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Elementary School Counseling Lesson Plans And Tips from a Pro By Caren Lynne Krutsinger
Paperback: $16.67
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This book, written in a clear, concise manner, by a professional school counselor, includes personal antedotes, tips, and fifty-one easy character education lesson plans which could be used with... More > children ages eight to eleven. This text could be interesting reading for parents, elementary school teachers, girl scout troop leaders, coaches, principals, Sunday school teachers and superintendents in addition to school counselors. Any adult who has ever wondered, "What else can I teach the children entrusted to me today?" could readily use these easy lesson plans which take little if any preparation. The author of this book is brutally honest. She includes stories of her own blunders and mistakes. Although the reader can see what the writer is trying to accomplish, this is not a preachy book. The real beauty of this text is that a novice to character education could pick up this book, and readily utilize these worthwhile lesson plans without any methods training.< Less
Sunny Side Up - The Gritty Memoirs of a Crazy Chica By Holly Kay Cronk
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lying on a truck seat or the cold metal top of an old freezer, Holly would close her eyes and instantly leave her body behind, returning only when the embarrassment of exposing her pudgy adolescent... More > body to her grandfather was over.She was trapped in all directions, praying, dreaming and waiting for the day to come when she would be free.Sunny Side Up-The Gritty Memoirs of a Crazy Chica is a true story that follows the life of a little girl who spends her childhood living with secrets.As a teenager she gets married.Soon drugs, alcohol and domestic violence become a huge part of her life.20 years and three kids later life comes to a screeching halt.Decades of addiction and abuse erupt into a violent confrontation.As the SWAT team surrounds her family home waiting for her husband to surrender, Holly knew there was no turning back.Fighting for her husband and her family, she prevails and a new life opens up only to set the stage for an ultimate betrayal and the rape of her daughter at Ft. Hood Texas.< Less
Through my grandfather's eyes By Leah Zylbering
Paperback: $18.52
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The author was born in 1920 in Bodsanov, a small town near Warsaw Poland, and describes in great detail the social and economic life during the 2nd World War in Europe and Central Asia. He writes... More > about the German occupation that brought a curfew and forced labor. Fleeing across the border to Russia resulted in being put on a train to Northern Siberia and working in a labor camp (Gulag) on very little food. He then took a boat trip west on the Vela Morski canal towards the Caspian Sea with many stops and adventures along the way including having a love affair with a Georgian girl. Because of German army advances, Polish Jews were told to leave. Fleeing once again, he traveled to Siberia to work on rail lines that had been bombed. Then he volunteered for the Polish army and was put into a "sanitary batallion" which brought him deep into Germany. Upon being released from the army, he returned home to search for survivors. He eventually married and immigrated to Canada via Israel.< Less
How to Photograph Modern Nude & Glamour: A Complete Guide to Posing, Lighting & Styling for Photographers By Simon Walden
eBook (ePub): $16.42
You can learn how to capture your own creative and contemporary nude and glamour photographs. Over 36 shoots you will learn: - how to use light - how to create simple sets - how to pose models - how... More > to direct models - shoot with water The Art Nudes sections take you from shooting Fine Art Nude images through to contemporary styled art nude studies. How to Photograph Modern Nude and Glamour mixes the best of beautiful girls, with different ways of expressing sexuality, or focussing on their allure in new visions. Each shoot is fully described for the intent, the background thinking, useful hot-tips and importantly the simple lighting recipe you can use as a basis for creating your own images. 36 different shoots to inspire you to create images with a difference, aimed at the art side of photography you’ll learn how to use simple setups and a little clever thinking to make outstanding and unique images. You will learn how to work with lighting and adapt it for simple camera flash units.< Less
Daddy Gets Caught By Imogen Linn
