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A business you can do anytime and anywhere. How to start a concierge business?
Concierge & Lifestyle Management Handbook By Desiree Ertuly
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A CAREER YOU CAN DO ANYWHERE… Start Your Own Concierge/ Lifestyle Management Company from home or anywhere in the world Anyone can do it…Anywhere The business that can go anywhere you... More > go. All you need is an iPad or laptop, cell phone; blue tooth technology, a savvy and professional style, organizational skills and you are on your way. A career you can do anywhere…< Less
Holistic Lifestyle for Healing By A.N. Nagaraj
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In this book the author describes a holistic lifestyle for preventing and treating many common ailments such as arthiritis, asthma and frequent respiratory infections, problems of the digestive... More > system, skin diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The holistic lifestyle consists of a healing diet of nutrient-dense foods, exercises including yoga, and stress management through positive ttitudes, breathing exercises and meditation.< Less
The Lifestyle Travel of the Blue Star Dancers By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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Lifestyle travelers from all dimensions of experience, from all nations, arrived to the sacred space of the great gathering, to the sacred space of the great mandala.Each of them, male, female, male... More > and female, experienced many self-enjoying and self-discovering challenges along their travels.The history of their dances, is written in the book of the lifestyle travel of the blue star dancers. The myth of the lifestyle traveler starts in a country that few only remember, at the place of the heart where we all dream and live, in the creation moment of all universes.The blue star dancers, along their lifestyle travel, by applying elements management at the dance of the elements, will re-discover this new world, and rebuild it in a sustainable way. L.D. Maldonado Fonken bring to us an ancient myth in the format of a story and a dance, an experience where we all can sing, and anchor our true love and true light, as members of the planetary breathing circle.< Less
Combat Stress The Healthy Lifestyle Way By Larry Lewis
eBook (PDF): $4.62
The art of stress management is to keep oneself at a level of stimulation that is healthy and enjoyable. We bring to you many tools and techniques to enable you to take control over the stress you... More > experience. Learn to apply these techniques to give yourself greater control over your life and help you to keep your stress levels low.< Less
The Kap Project - The Kot Lifestyle Travelers By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $9.00
THE KAP PROJECT. Solving the human factor variable of the global sustainable development equation THE KOT LIFESTYLE TRAVELERS How to become member of the KOT Lifestyle Travelers? Designed by L D... More > Maldonado Fonken, 2013.Developed by members of the Lifestyle Travelers Club. Research thanks to the collaboration and support of the Kaps of Louvain-la-Neuve University. A travel adventure in Louvain-la-Neuve, Solving the human factor variable of the global sustainable development equation. L D Maldonado Fonken, while living abroad traveling in Europe, will re-discover in February 2013 a 40 years old solution that promises to clear the field of human factor complexity and its management. " ... your perception of the principles that operate behind human resilience, self-responsibility, self-awareness, self-management, sustainable human collaboration and sustainable development, wont be the same after you experience The Kap Project... "< Less
The Ultimate 60 Day Lifestyle Plan By David Harper
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This book has been designed to both change and improve your lifestyle, forever! From time to time we all think about our health, but rarely do we do anything to change the way we live. We know our... More > diet and fitness is not as good as it should be, but we carry on regardless. We do not expect you to make major changes to your lifestyle in a short space of time, instead we ask you to make gradual and simple changes over a 60-day period. This we know will result in you maintaining a healthier lifestyle forever after. Each daily plan focuses on six important elements of your lifestyle. These are; Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Rest & Relaxation, Thoughts and Actions, Self Esteem and Image, Managing Your Time. Like all plans of this nature it does require a degree of self-motivation and commitment by you. However, if you follow this plan as a matter of routine, until it becomes second nature, then the benefits will be immeasurable.< Less
Maintaining a Frugal Lifestyle: A Guide for Beginners By Julianne Sugui
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There are a lot of things in life that require money. But everyone (including me, I will admit) spends quite some money on things they don't really need. Choosing to live a frugal life could be your... More > first step towards managing your finances and saving money. Being frugal does not mean being stingy - frugality involves efficient use of what you have, making the most of what you got. This book covers several aspects of maintaining a frugal lifestyle such as: - How Can I Be Frugal? - The Road A Frugal Life - From Two Incomes To Frugal Living - Frugal Food Saving - Low-cost Frugal Vacations - The Frugal Lunchbox - Frugal Living - What It Is And What It Is Not - Frugal Recipes - Frugal Gardening Tips - Frugal Winter Fun - Being Frugal Begins With Attitude - Free And Frugal Stuff On The Web - Home Decorating The Frugal Way - Frugal Homeschool Tips and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Managing Osteoarthritis By Nagueyn Nagueyn
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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down over time.Inside this eBook... More > you will gain a better understanding of the way that a simple diet can change the function of your body. You will learn how the Paleo diet can be used to improve your bones and joint tissue. You will be given a meal plan for 14 days and for 28 days, which, when used, will systematically improve your pain, repair damaged or depleted joint tissue, and improve your lifestyle. In the 14-day meal plan, you are given specific meals and recipes that will improve your condition. After 14 days you will start feeling better than ever. In the 28 day meal plan, you will find even more recipes. Once your joints are given the nutrients they need, your bones and tissues will be restored, and your pain will be normalized. You just need to keep your diet simple on a regular basis!< Less
Promoting an Active and Healthy Lifestyle for the Young Adult with Spastic Diplegia By William Hanney
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Due to the increasing rates of obesity, co‐morbidities,and neuromuscular impairments seen among young adults with spastic diplegia CP, an extensive lit‐review was conducted to determine... More > effective interventions that address these concerns. Based off this information, an exercise booklet with general tips, resources, and strengthening, aerobic, and flexibility exercises with pictures was developed. Our goal is to empower this population to live an active/healthy lifestyle and promote a more independent role in managing their impairments. -Angela Quinn ‐Sharon Wilson< Less