For Living An Abundant Life The Auctioneer's... By Chad Coe
Paperback: $19.99