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Tammy has a dirty little secret. She’s a webcam girl, performing nasty video sex shows for her perverted clientele, catering to their every depraved whim as they jerk off and watch her. Her... More > step-father, Paul, knows all about it. In fact, he’s her number one customer – doing to her all the things he’s dreamed of, without her knowing who he is … at least, Paul doesn’t think she knows… An erotic short story of approx. 4,500 words EXCERPT “I’ve got a special treat for both of us tonight, Daddy,” Tammy teased from the screen, “I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time, and it’s making me so wet.” “Sounds interesting, what is it?” Tammy was on her bed, wearing some of the bondage gear Paul had bought for her – a black leather collar with matching leather cuffs at her ankles. Her wrists were bare, although he had bought her matching leather cuffs for those, too. She had her ‘toy box’ next to her, on the bed.< Less
Mountain Seducing By Adrian A McLeod
Paperback: $68.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The Oubliette of the Underbelly of my Mission (take that as you will) By Azaria AyaLeigh Nori
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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this chapbook is due to quite a few things, a girl that couldn't mind her own business, an album that was completely over played in the car that summer (ani difranco's "dilate"), a few good... More > friends, a quiet place to forget about people in some dank and dark oubliette, and the comic relief of a little coffee shop in stevens point, wi called The Mission Coffee House. thus the underbelly of my mission. and you can, you can take that as you will. as for all the rest, well i feel that i have to tell you that since i had gotten so many requests for an epilogue, a continuation of characters via emotional outrages, i sat down some 5 years after the fact and ended up with "The Epilogue: that beautiful mind ____ gone awry" which is now part II of the oubliette. this will be the first edition with the new part in it, so...hang tight and i should have it done and ready to go soon enough.< Less
A Simple Story of God's Providence By Maria D. Sobota
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Born Maria D. Skobel in 1927 she was the youngest of seven children. Through her narrative she takes us with her on the journey of her life. We meet her first husband and experience the heartbreak of... More > his early passing. We struggle through war torn Poland during World War II when the Nazis try to take her away to Germany to work in the “Chocolate Factory”. We travel with her to the United States to marry a man she hasn’t talked to for over a year. She shares with us her trials and tribulations. We laugh and cry together as we view a tiny piece of the world through Maria’s eyes. It’s an 80-year journey of one woman’s life. It takes us to two countries and three states. We watch as this timid little girl grows into a strong woman who not only gets her New York Drivers license but as a polish/English interpreter diverts a possible Polish/American incident.< Less
Allah Bux's Daughter By Arlene Cooper
Paperback: $29.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Dreadful nightmares and panic attacks were the birth pangs of the author’s book... She had survived the third and almost successful attempt on her life by her husband, so in a sudden rush of... More > courage brought on by the knowledge that if she did not leave immediately he would definitely kill her she fled him in Sri Lanka to arrive in San Francisco in the clothes she stood up in a few dollars in her pocket and very near to complete nervous collapse. She made her way to Santa Cruz where the owner of a small B&B rescued her with long walks and lots of good advice but three years later the excruciating nightmares and panic attacks still persisted so she took her friends advice to put it all down on other words… “ externalize it m’dear and then it will become just another bad dream.” Ignoring the pun she did just that but when she put pen to paper there was the clear voice of a little girl in her mind who wanted to take her to a special time and place if she wanted to confront her worst fears...< Less
A Hairdresser's Diary: Scissors Retired By Christine Hannon
eBook (ePub): $2.31
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As a child, my little girl dream was to one day become a hairdresser. There was something calming in my world of chaos when I immersed myself into playing with hair. It all began with my dolls. My... More > career as a hairdresser, model and makeup artist took me on a remarkable journey. There are so many stories that will touch your heart make you laugh or cry. Share the stories, gossip, secrets and humor involving the lives I touched and that touched me. The lessons learned witty moments, accomplishments and disappointments. Visit all who have passed through my life. Sit in my virtual chair as you relive those times with me. Through my ears, listen to gossip, the disappointments or joys of so many. I will take you for a walk down memory lane. ‘Scissors Retired’ is the story of the transformation of my life and career, as chronic pain and multiple surgeries take me on a different journey. Now you can share these stories as you listen to my clients, family and friends as they take this walk with me.   < Less

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