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Tarnished Dreams By Madelyn R. Bass
eBook (ePub): $7.99
"THE PLAN". There were plans of graduation day, fun and excitement, marriage and children. The "Happy Ever After", was the end of Deena's story. Deena Jordan, Young beautiful... More > teenage girl from a small town is getting ready to start her life as an adult.Deena didn't let her looks go to her head. She is very down to earth and kind-hearted. Her plans are to go to college to become a Social Worker and be able to help others. Deena didn't like to see anyone hurting, especially children. Being a Social worker she felt she could make a difference, if for just one person. God has blessed her as a child, why not give something back was the way she was thinking. Deena's life was like a fairy tale. All was good. The only thing missing was her prince charming. She would sit at night and write poems of the man of her dreams, the man she was saving herself for, the man she would love for the rest of her life. Little did she know, she was about to meet the opposite of what she dreamt about.< Less
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Confessions of a Housewife Inspired By True Events: Secrets She Could No Longer Keep By Tina Marie
eBook (ePub): $14.95
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Miracle has carried pain, anger, shame, guilt, and bitterness so long she became numb and emotionless. For years she was her own worst enemy and waged war against herself. Without warning, her... More > daydreams became nightmares, her ambition turned into manipulation, and her thoughts were cold calculated schemes. Miracle’s years of being a sweet little girl who longed to hear a lullaby from her daddy at bedtime or make castles in the sand with her mama would never come to pass. Miracle was born and raised in a very small city where the entire inner city is a ghetto, oppression is real, poverty state of mind is a way of thinking, and drugs, alcohol, crime and incarceration is everyday life. On Miracle’s journey you will discover how poverty, incarceration, bullying, drug smuggling, molestation, rape, drug/alcohol abuse, and hustling, tried to define her life as early as age nine. Welcome to Confessions of a HOusEwife and get ready to turn each page of this book with wide eyes of anticipation!< Less
Living - Book Three of Petra's Story By Chris Devine
Paperback: $11.19
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Petra’s memories have returned. The realisation that she was once a little girl called Mireille who was murdered by a serial killer has tipped her over the edge. After trying to kill Jenny and... More > blowing herself up, she is now lying in a coma she is unlikely to wake up from. The second entity in her head now has the upper hand and he is slowly erasing Petra’s existence while she lies helpless. Jenny, Jackie and Sophie find Petra where her guardians have taken her. The Schumachers prepare the three friends for the worst, but the Musketeers do not give up on Petra that easily. They must confront the evil entity of Petter Ulfson and expel him from Petra’s mind. But if they are successful, who will wake up? Petra Connell, who had finally admitted her feelings for Jenny, or Mireille Bouchard, Petter Ulfson’s final victim? Chief Inspector Fransson still has no clue as to where his serial killer has disappeared to, or the body of Mireille Bouchard but he knows Petra is the key.< Less
Spies of Detiny By John Grange
eBook (ePub): $3.99
JIM ANTHONY, SUPER-DETECTIVE, an Irish-American, and a son of a Comanche Princess, he was a super-detective in the mold of Doc Savage and appeared in his own pulp magazine beginning in October 1940... More > and lasting until October 1943. SPIES OF DESTINY—The Red Dragon roared and murder followed murder! It struck at foreign diplomats. It struck at Jim Anthony and the girl he loved. And it led him a trail of danger and intrigue to the world’s spy capital—Lisbon! I.O.U. MURDER—The grief of the little old lady wasn’t recorded on the police blotter, but it was a factor Jim Anthony took into account in the murder case. Maybe it meant more to him than the wiles of a beautiful, scheming widow. John Grange was a house name. The first three novels were written by Victor Rousseau. From number 16 to the end, they were written by Robert Leslie Bellem (Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective) and W. T. Ballard. The authorship on novels 4 through 15 has not been ascertained.< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
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In 1837 out in a lonely meadow under a full moon, a man-beast attacks and kills a small boy on the evening of Johnny Hawk’s sixth birthday. The tragic past and dark secret of his... More > brother’s untimely death eventually drives Hawk to join Hayes' Rangers where he fights in the violent Mexican American War that leaves him bitter. When a friend’s wife is kidnapped and murdered Hawk becomes a vigilante killer. His reputation gets him noticed by the law but he finds they need his help after the Navajo girl he’d been living with is horrendously murdered. He soon realizes he alone must stop the evil that begins to erupt around him. After he meets Tori Bryan and finds her of interest in more ways than one Hawk quickly learns how evil can destroy after Tori is taken hostage and how love can redeem as he faces his greatest fear against something he understands little of, with death being the only cure. Johnny Hawk and Tori Bryan find strength neither knew they had and through their pain they learn what love truly means.< Less
How to Look Chic & Spectacular: Tips & Secrets for Looking Flawless By Kaitlin Penley
eBook (ePub): $2.99
How to Look Chic & Spectacular: Tips & Secrets for Looking Flawless reveals outstanding tips and makeup secrets for women of any age who want to look their best. Appearance is important and... More > we all want to look our best without spending a lot of money. Knowing the right beauty tips, how to look younger, and discovering fashion tips for women, will give you the advantage over the "competition" who shell out big bucks to look good without the makeup secrets and tips Katlin Penley divulges in this guide. Penley will uncover makeup secrets, how to make up hair, beauty tips, and how to give special attention to the little things that will make you a glamour girl. Why spend more money than you have to for a fashion model appearance? Penley offers tips on how to look expensive that won't hurt your pocketbook anymore! Find out the connection between health and beauty. Follow the fashion "do's." Avoid any more bad hair days. Smile and feel good about yourself. Let's get started!< Less
Don't Go to College By Brian Kamerer & Anna Bihari
Paperback: $15.00
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A young girl goes to college and learns a valuable lesson: Don't go to college. That's the thick and skinny of it. Don't go to college. People tell her to, and she has a great time at college. ... More > She works really hard. This is a description of the book. The pictures were made by a fantastic artist, Anna Bihari, and the words were created by writer Brian Kamerer. This description needs to at least 50 characters. It's a very simple classic yarn about debt and debt collectors preying on teenagers who know very little about money and want to go to a place where they can party and copulate with like a million people their age, and have a bunch of professors instruct them how to do English, and Music, and Video, and Art, and Business and yeah math and science and philosophy, and like health, but you know how it works, this is all great, but it costs so much, and you can learn this stuff on the internet.< Less
A Life Reclaimed By Aysha Osman
Paperback: List Price: $14.51 $7.26 | You Save: 50%
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The book tells the story of a girl’s struggle for freedom and happiness growing up within a strict family in a Moslem country (Turkey). We vividly experience her tremendous frustration as she... More > fights to have a normal childhood while at the same time trying to satisfy the demands of her neurotic and work-obsessed parents. From the first page, the reader begins to identify with the little Aysha and feels the pain in her young heart. As she grows, we accompany her through various traumas (abuse, neglect and harassment, a first relationship and separation), until her escape (aged 27) from her social and psychological confines. Despite often plumbing the depths of despair, she never loses her sense of hope and determination that she will one day find freedom and happiness. Offering insight into how our experiences as children shape who we are today, it is in a sense a self-help book. The emotions that Aysha expresses are universal and will strike a chord with many people, particularly women.< Less

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