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Lightning Four By Joshua Konruff
Paperback: $6.00
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In the not-so distant future, the United Nations has become the leading government of the Earth. Now united as one people, Humanity has reached a golden age of technological achievement. Space travel... More > has lead to the discovery of new races and planets across the universe, with many similar to our own. But amiss this era of exploration and peace, some of these planets do not appreciate the UN's peaceful nature. In this modern take on a familiar genre, a group of unique individuals will find themselves caught-up in the middle of a universal cold war, all the while discovering their own reasons for living, for what makes them who they are. And in time, they have to be ready to protect the universe and their loved ones, from the darkness that follows... So if you want to see the calm... You will have to weather the storm...< Less
Leader of Lightning By k.k. ArtLight
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"The Leader of Lightning.. a name entered in the legend. Nothing could stop his armies. Nothing could clash his power. One by one, every lands were becoming part of his growing empire. Then, on... More > the top of his power, he disappeared. The empire broke up. For more than fifteen years there's no news of him". But now.. the Leader is back! [available also in eBook version -]< Less
Following the Lightning By Jim Hancot
eBook (ePub): $3.13
An irreverent and occasionally serious diary of the 2014 English domestic cricket T20 and One Day season from the perspective of a young-ish Lancashire fan who loves his cricket and likes a beer or... More > two while watching it. Observations are made on off-field events and characters as much as the action on the field, as these are rarely-documented, but worthy of comment and celebration in themselves.< Less
Lightning Strikes By Joni Mayhan
Hardcover: $30.00
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"I was sixteen years old when the world came to an end. Instead of a breathtaking display of explosions and clouds shaped like grey mushrooms, it came in the form of a virus, something vulgar... More > and vile, something one human being should never do to another. The virus was deadly. It leached into the skin, invisible and probing, and it took people down very quickly. They’d start with a sniffle and end with a gasp, and then pretty soon there’d be one less of us left on the planet." Ember Pain is fearful of leaving the sanctity of her home after a horrific virus has wiped the world nearly clean of people. She has her mother’s vegetable garden to tend to and her younger sister, Elizabeth, to keep her company and that is enough. But when the bad men, who are responsible for the virus, appear in her yard and steal Elizabeth away, she must do the one thing that scares her most.< Less
The Lightning Spirits By Craig E. Kodros
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What begins as an anthropological study is transformed by a strange coincidence into a mystical journey of life and death. Based on a true first-hand account, The Lightning Spirits will take you into... More > a lost world where myth and reality meet. A journey back in time. The book reveals ancient knowledge hidden in the mythology and ceremonial practices found deep in the mountains of Mexico. Beginning in the microcosm of a small traditional village, this book offers a rare in-depth view of a practicing shaman healer and provides unique insights into the near-death experience. Transcending borders, The Lightning Spirits then journeys into the deep antiquity and global significance of shaman healers worldwide. Much of the information in this book is endangered and of historical significance.< Less
The Lightning and the Butterfly By Ben Jayston
Paperback: $15.99
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182 pieces written over 134 days, presented boldly, raw and unedited. Precipitated by two grand-mal seizures and ended by another, these vignettes explore the challenges of love, the depths of the... More > epileptic mind and the nature of writing itself. Whatever is in them for you is in them.< Less
The Lightning Acts By Nathan Yee Ong
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The Lightning Acts was written by Nathan Yee Ong who is in the 5th grade at Donaldson Way Elementary.
Lightning: Components By dhruv sharma
eBook (PDF): $8.99
LTS is a set of tools and services – that create test suites for these Lightning components. It helps in the validation of the client-side behavior of these components.
Lightning Creek By S.W. Nicholson
eBook (PDF): $45.00
Collection of Mining Reports as listed in the B.C. Ministry of Mines Index: 1874 to 1964.
The Lightning Tree By Chris Dickie
Hardcover: $45.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
The world is dying through lack of water. The narrator's search for the secret of its source eventually brings him to the Lightning Tree. A fable in photographs and text.

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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