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Doboro the Bottlenecker: Louder Than Words By Kevin M. Kraft
Paperback: $13.00
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From Kevin M. Kraft comes PART TWO of an electrifying action-adventure saga destined to change the way you look at inspirational fiction! DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER ended with him discovering that his... More > daughter, whom he had assumed perished seven years ago in the same assassination attempt that blinded and nearly killed him, had indeed survived. After emerging victorious from a second attack, he tracks down his little girl now adopted into a new family, with no memory of her life before. A young guitar prodigy, she discovers Doboro performing in a park and asks him for lessons. Against his better judgment he agrees...anonymously. What neither of knows is that their partnership is something that’s bigger than them both, and their time well-spent could allow Jamong Takuma time to find them and finish what he failed to do seven years ago. Is he up for the challenge? Should he reveal to Drew who he truly is? And will the heart-warming reunion be the death of them both?< Less
Message From Naledi By Susan Jacobs
Paperback: $25.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
South Africa’s beautiful landscape comes vividly to life in Message from Naledi, the heartrending rags-to-riches tale of Beetle, a little black girl who is rescued with her brother Solomon by a... More > white man after the Soweto riots. Solomon perishes and becomes Beetle’s guardian angel, the narrator of her story. Beetle soon finds herself living in the privileged white-people’s world. Yet this fortunate new life unfolds not only for the child, but for her rescuers, as an impossible trial. For in this society, freedom is a luxury for the elite minority, the prefaces governing this freedom being merciless and disgraceful. Will she ever tread beyond the protective habitat’s boundaries and into the real world? Will her beautiful voice and songs ever be heard beyond these walls? Will she ever find true love and be released from her emotional prison? “Message from Naledi… is a sensitively written, deeply moving, hopeful novel. A reminder that one drop of love can alter an ocean of history.”—Patrick Maiden< Less
Far away in the misty hills By John Parke
Paperback: $6.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
Simon’s young body is crippled with arthritis and he can see little hope of living a normal active life. That is until the day he has a chance encounter with, Rory of the fields. Rory is part... More > of a band of misplaced Irish fairies that for many years have managed to remain hidden from the rest of mankind, concealed in their fortress far back in the misty hills of New Zealand’s Coromandal mountain range. The fairies have been too long and too far from the source of their magic and doubt that they can help Simon but agree to try so long as Simon completes a list of tasks that the fairies set for him. First Simon must help someone with greater needs than his own, but who? His mother? No, her needs are too closely related to his own, that would not be accepted by the Fairies. But who? Simon finds the answer in the form of Shannon. The young girl who catches the school bus at the same bus stop as Simon. Together they set out to end the chaos that has become Shannan’s life.< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In the stillness of a Texas evening, the younger brother of Johnny Hawk is brutally murdered and the killer left two legged wolf tracks. The horrible death ultimately drives Johnny away from his... More > family. He joins John Coffee Hayes’ Rangers to fight in the Mexican American War but the experience hardens Johnny even more. He remains in Texas, a vigilante hunter until fate brings young Victoria Bryan into his life. They go their separate ways, but Hawk can't stop thinking about her. A few years later a young Navajo girl Johnny is living with is brutally murdered in the same terrible manner his brother had been. Horrified Hawk vows to hunt down this killer but when Tori Bryan comes back into his life his worst fears are realized when she is taken hostage by a band of cutthroats that unknowingly has a werewolf as a key member. Hawk must face his childhood fears in order to rescue Tori from something he understands little of but knows death is the only cure. Along the way he learns true love does heal deep wounds.< Less
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Durano By Carolyn Zaroff
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Bekah is a Ute Indian who was just a little girl when her cousin, Durano, left the tribe to live in Santa Fe to learn the language of the new people and the ways of the Americans and Spanish. Now he... More > is an eighteen-year-old who is seemingly ready to accept his destiny, even though there is much about him that members of his tribe, including Bekah’s brother, both envy and hate. It is 1849 when seventeen-year-old Russian Jew, Benjamin Perlov, arrives in San Francisco, hoping to begin anew. As Durano steps into his role as Ute Indian chief, his life eventually intersects with that of Perlov who quickly becomes a friend of the Utes. As Perlov negotiates with the government so the Utes can remain on their ancestral lands instead of on new reservations created to ensure gold miners can stake their claims in Indian territory, fate leads him to Bekah’s arms and what he hopes is a future filled with love, hope, and new beginnings.< Less
Living - Book Three of Petra's Story By Chris Devine
eBook (ePub): $2.61
Petra’s memories have returned. The realisation that she was once a little girl called Mireille who was murdered by a serial killer has tipped her over the edge. After trying to kill Jenny and... More > blowing herself up, she is now lying in a coma she is unlikely to wake up from. The second entity in her head now has the upper hand and he is slowly erasing Petra’s existence while she lies helpless. Jenny, Jackie and Sophie find Petra where her guardians have taken her. The Schumachers prepare the three friends for the worst, but the Musketeers do not give up on Petra that easily. They must confront the evil entity of Petter Ulfson and expel him from Petra’s mind. But if they are successful, who will wake up? Petra Connell, who had finally admitted her feelings for Jenny, or Mireille Bouchard, Petter Ulfson’s final victim? Chief Inspector Fransson still has no clue as to where his serial killer has disappeared to, or the body of Mireille Bouchard but he knows Petra is the key.< Less
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Coffee Dates With God: 100 Devos for Young Women By Sarah Wilson
Paperback: $11.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Coffee date: a time to go out for coffee (or other beverage) to spend some one-on-one time with a close friend.
 We all have those friends — the ones we can’t get enough of &... More > love spending time with. What if we viewed our time with God just like that? What if we got as excited to learn about Him as we do about going out for a coffee date? This was my mindset as I wrote this devotional. I’ve been there — I know how hard it is to actually crack down & take time for God. I’ve written this book the same way I would talk to any friend — a little bit blunt, but also with care. If you are a female, and are a teen (or lead a girls’ small group), I hope this book will be beneficial for you. I hope that you will take the time to look through it, and see what grabs your attention. I hope that you’ll have the necessary courage to take the next step, to go deeper in your relationship with God — whatever stage you may be at. It only takes a moment to start making a difference… ~ Sarah< Less

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