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Bible Stories By Megan Rohrer, Daniel Tisdel
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A progressive, fictional reimagining of Bible Stories. These texts edited by Megan Rohrer and Daniel Tisdel will provoke, inspire and expand the diversity of the characters in our faith stories.
Half the Battle By Justin J. White
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Too unbelievable to be fiction, this is the story of pain, love, excitement, deceit, lies, hot sex, broken windows, Jeffrey and Tony.
Shrivel Drivel By Rolf Auer
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A humorous fiction. Suppose all women are Lesbians. Suppose they rule the world. Now what?
Heart of Stone By Mataya Mahe
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Heart of Stone is the first literary work in the Heart Series by Mataya Mahe'. It is an erotic tale of everyday people and the trials and tribulations experienced for the sake of love and... More > relationships. Follow the turmoil as the characters overcome prejudice, tragedy, and self-conviction.< Less
The Devil's Details By Nathan James
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Nathan James takes you on an erotic, sizzling journey into the supernatural with the story of Josh Dolan, a young, gay college student. Josh meets the Devil himself, and embarks on an odyssey of... More > discovery in which he experiences the darkness of hatred, and learns the meaning of faith. Along the way, he has some of the hottest sexual encounters of his life. "The Devil's Details" is a sexy, compassionate look at good and evil, and the challenges young Joshua faces as a gay man are taken from today's headlines. Angels soar and the Devil beckons...because he really is in the "Details"!< Less
DemonCradle: Afterbirth and Echoes By Dudley Clarence Sturgis IV
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The death of Naiya has left Zeanith in a state of pure disbelief. He mourns, but cannot chase away the feeling that she is still existent in some form. His first day of magic college is filled with... More > familiar and new faces, and soon he finds himself in another battle with darkness. The twist is, this time, it seems as though light and darkness have switched places, and he doesn't know which path to follow...< Less
Glitterwolf Issue 2 PDF for eBook conversion By Matt Cresswell
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Glitterwolf Magazine showcases the best of fiction, poetry, art and photograph from LGBT contributors.
Drama By Christopher Scott Sarno
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A would-be writer. A die-hard dreamer. A man who is running from his past and a boy who is desperate to create one. Set against the electric backdrop of Atlanta, Georgia, four unlikely friends find... More > their worlds intersecting and their lives entwined as they struggle to navigate their secrets, their desires, their fears and their futures. In a fascinating but treacherous culture of sex, drugs, attitude and appetite, where each tenuous moment brings the prospect of joy or grief and every decision made can lead to heaven or hell, these four men will find that in order to truly understand themselves they must first embrace each other. Christopher Scott Sarno weaves an intelligent character study infused with depth and heart that explores the inherent difficulties we all face when trying to strike that precarious balance between perception and reality in our unending quest to connect with the world around us … the so-called "drama" that frames the stories of our lives.< Less
Wherever the Dandelion Falls By Lily R. Mason
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Riley Montgomery is a bartender, a lab assistant, and a sex worker -- all in different lives. A seemingly innocuous conversation with a graduate school professor unravels Riley’s life into... More > three separate strands. The three versions of Riley’s life are as separate as can be, yet have one common thread: falling in love with a beautiful and brave woman named Faye Nguyen.< Less
All Things Blue By R. A. Casilao
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In this charming new collection, the lives of the characters are interwoven by torn and discarded pieces from a mysterious charcoal sketch that materialize in various places about town. The... More > cast–a cynical, deliberately male-repellant woman; a young man who invokes memories of his lover through scents; an unorthodox collector who finds the diary of an unorthodox man; and a flock of other delightful eccentrics–look for happiness through their solitude: An unnamed writer narrates his story as he battles to stay true to his calling despite the odds... a dejected man journeys to seek his heart’s desire in the workroom of a powerful crone... and an art prodigy discovers what it means to experience his most coveted luxury. Enchanting and poetic, with a balanced brew of melancholy and humor, All Things Blue is a metaphor for impermanence. Loneliness–the stronger universal emotion that ultimately binds us–is just as temporary as bliss.< Less