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Daemons Lurk In Plain Sight By C.L. Farinha
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Daemons Lurk In Plain Sight is a book of Flash Fiction that will leave you feeling shocked, amazed and tearful.This book makes you ponder the fine line between Fantasy and Reality. These are our... More > everyday'Daemons'in disguise. Sometimes you need fantasy to make sense of your reality.< Less
The Fading Line By Hong Joo Tan
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Currently, there are over 285 million people in the world and 2 million people in the UK going through the process of sight loss. Two fifths of this group feel 'moderately' or 'completely' cut off... More > from the society. Inspired by the documentary Going Blind , I am interested in the process of sight loss and how does one live, work, travel in a city as demanding as London, and more importantly, the sense of being part of a community. ‘The Fading Line’ aims to provoke readers, as an able bodied person to experience the process of becoming disabled.< Less
A Line In The Sand By Michael DiNunzio
Paperback: $9.99
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Atlantis, once an amazingly beautiful island that the Gods of old smiled upon. Now, after many of years, has been corrupted by the greed of mankind and war has broken out between the kingdoms. Athena... More > the Goddess of Wisdom has set her sight on a mortal man who she believes will bring Atlantis back to the peaceful days of long ago. However, did she in fact choose the right mortal for the job, or did she make it worse for the island of Atlantis.< Less
LIFE LINES By Gongle Shanks
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Gongle Shanks always stood on his head He slept that way, never went to bed He did not like to stand on his feet Or sit on a stool or a comfy seat His behaviour was odd and some did say ‘Why... More > stand on your head all night and all day?’ Gongle’s answer was simple and not that profound. ‘The world looks better upside down’ ‘I’ve seen this place from top to bottom’ But upside down it’s not so rotten’ ‘I dislike this land it’s in a tangle’ ‘It looks so much better from this angle’… But people simply passed him by Looked on in wonder and did not try To stop him from his strange behaviour After all it was a sight to savour!< Less
Typing Fingers By Line Dalile
eBook (PDF): $4.00
This is a Poetry book enjoyable to read for all ages, inclusive of Poetry Techniques and all you need to know about poetry plus 100 poems written by 12 years old Line Dalile. Buying this book will... More > help Line's dream come true of becoming a successful young author. -- Thanks. Sample Poem: I will survive,,, Next to the tree… In front of me is the sea… The people you knew… No longer know you… The truth you blew… Is no longer for you… Take whatever you want…. Take my life… But still, I’m going to survive… Still climbing… but it’s no use… Still fighting… with no shoes… Dreaming, dreaming day & night… That won’t help, that’s not true… Nothing to lose… Nothing to use… No clear air… no clear sight… Standing along the cliff… Just few steps… But I’ll survive and I’ll stay alive….< Less
Spacecraft Relative Attitude Formation Tracking on SO(3) Based on Line-of-Sight Measurements By TseHuai Wu
Hardcover: $32.00
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This thesis investigates the use of line-of-sight (LOS) measurements for the control of relative attitude formation among multiple spacecraft. It is based on the fact that two pointing directions,... More > referring to LOS measurements, from the spacecraft to distinct objects can determine the absolute attitude of spacecraft. With the same approach, LOS measurements from cost-effective vision-based sensors can be applied to obtain the relative attitude among spacecraft. In the proposed approach, high accuracy of attitude control and simpler control scheme can be constructed by designing the control law in terms of LOS measurements. In addition, the relative attitude controller provides almost global exponential stability on the nonlinear configuration manifold of relative attitude. The described properties are illustrated by numerical examples.< Less
500 Polyphonic Sight-Reading Exercises By Michael Kravchuk
Paperback: $16.99
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The purpose of this book is to provide the pianist practice reading polyphonic textures. Each exercise should be read from beginning to end without any pauses, stops, or varieties in tempo. These... More > exercises are not meant to be studied, but due to their advanced nature it may be beneficial to repeat a select few based on the ability of the reader. All 500 exercises are 8 measures long, (#500 being the only exception), and have two simultaneous melodic lines: one in the left hand and one in the right hand. The exercises stay within the CDEFG range in both hands in attempt to limit the difficulty of reading multiple lines and range in style from simple diatonic melodies to unusual atonal counterpoints. The exercises are designed in a progressive manner with three distinct sections: First section includes whole, half, and quarter notes; Second section adds eight notes; Third section adds sixteenth notes.< Less
Movement: Seeking Perfect Lines By Patrick Jennings
Paperback: $12.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book is a distillation of the eJournal travelogue's best writing (, the funniest stories, the most poignant and provocative essays, the finest examples of... More > its lyrical, evocative prose. Movement is serious and playful, provocative and reflective, adventuresome and philosophical. There is rant and epiphany, joy and suffering, love and isolation, beauty and squalor. Reading it is a visit with an intimate friend—an incorrigible traveller—who spins spellbinding yarns, describes outlandish sights and shares the essential lessons gleaned from forgotten cultures. No one else has published an experience quite like it.< Less
Hiding in Plain Sight: when buying your ideal life becomes a price too high to pay By Sofia Michaels
eBook (PDF): $14.95
Sofia & Andre appeared to have the perfect life - from their tree-lined driveway, acre+ of lush lawn and woods, and 5,000 square foot home. Both are college educated and have high paying careers.... More > They have three healthy & talented children. They live in Madison, WI - rated #1 Best Small Town by Money Magazine. To let people into her private world, her family secrets would be more painful than living a double life. Sofia felt like she had a lot to hide from friends, neighbors, and even herself. If she was courageous enough to hide in plain sight, no one would suspect her. Her main mission was to get a million miles away from where she came from. It seemed to work for years until the price of her ideal life became a price too high to pay. The perfect storm from her past threatened to make it all come crashing down. She found herself feeling like an imposture, overburdened with debt, and deep in emtional bondages.< Less
Paperback: $18.74
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An introduction to the theory and practice of obtaining a position line from sun and star sights, intended for those who use GPS as their primary means of navigation. This book contains a clear... More > explanation of the necessary concepts in 38 pages of text plus apendices, a long term almanac (Sun and selected stars to 2025), a guide to sight reduction forms and a worksheet for use with a scientific calculator. It provides a complete sight reduction system in 6 pages. All that is needed in addition is the calculator, a sextant and a good watch< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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